PTD Stands with Ferguson!!!


Today marks the anniversary of the Ferguson events of August 2014. When we are once again reminded of how racist and unjust Americas policing system truly is... And how upstanding black teenage scholars are harassed when they just go to the store to buy some skittles for their drank, or give a big warming hug to a store clerk, or have a friendly wrestling match with a police officer. And yet, even with their hands up (and pants down) they're still gunned down in the streets in cold blood by racist white police officers. Don't you white idiots out there realize how blessed we are to have these youths?


Look at these upstanding young gentlemen, by God they could all be future scientists, inventors, innovators, teachers, fire fighters, police officers, and doctors. Oh my they could contribute so much good to our society. Thank God we have them here! What would we ever do without them? They’re our future, don’t you know that… you ignorant racist bastards?


And God bless the National Felon League, I mean the NFL. Oh how I can’t wait for that overly feminized, anti-white, spousal abuse, murderer supporting season to begin! I can’t wait to draft my fantasy football team with the rest of the immature perpetual children that call themselves adults out there. I can’t wait to hear from all the female commentators and sideline reporters breaking down the “manly” game. My god how blessed we are to have such great entertainment!!!


And look at how brave, smart, and courageous our representatives are in Congress. It feels so wonderful to have your views expressed in government. It’s so great that the views, attitudes, beliefs, and interests of White Americans are represented so well there. Oh so happy we should be!!!


And of course…. Where would we be without all the White liberals and social Marxists out there? They contribute so much to our society as well, they put out such great commentary, their opinions are logical and well thought out, and the stories they cover are just fascinating, and so entertaining because of their great and diverse “journalistic” styles. Oh how blessed we are to have them!

God Bless Michael Brown, and God bless Ferguson Missouri. We here, at PTD are behind you 100% and support all your future endeavors!!!

10 Comments on PTD Stands with Ferguson!!!

  1. Hands down, Pants up!


    • How dare you Joe, this is a tragedy. How would you like it if it was your son? You white males are so repressive and evil, I can’t stand it anymore.

      I hate you so much that instead of just leaving, I’ll demand access to housing in your neighborhood, access to your daughters pussy, and every other white pussy out there, and I’ll demand that your government of willful white idiots and traitors, and cucks force it down your fucking throat!


  2. This is so races.

    OMG. SMH. I mean it is so races.

    Whoever wrote this has to learn more about all the races.

    MLK! Nelson MenDjango! Indians! Schmolocaust! Slaveries!


  3. anthonymerlino78 // August 9, 2015 at 9:12 pm // Reply

    This satire is literally being taught in the schools… Can you imagine paying $100,000 for your kid’s college education, and this is what they learn?

    BTW, this is a great site and your podcasts are fantastic. Please keep up the great work. Thanks.


    • Have to agree Bro. Anyone that sends their kids off to one of those prisons should have their brain examined. Especially if you have a daughter, they’re loaded with roaming packs of feral negroes now too because of football and basketball programs. You know the “scholar” AFletes!


    • Thanks for the kind words man, I’m trying to build it up… I’ve only been back for about 2 weeks now. Hope everyone appreciates all of my original content, my writing, and my podcasts.


  4. Ok good thing.


  5. Hey Rich good to have you back brother, and great website man. Just got done listening to your 1st two shows here, great stuff as usual. Looking forward to the next 2 do you or will you ever broadcast live or take calls again or have guests like the old shows?


    • Hey Bill, I’m not sure about live shows or calls as of yet… I kind of like just doing my own thing now. Plus the numbers aren’t where I want them to be yet. If more people want it I’ll do it but no ones asked so far. As far as guests, anyone that wants to do a show with me I’m game, just contact me.


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