PTD Radio: Episode#3


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #3

***Hard Times, Hard Measures***

On tonight’s broadcast I discuss the immature behavior and poor choices people make on social media with a story about a cop in Florida fired for his Facebook comments. I also gave out some great advice for people in the dating world, specially geared towards young men. I touched on Bodybuilding and the Ketogentic program, and as promised to one of my listeners from Sweden, gave out some of my book recommendations. Enjoy… and spread it!

17 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#3

  1. Well, I ain’t gonna blow smoke up your ass, I personally agree 80/20 on all discussed and really the 20 doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. This is a very positive and productive message.
    I look forward to (when inspiration hits) further fireside (fueled by White coal ) chats in the same vein.


  2. Charles Lindbergh // July 30, 2015 at 10:29 am // Reply

    I agree these shows aren’t like the old ones, but I like the direction you’re going in here. I actually listened to to the 1st at the gym and had a great pump. Looking forward to the next one.


  3. Hey man another great show, what do think will happen to all these Lilly white suburbs under HUD directives with section 8 if the Dems get Hillary in there?


    • Interesting you bring that up, I think I’ll address that on my next show. For one, these small cities and towns should just forgo all federal funding, just take the fucking hit, and they can avoid the new comers. Problem is the morons in these towns want the federal funds.


  4. Also, what are your thoughts about nuts and cheese on a Keto program? I’ve read and heard conflicting things?


    • That’s a tricky one, personally I do eat nuts but mostly walnuts for the omega 3 content. Some people don’t do well with nuts though, they don’t happen to bother me, with the lone exception of pea”nuts” which really aren’t nuts anyway, a peanut is a legume. Cheese is ok (try to find the grassfed variety) Kerrygold makes great cheese!


  5. Motivation is a bitch……… for the morons in these towns who want the federal funds.

    Lower property values, higher taxes, higher insurances, higher rates of violence, come aboard.
    Push for HUD into middle class area instead of working class areas, and it will stop,


  6. Indominus Rex // July 30, 2015 at 5:01 pm // Reply

    Yet another great pod. Arthur Kemp and David Duke’s titles are pure gold. Interestingly enough I knew of Julius Evola but I never read any of his work. I’ve kept his name in a list of authors who seem interesting. I’ll definitely order it.


  7. Here you go guys : Men Among the Ruins by Julius Evola – FULL AUDIO BOOK


  8. Revolt Against the Modern World
    by Julius Evola

    Julius Evola “Ride the Tiger” Chapters 1 and 2

    [PDF]Julius Evola • Ride the Tiger –

    or here

    Ride the Tiger: Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul
    by Julius Evola


  9. Thanks for the links Joe, I never knew they were done in audio format!!! Awesome!!!

    I’ll be walking my dog on a long journey 5:30am tomorrow with some great listening material.

    Thanks again!!!


  10. I had 5/5 of the books you recommended. I have a pretty decent library that i have promised to give to my first born when my lights go out.
    Today he asked for a wristwatch so i had him read ME a bedtime story. Nothing is for free in this household, if you want something you will have to earn it.
    He chose a book about dinosaurs but i’m determind to hear To my legionaires before he turns 10.


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  13. Read might is right like 3 times in the past month, left me reeling … Now I’m on to Evola, Revolt, fucking great stuff.


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