PTD Radio: Episode#1


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #1

***Becoming an Alpha Male***

In our very 1st episode we uncovered what it takes to become an Alpha male. Topics covered, included men seeking validation/approval/attention, the weaklings in our midst, having principles and core convictions, maturity and a lack of male role models, along with the importance of leadership. This episode is short (27 minutes) and to the point. I read through an unpublished article I wrote some time ago titled: "Becoming an Alpha Male" thus the title of the episode. Future broadcasts will be much different, but I think I accomplished what I wanted to with this one. Enjoy it! 


"Blessed are the strong, for they will possess the Earth.” -Ragnar Redbeard

Is there anything more detestable than a weak man? Is there anything more abhorrent than a “man” with no core principles, no convictions, no honor, no pride, no sense of self or purpose for life? The modern “man” exemplifies nearly all of these poor qualities and characteristics in one form or another. A man can only hold that title when he has demonstrated the ability and wherewithal to handle his responsibilities, act as a role model for future generations, and provide solid examples of maturity and leadership when necessary. That’s what a healthy and happy society requires out of a man. Until that time comes, he is still a boy, a perpetual teenager, essentially a Beta male to be used, abused and conquered by better men, and women for that matter.


Real men do not seek attention, nor do they need approval or validation to earn their place in society. The modern “man” of today likes to chit-chat and gossip about trivial unimportant bullshit (much like women in a nail salon). Furthermore, they use a variety of social networks to broadcast their lives to the entire world, searching for desperate approval and attention from other weak minded people in a rather shallow way. A real man doesn’t indulge in this kind of shit. A real man is not overly self-conscious. He doesn’t obsess over what others think of him or his opinions. That is typically a feminine characteristic, unbecoming of a man. And if you’re a “man” on a social network for anything other than business, do yourself and humanity a favor and get off! You’re wasting time making a fool of yourself, and you’re destroying the meaning of manhood.

***The Weaklings In Our Midst***

I think all of us understand that trends are often a big part of most modern cultures. Some last long, other fade away over a short period of time, while others (especially today) seem to come and go by the year. With that said, being “trendy” is not worthy of a “man.” It’s one thing for a man to be neat, clean cut, well-groomed, and to look professional. It’s another (rather strange) thing for a man to follow and keep up with modern fashion/pop culture trends, suiting his appearance to conform to an overly feminized society. Whether it’s the gutter trash ghetto gangster rap “culture” of wearing clothing 3x your own size, sagging your pants below your ass for other men to see, while leaving the tags and stickers on everything you buy… or even worse… wearing skinny jeans and clothing suitable for 11 year old girls with thick black brim glasses on, the trends of the modern era are quite disturbing.

One’s appearance is not everything, but your presentation often speaks volumes about who you are. A weak, feminine, emasculated physique immediately garners you no respect in this world and often leads to a submissive role in life. A puny, skinny, effeminate male lacking muscle mass for example gives off the impression of a push over, a coward, a beta male that could never protect, nor hold onto a quality woman. A man should have masculine features. Contrary to what one might think, a grown man should not be built like an 11 year old girl. A grown man should not have a bird chest, with a pair of pathetic string bean arms, and expect to be taken seriously by anyone. In fact, emasculated “men” should be mocked, scorned, and forcefully bred out of existence.

The emasculated “man” of the modern age is more concerned about his wardrobe and his new Nike sneakers rather than working out, eating right, and fulfilling the responsibilities of a man. The emasculated “man” of today still plays video games and lives at home with mommy and daddy He is overly emotional & sensitive, so much so that he will often cry over rejection, ridicule, or defeat. This is unbecoming of a man. Trials and tribulations, challenges, rejection, ridicule, and defeat should be used as vital sources of fuel and empowerment. This is the essence of what separates an alpha male from a beta. Those with little to no self-control over their fragile emotions and sensitivities will continue to get steam rolled in this life as they remain beta males forever. And those alpha males with control, often conquer whoever is in the way and whatever it is they want and need out of life.

***Principles and Core Convictions***

Another beta male trait that personally drives me crazy is “men” who lack the ability to take a strong stand on an issue or a belief because they are either unable or unwilling to defend it. What that shows is weakness and a severe lack of confidence. Real men have core convictions and live their lives by a set of core principles. And not because it’s cute or trendy or acceptable, but because they believe in them, and they’re man enough to defend them. As a matter of fact I have much more respect for those individuals that I disagree with (as long as they stand by and defend their positions) than I do for the coward beta male that refuses to take a stand or a strong position on anything at all.

A real man sees a little bit of grey in life, but on most issues he sees either black or white, right or wrong, for or against… and furthermore has justification, reasoning, and sensibility to defend his position. Only a stupid, cowardly man lacks core convictions and/or some set of principles. People that see grey on matters where grey does not and should not exist are usually emotionally disturbed, weak-minded individuals that confuse fantasy with reality. These people are often the 1st ones to rely on medications for a self-inflicted problem or condition, they often struggle through life, and most of them shouldn’t be given much responsibility at all because they’re not mature enough to handle it.

There are many among us that will attribute this to a lack of faith and/or religion. That may play a minor part but it’s deeper than a lack of faith or religion. A lot of this has to do with deconstructionism and so called nothingness. Deconstructionism is a “theory” that was born out of Marxist hubs in Europe during the 1960’s and made it’s way over to America during the counter culture revolution. Essentially, Deconstructionism states that there is no actual reality, and that everything in this world is just a mirage held together by social constructs molded into what we all agree on to be called reality. So in other words confuse people with illogical, unclear, complicated information that’s conveyed in a manner or method that reaches no solid conclusion (or truth) because there is no right or wrong answer. Nevertheless this shit polluted the minds of millions of people in the western world, especially those in academic circles, many of whom would later influence (corrupt) the minds of their students. And many of those former students are running our institutions of higher “learning” today.

***Maturity and Leadership***

Men who have no stake in society, no girlfriend, no wife, no children, no future usually find it hard to understand the importance of maturity and leadership. Those with no stake in society often feel no need nor desire to repay it anything. It’s one thing to want freedom, self-control, and autonomy, but it’s another to contribute nothing to society and future generations that may depend on you. You may think that your world only revolves around you and your immediate circumstances, but the society and culture that we accept, that we indulge in impacts everyone a great deal… including you, the selfish individual. More than anything else it effects young impressionable children and adolescent teenagers, especially young men.

In today’s sick society men are looked down upon, they’re cast aside seen as unimportant and not vital to the family unit. Men are often abused by feminist women, disrespectful ungrateful children, and an oppressive legal system that continually rules against them. In the entertainment world men are often portrayed as fat, weak, stupid, lazy, emasculated human pieces of excrement. Why has this happened? How has it reached this point? Well, look in the mirror, take a look around you, open your eyes. Most of the “men” I see today are either fat, weak, stupid, lazy, emasculated, or a combination of all of the above. So in reality the entertainment word that shapes our decaying culture is actually providing us a good description of the modern man.

The modern “man” would rather watch sports on tv instead of participating in one, never mind lifting weights in a gym or doing body weight exercises at home or outside. The modern “man” would rather hire a landscaper instead of mowing his own lawn. The modern “man” would rather be a moderate than take a strong position on anything of importance. The modern “man” would rather watch some idiotic tv show instead of reading or listening to an audiobook. The modern “man” would rather let a women tell him what to do instead of making decisions on his own. There are countless other damming examples, these are but a few. This is ultimately why men are disrespected and treated the way they are today.

***Ending the Emasculation***

This emasculation of men has led to a lack of male leadership and poor role models in nearly every community. This is catastrophic! Young men need guidance and require strong, positive, masculine role models.Young men are confused they don’t understand the world, and a society does them a great injustice by not giving them a framework, a guide, a set of principles, a code of masculine behavior to follow. That leaves it to us, the individuals that recognize the problem, and realize that if something is not done soon the essence of what a true man is will completely disappear.

So if you’re an older brother or the oldest young guy in your neighborhood, be an example of what a real man should be. Instead of teaching young kids how to use drugs, drink, damage property, and act like a scumbag, teach them how to get a girlfriend, teach them how to improve a skill or sport, tell them not to disrespect their families or fuck up in school. Set an Example! If you’re a father, it’s of critical importance to set that example for your son. No person on this planet will ever have a greater impact on your son than you.

A father should act mature in front of his son, and that doesn’t mean boring, it simply means acting your age. A respectable grown man doesn’t use drugs, abuse alcohol, consume junk food, or laugh at immature potty humor. Furthermore a responsible father reads with his son, enhances his vocabulary, gives him practice life skills and advice, instills a sense of pride and reverence for the history of his people and his ancestors. A responsible father doesn’t sit and play video games with his son like some immature little retard. He takes his son fishing, hiking, to a ball game, he practices a sport with him, he takes him to the gym or teaches him how to workout and train properly. He takes him on a vacation every now and then, not to indulge in mindless shit, but to explore other parts of the country and the world. That’s a real man, that’s a father, and that’s a positive role model.

***With Our Effort the Strong Man Reappears***

What we need is additional support for young men. Support systems out of the home that encourage manly behavior. Usually that additional support system is a school. Unfortunately the schools of today do the exact opposite. They put active (creative) children on drugs, they feminize young boys, they squash all forms of childhood bullying, and turn potential future alpha males into fairies and beta males that end up struggling through life. We need to reform our schools at the local level and DEMAND the changes we want RIGHT NOW, and take back control from the social and cultural Marxists that run most of them. If we need to create private after school programs for young men, so be it. But fathers need to get together (turn off the idiot box) and start putting these things together.

Programs for the youth (during or after school) should focus on and teach young men how to build and construct, how to use tools, how to fix/restore things that are broken, how to eat right right and exercise to build a healthy body and mind, how to fight and defend oneself, how to win an argument or a debate, how to be a leader, how to be a man. If we had programs like this, it would reinforce what we already do at home, creating a much more healthy and happy society. But we can only have it if men take the initiative and get off their fat, lazy, tv watching asses and do something about it. Until that day comes, we’re stuck with what we have.

22 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#1

  1. Awesome show as usual, can’t wait to hear more. Anyone coming on with you in other shows? What happened to Keith and the old site?


  2. I’m more than willing to have guests anyone interested can contact me. I’m having a female or possibly 2 female co-hosts on soon to cover this from a woman’s perspective. Stay tuned. As far as the old site I don’t know I don’t run it.


  3. This is right on time Rich. Thanks for doing this.

    I do not know how much feedback you need to continue…but consider this that.

    This is real world stuff. And you are the perfect guy to deliver this message.

    Keep it up.


  4. Great to hear you back Rich. Look forward to listening to these tomorrow.


  5. Well done!
    Was a victim (or perhaps I should step up and say I was duped) of deconstructionism. Both my parents were absent, but especially my dad. I had some good teachers who tried to help, but I was swept up by the culture.
    Came to my senses (or began to) about 20 years ago. But once a man’s character is ruined, it’s very hard to repair. This is a big part of why I “hate” the Jews. They were the instigators of this, (Adorno, et al.)
    It’s great to read articles like this one. I also like Jack Donovan’s Way of Men. (yeah, I know he’s a homo. But he has a lot of keen insight into this issue, and I highly recommend his book.)


    • People don’t realize the severity of this issue… They’ll mention it every now and then in passing but it’s hardly ever discussed as the main source of our problem. Again, societies dominated and populated by strong men are not easily circumvented by outsiders. A sick society and a weak emasculated culture only pervades throughout a land when the men allow it, and in worst case scenarios, embrace it!


      • Indominus Rex // July 28, 2015 at 6:24 pm //

        Hey Brother Warrior. I really enjoyed the pod, good and healthy mindset. I totally relate to what you’re saying about the general population, and all other as well. I love that intro, it crossed my mind at the gym today while benching. I had a good session (thanks). You mentioned you read; could you perhaps name drop some good titles in a coming episode?

        New Listener, Sweden

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Sure thing brother, thanks for stoping by. Sweden is the land of my ancestors on my fathers side. Keep up the fight over there! As far as books are concerned that’s a great idea, my library is BIG but I will highlight my favorites from each genre next episode! Spread the word about the site and the show.


    • Indominus Rex // July 29, 2015 at 3:29 pm // Reply

      We’ve got a long and rich common history to take pride in. A lot of great men were produced by our ancestral land. It’s the memory of these that will breed a new generation of vikings and caroleans to rid Evropa and essentially the planet of filth and weak blood.

      Hell seger.


      • In due time with hard work, persistence, “power and discipline” we will fix and correct our people and restore the honor and pride we once had!


  7. It seems to me the loss of the once tight european ethnic communities has been a loss of that cohesiveness and mentorship that existed in my day.
    Nothing has filled that societal void, that may be due to jew designed suburbia (started with post war levittown planned community model).

    Single parent families, women raising sons seems to me as the biggest detriment to masculinity.
    Women getting affirmative action flooding jew college and dominating the work force in public sector, primarily education,
    Women high school teachers was a minority in my school and the majority in my kids schools.

    Does size really matter or natural strength leveraged by endurance and determination ?
    Most deaths on the Bataan Death March was due to the bushido logic Japanese miscalculation of the distance expected from a post auto American, they based it on what was expected from the average rural Japanese.

    The Quartermaster Review
    May-June 1945

    Data compiled for millions of inductees shows the following to be the actual measurements of the “average” newcomer to the Army as he appears at the clothing counter of a reception center: 5′ 8″ tall; 144 pounds in weight; 33 ¼” chest measurement; 31″ waist measurement. From the tariff tables showing the frequency of size issues it is found that the sizes most frequently issued are a 7 to 7½ hat, number 9 gloves, a 15 shirt with a 33″ sleeve, a 36 regular jacket, a pair of trousers with a 32″ waist and a 32″ leg length, size 11 socks, and size 9-D shoes. These figures may be taken to indicate the size of the “average American young man.


  8. I listened to the show alone first and then again with the mother of my children and she said that you might be my twin brother.
    I agree in everything you said in this great show.
    The most important topic was of course about raising up boys to be real men.
    My first born is a boy and we read together, fight together, chop wood together and hunt together and all other things i can think of. Except play videogames and wath talmudvision, he’s not allowed to watch the latter and we dont own any videogames.
    The young fellow is soon turning seven.
    Parents that dont spend time and learn their children everything imaginable misses the most important things in life, the upbringing of our children.
    I really like the idea about mentorchip and would gladly help other kids but its very hard due to the fact that i live in Sweden. My methods are too rough for these faggots. “Ooh the boys needs to play Star Wars so they dont get bored..” and so on and so forth. -Well ladies, throw the kids a pair of boxing gloves and say to both of the combattants that losing isnt allowed”‘
    Their jaws always hit the floor, hilarious.
    They wont even dare to say no to their own children in this country, and if they find the backbone to pronounce the simple word of “no” all hell could brake loose. I actually witnessed a four year old girl trying to stab her own mother with a fork once because she didnt get.. whatever, cant remember, but the most absurd was that the mother didnt even blinked. She didnt do anything to not encourage such behaviour. Its hard to even imagine if one has’nt seen it.

    Keep up the good work.

    Btw, i found you through Daily Stormer.


    • Another one of my brothers from Sweden, remember that’s one of the lands of my ancestors! Great to hear though we need more fathers such as yourself. Can’t wait for my son to get a little bit older, should be a lot of fun. However I do find my wife and I argue a bit because she thinks I’m too tough on him already. Thanks for listening and spread it my friend!


      • A mother worries of their children in the present, a father worries about their future.

        That is why a mother nurses and a father raises.


  9. Yeah Markus that’s it in a nutshell.


  10. A very important part in a childrens life is older rolemodels besides from their parents, especially grandparents.

    My experience in this area is that the older generations are even worse than the “modern” parent. Let me explain why.
    Todays grandparents are fullfilling themselves to such degree that they TOTALLY neglect their grandchildren.
    Vacations abroad is much more important than their offsprings birthdays, the television and ipads are immedietly a babysitter when the kids finally gets time to see their grandparents and so on.
    Its almost impossible to get them to watch onces children even for a couple of hours. -ehrm well… I have to check my calendar because i THINK i had an appointment somewhere with someone that day.”
    They always have.
    Ive got to the point that i dont even bother to ask them anymore.

    Anyway, if you have own experience in this individualistic liberated egoistic generation so please do a show about it.


    • Individualism is/has been killing us… I’m lucky enough to have had Grandparents that were active in my life and my son has 4 excellent grandparents! But individualism is definitely a future topic.


  11. Just found out about this blog, looks very promising I like the topic matter you are hammering on.
    Check out this video: would love to hear your opinion on it. It is not “WN” orientated but definitely focus on the Feminine-Masculine dynamic.


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