Living without Television… Yes, you can do it. Do it Now!!!

image52 The television might be the most powerful weapon the social Marxists have used over the last half century to pollute your mind and permanently damage your children. However, certain developments are now taking place that give me hope for future generations. Simply put, fewer Americans are watching tv. And as an added bonus... Fewer Americans are going to the movie theaters. Young Americans in particular are not buying in, especially the 18-40 demographic.

According to the hollywoodreporter (a movie critic website) movie theater attendance has hit a 20 year low… You heard that right, this past year saw the lowest attendance figures in the last 20 years… And each proceeding year it gets lower and lower and lower. They’re dropping about 5-6% a year, which is about 37 million less tickets sold. That’s BIG!

But what about cable you ask?

Well, according to Nielsen ratings and shutterstock (an entertainment website) Cable TV viewing declined by more than a whopping 12% this past year. In fact, Viacom just had to take a $785M write-down for layoffs, due to cratering cable TV ratings. About $355 million of that write-down will go to cover the cost of deep staff cuts at the company’s MTV networks division. Another $430 million will go to the “abandonment” of select shows on Viacom cable networks that aren’t cutting the ratings mustard.

This is a great step in the right direction folks. A lot of people will attribute this to netflix and social media which plays a part, but a bigger part of the picture is that the programming is just straight up terrible, it’s not entertaining, and even the average person is starting to see though it for what it is. TV is nothing but mind control, a powerful psychological weapon used by our worst of enemies to destroy us. And for those of you still paying a cable bill… Can I ask you to please explain why you’re doing this? If you read on… I’ll explain why I refuse to do it!


Let’s start with the gay/transgender push with the likes Bruce Jenner and all the other sick shit they shove down our throats. You want to hand over your hard earned money to the perverts that push this shit on us, the same evil bastards that want to peddle it to our children in the public schools? Are you insane? Cut the cable!


Or what about the music that’s pushed on that tube. Do you really want your children being exposed to that filth? 90% of it is degenerate gangsta rap anyway. Why are you propping it up? It doesn’t advocate our message. It doesn’t advocate anything healthy or wholesome for that matter. Why do you still have it? Why do you want your kids to listen to it? Do you want a thug for a son? Do you want your daughter twerking for the neighborhood? Cut the cable!


Maybe it’s all the hard hitting news coverage you get, from a male perspective, with no censorship of what’s really important? Maybe you love all the cuckservatives on Fox News stroking you every night? Not to mention all the white liberals. After all, where would we be without all the White liberals and social Marxists out there? They contribute so much to our society, they put out such great commentary on a nightly basis that we can trust, identify with and rely on. Cut the cable you idiot!


Let’s not forget about all the great, witty comedy we get access to on that tube. My God, John Stewart for one is a comedic genius! Liberal humor is just so funny… It’s hysterical, I just love humor that isn’t edgy and humor that doesn’t discriminate. What about Saturday Night Live? How could I survive without that? I love humor that’s filled with lame anecdotes and Republican jokes… oh it’s so great, it’s so funny. Cut the cable idiot!


What about the great NBA and the NFL? How will I get my “sports” fix? Where will I get it from? The NBA is so exciting too, a game that’s stopped every :15 seconds by a whistle for a foul, a game that features no defense, a game that comes down to the last 2 minutes filled with whistles, sneaker squeaks, and foul stoppage every single night! The NFL is even better, a league filled with violent convicted felons, drug addicts, and other criminals that beat the piss out of women. Playing a feminized game with female commentators and sideline reporters that we need, to tell us about the difference between a 4-3 and a 3-4 defense. Cut the cable!





Cut the cable! Do it NOW!!!



*Get a simple internet package, or a phone/internet package deal, it’s cheap enough on a monthly basis. Get Netflix if it’s necessary, it’s 7.99 a month! Use DVDs if you’re into movies, most of them are really cheap now, you can get them for less than $5 bucks, a lot of them are .99 cents! You can also find classic wholesome disney films remastered on DVD for your children. I found a package of 164 classic disney DVDs for my son, that cost me $189 bucks. That’s $1.15 a film. Use internet downloads and YouTube, those are free. You don’t need cable!!!

And if you’re not watching, and need to occupy your time, here’s a list of 70 things to do:

1. Get a part time job

2. Create a website

3. Start a radio show

4. Do some activism

5. Clean your house

6. Do some home improvements

7. Cook a healthy meal

8. Do the laundry

9. Do a puzzle

10. Walk a few miles

11. Write a blog

12. Write down your goals

13. Go to the gym

14. Read a book

15. Listen to an audiobook

16. Listen to podcasts (especially PTD Radio)

17. Join an organization

18. Play a board game

19. Start making YouTube videos

20. Pack your stuff for the next day

21. Listen to music

22. Go to a concert

23. Go get some groceries

24. Take a power nap

25. Put gas in your car to avoid doing in the morning the next day

26. Update your resume

27. Take an MMA class

28. Go out on a date

29. Go through your junk drawers and throw out the shot you don’t use

30. Straighten out your closets

31. Watch a documentary to gain more knowledge on Youtube, Netflix, or a DVD.

32. Checkout the free section of Craigslist for things to pickup

33. Write in a journal

34. Master a new skill

35. Learn a trade

36. Do 100 body weight exercises push-ups, pull-ups, dips, planks

37. Brainstorm and research how to turn your favorite hobby into a business

38. Go to a museum or art gallery that doesn’t feature disgusting, ugly modern art.

39. Go to a farmers market

40. Go wine tasting

41. Go apple, berry, peach, or pumpkin picking

42. Clean out your fridge

43. Take your dog for a walk or teach them a new trick

44. Go learn a style of dance

45. Lay in the sun

46. Pot some plants and flowers, go out in the garden or build one if you don’t have one!

47. Mow your lawn and Weed your garden

48. Go Mow the grass of other peoples lawn for cash

49. Go swimming

50. Print out flyers of our message with website links and tack them to every community board in your neighborhood or put them on parked cars!

51. Draw or paint

52. Write a song

53. Clean out your garage

54. Clean out your shed

55. Get out on a nature walk

56. Go out on a challenging hike

57. Plan a yard or garage sale

58. Visit a family member

59. Frame your best photos

60. Look up conventions or trade shows coming to your area where you can network

61. Plan a dinner or an occasion party for your extended family

62. Think of where you want to be in 5 years and right down intentional steps on getting there

63. Create a budget or savings plan

64. Figure out how much money you’ll need for retirement

65. Write an e-book

66. Take a vacation with a friend or your family

67. Locate and follow blogs and forums on your interests… Like this one!

68. Comment on those blogs (like this one) then e-mail the blogger (like me) to make suggestions, ask questions, give feedback or spark conversation!

69. Meditate, learn how to relax and enjoy life, enjoy what you have, write down all the positive things about your life!

70. Sit and talk with your spouse, roommate, friend, or mentor a child

19 Comments on Living without Television… Yes, you can do it. Do it Now!!!

  1. Maybe I am just retarded, but if I cut the cable, how am I suppose to get an high speed internet for my laptop? I don’t watch TV for some years now, but last time I checked with Cablevision (Optimum), in order to have a high speed internet, I have to have a box for TV. Am I wrong?


    • Yes you are wrong. That specific company actually offers a phone/internet package for $49.99 but there are others that are cheaper… Look around.


      • Thanks Rich, I will certainly look into it. Things might have change over some years now, but I know for sure, that Optimum some time ago required you to have a TV package with your internet in order to have service.
        BTW, I just picked up the Natures Eternal Religion book by Ben Klassen (got the 1973 version) based on your recommendation and have to say this by far on the best books I have ever purchased.
        Keep up the great work, your site is awesome.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Alex Burdendorf // August 10, 2015 at 11:27 pm // Reply

    Fuck TV, and fuck the media. Any white asshole that still pays for cable is a degenerate excuse making piece of shit. Once you go without it, you can’t even bare to hear in on anymore. It makes you wonder you ever watched the shit. We’ve been without for 4 years. Most peace and quiet we’ve ever had.


  3. Not everything on there is terrible. There’s some decent shit, but in the overall scheme of things you are prob right. I’ll try to work on convincing my wife to cancel the shit, she’s watching that stupid degenerate Big Brother show now I want to throw it out the dam window when she has that on.


  4. Great article. Glad to know people are starting to turn that piece of shit off. I quit watching TV in 1998, when I was 16 years old. I don’t understand how anyone can watch that crap.

    If anyone wants to watch a good show with a mainly White cast that is cultural Marxist free, watch ‘Bloodline’ on Netflix. It’s a rare good one. But for God’s sake don’t watch cable TV!


    • Funny man, I didn’t know we were the same age, probably graduated high school the same year, 2000 right? Our paths of understanding may be similar, pretty cool.


      • Yes, I’m 33, like you.


      • Damn, after listening to your latest podcast, we definitely had similar paths of awakening. I used to party and not really pay much attention to politics either, and was generally just cynical and thought humans were naturally doomed to drive themselves into extinction, and didn’t really care. And then 911 happened, and that’s when I started looking into what was really going on with the world, and once I learned about the Jews and race, my attitude and behavior immediately started reversing, to where I don’t have the desire to party at all or do anything like that (I’ll drink a little bit, socially, but I can take it or leave it), but rather just want read and do my duty to try and fix this goddamn mess.

        Our wives even have the same name lol.


      • It’s amazing there aren’t millions of us out there? And if there are, where the fuck are all of you white idiots?


  5. I stopped watching tv in the 1990’s. My wife watches the old tv shows on “Decades” (we have a tv antenna to grab local stations- no cable). Yes, nearly everything the MSM produces is straight-out garbage. We do have cable for the internet and telephone though, but Comcast is very expensive, and Verizon is no different that way. I wish there were companies that offered high speed internet only. I would get rid of my cable “land-line” and use a cell phone instead, and just have the internet for entertainment.


  6. The Main Stream Media has allowed Anti-White, Race-Baiting shills to castigate Europeans with impunity for decades.

    Europeans have quietly retaliated by refusing to purchase Jewish Newspapers, Magazines, Movie tickets and have turned off their TV’s.

    The good news is: Jewish influence is waning their entire media-empire is on the verge of collapse.
    Currently the world’s most popular media outlets are YOUTUBE & the many millions of independent blogs and web-sites.

    Europeans are offended by the way we are being portrayed in Movies, T.V., newspapers, magazines and music videos.

    I’m confident the Jewish press will be indicted for Hate Crimes for their part in provoking other races to hate and attack Europeans.


  7. Talking about Jews and the media makes you sound like Nazis. If promoting propaganda is your aim try to lead the horse to water but don’t spell it out. They’ll believe it if they think of it themselves.


  8. We Whites are no longer intimidated by the jew’s labels. We are more interested in truth and in getting our nation to be an America where our people can live free of the bondage imposed by a pernicious system of usury. The media is central to the falsities which allow that system to prevail.

    “When 600,000 people were killed, JUST right here in the U.S.A. [twice as many as died in all of WWII], JUST in the last four decades, JUST by blacks, JUST by murder, the black murder rate should be of FAR more interest to a news source than a few hundred Israelis killed by somebody ELSE, 12,000 miles away, in a foreign alien enemy country, by far more humane ways than most blacks visited on their victims RIGHT HERE.”


  9. Take the time to read this older article and you will understand in a way that few do that “Toxic TV Syndrome is no Myth”.


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