PTD Radio: Episode#2


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #2

***Back to the Gutter***

In our 2nd episode we got back in the gutter… I discussed my weekend trip to Costco Wholesale and my dealings with the general public there, I also hit the Trump Factor and the political system (ugh), and finally… covered a disturbing societal/cultural trend that’s on it’s way to your neighborhood and your child’s school. Enjoy!

7 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#2

  1. RICH!!! RICH IS BACK! We missed you brother, my wife and I used to listen every Sunday night man, we were still listening to old shows for months. So happy you’re back!


  2. Hey Tim, good to hear from you man. Yeah these shows won’t be as long as the old ones but they won’t be tame I promise you that much!


  3. Long wait huh Rich? How’s your kid man? Dude, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve download your old shows and passed them off to friends and family. Thanks for coming back love it.


  4. Funny shit man, enjoyed the part on costco whole Jews we got the same fat slobs and idiots over here.


  5. stonerboner // August 3, 2015 at 10:07 am // Reply

    the queerfest disguised as an anti-bullying conference happened 20 minutes from me, yet I only heard about it on this podcast and on daily stormer


    • And whee were all the “men” ready to rip someone’s head off? No where to be found. Where were all the parents getting together to sue the shit out of these twisted fucks? Makes me believe they don’t care about their children, or even worse, they support all this sick-gay-fag shit!


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