PTD Radio: Episode#5


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #5

***Our Side of the Story***

On tonight’s broadcast I discussed the Death of the Dinosaur Media in conjunction with the Donald Trump/Fox News feud… and what it means for our people going forward. I did however, make a mistake about Kelly of Fox News, as apparently she was married a few times and did actually pop out a few kids later in her life. Sorry for the mix up there. My main point here was that she reminds me of your typical angry childless woman lacking a real man in her life! I also touched on a speech given by Louis Farrakhan, and the impact of section 8 housing as it makes it’s way into your neighborhood. And finally, as promised I hit the issue of Drugs in America, my personal use and experience with them, and how we can eradicate them for good! In the mix was some good country music that my wife put me onto, a few songs to break up the monotony… if you don’t like it… You know what to do. Enjoy!

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  1. Frank Lepino // August 11, 2015 at 5:06 pm // Reply

    Dude this is some of the best shit I’ve ever heard, I found you randomly on Jewtube. My wife was listening in the kitchen and said she thought it was me talking. Anyway I heard you mention old shows you did. Where can I find those, this shit is great. Thank you, keep up the great work.


  2. Great Show again brother, these keep getting better and better. One thing though you may want to lower the volume a little on those songs, they’d sound better.


  3. Another dynamite show Rich, love the work you do. Where’s Keith man? Will you guys ever team up again? You two were a deadly combo, I saw he went full fledge Christian Identity, at least that’s what it says there now. Are you still involved over there? I miss my old Sunday nights messing around in that chat room. I still remember the 1st or second show you guys did there you had so many live listeners and people in there I couldn’t even get in and had to keep reloading the page. Then they moved you guys explicit by line the 1st or 2nd show. I downloaded and archived all of your old shows even from Blogtalk if you ever need them? Good to see you back again and hope you stay for good this time.



    • Hey bro, good to here from you, and yeah that was funny, we got interrupted twice I remember… The 1st time the fucks at Blogtalk just shut us down right in the middle of a great show from what I remember, then Talkshoe hits us in the middle of a show with a message telling us to up the rating on the show. Oh well, at least Talkshoe didn’t boot us like Blogtalk after a year of broadcasting there. Scumbags. Even though I’m using their free service for now… Fuck em!


  4. Great show Rich.
    It is strange to listen to your shows because we seem to have the exact same opinions and experiences in life, all from the awakening to the jewish question to my thirst for knowledge today. I laughed when you mentioned the obsession, i was and still are obsessed in this matter, what else can a man do? When a man sees a threat he ACTS!
    I never used drugs thou, i was blessed to grow up in a society without them, that shit started after my period of partying, and i am the same age as you, believe it or not. I agree on your solutions.
    Anyhow, its strange and uplifting because you put MY thoughts out there. Thanks.

    Have a nice vacation with your family.


    • Thanks Markus, and you’re lucky my friend. I never did heroin or anything injection wise or anything too crazy, but myself and a few friends were heading down a destructive path. Interestingly and thankfully enough, most of us are all normal and successful today!


  5. Megyn Kelly has two kids I believe. There was a stretch where she was pregnant.


  6. Megyn Kelly:

    You are not wrong generally about her being a childless career woman…but lets take a closer look…

    Kelly first married Daniel Kendall, an anesthesiologist, on September 29, 2001. She was 30 years old. (the wall)

    That marriage ended in divorce in 2006. (Kelly is rumored to have been banging Brit Hume (now aged 72) of Fox News.

    On March 1, 2008, she married Douglas Brunt, President and CEO of Authentium, who became a full-time writer and novelist. They have three children. (two of the kids are named “Yardley” and “Thatcher” – Good lord that is obnoxious!)

    (So she cheats on her first husband, looking for a more powerful man (hypergamy), and then settles on a writer around her age when she reaches the age of 37. (last chance for kids)

    (So she, like every feminist out there, thinks its a good idea to have children at around the 40 year mark. Gee, who is raising these kids considering she has a night time television show? Her beta boy writer husband and their nanny I am sure)

    (And then there is this – “Megyn Kelly Talks With Howard Stern: Breasts, Penises, Sex”)


    I am of the same age as you and I have a very similar experience regarding the timeline of coming to grips with this information. The difference between us is fortunately you got rid of that stuff early. Luckily I got rid of the hard drugs early but I didn’t get rid of the alcohol, grass and cigarettes for far too long.

    It kills your ambition, drive, goals and relationships. Period. It makes nothing better.

    Here is the Donald’s advice about the subject…

    Trumps rules for raising children

    “I was very tough with them. I told them no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. Before they could speak…Ivanka used to say ‘Dad your driving me crazy’, and she didn’t even know what they were. I have seen kids that are very smart that are friends of mine, they go to Harvard, they go to Stanford, they get on drugs, they get on alcohol, and then they are wiped out…doesn’t matter how smart, the world is so competitive that you can’t lose that extra percentage. I have seen really really brilliant kids, top students, top scorers on tests…the drugs, you have got to stop them”

    (Here is the glorification of drugs, disgusting horror movies and degeneracy…)

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    • Interesting about Kelly, the woman is obviously not in her right frame of mind.

      Mans yeah, Hollywood is one GIANT coke fest. Those people Live Breath and Eat that shit … Literally!


  7. Well, you are right, I and many have been saying for years that the media was about dead. I have read up on all the stats, it’s been falling for years with no actual growth.

    In 2002 they were claiming the need to double subscription fees.

    The problem is whites have again due to “jews won’t let us” have lost a great opportunity.

    The large media companies are implementing new platforms that deliver, define and measure the ‘new’ metrics.

    Farrakhan is getting old and seems to be bowing to jew pressures. He is trying to grab on to he new political winds.

    Let’s face it, the last real leader was Marcus Garvey who picked up from Booker T. Washington to be self sufficient adding repatriation. The WEB Debuois mulatto freaks and his jews destroyed both, their main bitch has always been getting whites to race mix.

    Take Your Choice
    Separation or Mongrelization
    By Theodore G. Bilbo

    Chapter V
    Spells it out.

    Rich were you talking about Megyn Kelly Fox SHNews?

    She has three children, 2 boys and a girl.

    Well, eveybody needs a laugh, including you.

    Loved the drug talk, don’t know about depression (seems everybody is depressed) but seems to be an excuse for (prescription) drugs.
    Control the ground you stand on, otherwise, your a prisoner.

    Hint: take a bit of air out of the little guys tires, makes catching him easier, geez 33 ? you old fuk!
    Again, great stuff, but then again I expect nothing less.


  8. MISTER_RIGGS // August 12, 2015 at 2:20 am // Reply


    I love hearing these podcasts each week. Keep’er going!


  9. Jeff Bartlett // August 12, 2015 at 9:08 pm // Reply

    Website looks good Rich, great fuckin shows too brother! Keep up the great work, and don’t listen to any fucks complain about country music, keep rockin it my Yankee friend.


  10. The site is looking great Rich. Best of luck to you!


  11. Regarding Marijuana – I mostly agree with you Rich. I smoked the shit as a young teen for years and still have bad anxiety because of it. Also went on prescription meds which made it even worse. Do I think it is physically harmful? No but it can lead to depression and anxiety like you stated and even psychosis! So it is definitely mentally harmful.

    I’ve also had problems with alcohol which isn’t necessarily mentally harmful like weed but is definitely bad for physical health. Makes people gain weight and bloat. Poisons all of your organs and kills brain cells. So it is physically harmful.

    It’s best to just stay away from all of the mind altering substances whether it be illegal or legal.

    That’s just my take on it.


  12. Rich, check this out your going to love it. For the most part.

    Trump is the “Fuck You” Candidate


  13. Just change the music to CLASSIC , because that is a ONLY real music !!! This NOISY crap call rock…. is for drug users and people with IQ 77 !!!! Classic ONLY is White Adamic race MUSIC !!!!!!


    • I respectfully disagree, as much as I like classical music to relax and enjoy at dinner, we need to have “some” fun. Whether it’s a little degenerate metal, or rock, or country it’s cool. And it’s a radio show, high energy is good.


  14. Keep the country music, it works well with the show, and Randy Houser is one of a select few among the main stream country guys I listen to. Luke Bryan has a nice voice but all his songs are the same and he’s starting to implement negro hip hop in there which is a disgrace.


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