PTD Radio: Episode#4


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #4

***Taking Back What’s Rightfully Ours***

On tonight’s broadcast I discuss in great detail my recent trip to Pittsburgh, the idiocy of the White Liberal Social Marxist, the continued ascendancy of Donald Trump, and my formal indictment of White America. It’s not the Jews Asshole… It’s You!!!

15 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#4

  1. Yeah, I’m trying to man up but these cliffhangers really does a grown man cry.


  2. Great show. Totally agree at the end there.

    Enough of this complaining. I am done with it. I am interesting it teaching and doing something in the real world about this PC problem we have. We have to get creative and think of small things that we can do.

    Shouting J%# is not the way to go. We have to speak ‘regular’ people’s language and hack their brainwashing systems. Its important to ‘tell’ and not ‘sell’. Learn language techniques like NLP to get them to come to the conclusions we have while letting them think they got their on their own.

    And by the way guys, If you know somebody that is hostile to this stuff, stay the fuck away from them. Do not engage. They just suck your energy and they enjoy denying you. Don’t seek an outcome all the time. Just say what you have to say and leave it at that. It can not be unheard, but it may take time to grow.

    This problem is only going to be fixed from the inside out. You could almost rename the site “self-empower-through-discipline”. That is what it is all about at this point.

    Just wanted to drop some interesting links for anybody stopping by that may need a little jump start on getting serious about take action on themselves.

    I came across this recently and thought it was funny and made a lot of sense about getting organized. (EASY READ/FUNNY COMICS)

    Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

    How to Beat Procrastination

    Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think

    As far as WASTING MONEY? Cigarettes. I just recently read a fascinating book that is the best help I have ever come across in kicking the drug addiction that is nicotine.

    The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr

    And here is the page of his other books as well.

    I think some of the audio versions are on youtube but I recommend you buy the book.

    Long story short, He actually tells you to smoke while you read it. He basically proves to you that you addicted to a drug, nothing more, and this drug has created a monster that needs to be fed.

    Its all psychological. And you have convinced yourself you are enjoying it, but he destroys that and many other false illusions you have about it. You can read the book and replace the word ‘smoking’ with just about any vice/mental addiction you may have (drinking, debt, worrying, gambling) and the psychological principles are still valid.

    Lastly. I highly recommend these books that are simple and concise summaries of the left’s brainwashed programming that they follow like robots. But more importantly, I think it is important to understand that our political opponents of all races on the left, DO NOT THINK THEY ARE IMMORAL.

    They think they are the good guys, they think the cuckservatives are EVIL. They do not reserve that feeling only for us on the far right. These books are free and online, very easy to digest and do not take a lot of time. You may have to ignore some small parts about christianity but they are very very limited references.

    The more important part is to understand that we have to do is destroy PC. It is less threatening then the big trigger words but nonetheless (I think) can be exposed for all the contradictions they possess.

    Thought Prison: the fundamental nature of Political Correctness

    This is great too. I will just say…’cut the goddamn wire’.

    Addicted to Distraction: Psychological consequences of the Mass Media


  3. Damn that spellcheck. I swear I can spell guys.


  4. JackDaniels // August 5, 2015 at 11:10 pm // Reply

    Another great podcast Rich. I’m from rural Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is an awesome city. Definitely one of the best cities left in the country.

    Your first two podcasts were posted on Daily Stormer:
    As well as your third:
    And this one too! (Episode 4):

    I wish you and your young family the best of luck and hope to see the site grow brother!

    Hail Victory


  5. Loved that show man, especially the end. We need to examine ourselves. If our people weren’t so destroyed no parasitical Jew could ever disrupt over civilizations. As you said, strong men wouldn’t stand for it.


  6. How dare you imply its the white man’s silent acquiescence that is the main culprit?
    Sheet, keep that kind of talk up and we might have to actually get up off our asses.


  7. Wow, powerful stuff. I’m impressed, nice website too. I still download your old shows, and pass them off to friends and family. Looks like I got some knew material to pass on. It’s funny the people like my parents I have to burn them CDs they’re computer illiterate. Anyway love the site and show.

    Tom from Iowa.


  8. A friend’s comment after she listened, “He should write Children’s Books like, Mrs Johnny’s Mommy gives Mr. Johnny’s Daddy his balls back and Mr. Johnny’s Daddy stops wearing Mrs Johnny’s Mommy’s vagina. Or else Mr. Johnny’s Daddy and Mrs Johnny’s Mommy go in for cut your friggin heart out corrective surgery as little Johnny goes of to Uncle Rich’s leadership camp to become Big Bad John”.


  9. Good show, like what the late Ben Klassen said “the most important thing is straightening out thinking of the white Man. Once that is done dealing with the jews and niggers will be child’s play. “


  10. This end segment: “it ain’t the Jew its you” is one of my favorite segments in the whole series, powerful.


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