The Death of Hollywood

image 1st Movie Story: Apparently the FantastIc Four which cost $120m to make, and stars a black version of the original super hero, absolutely flopped at the box office. White Americans, the goofy comic geeks, and even the action hero thermos carrying retards that still watch this shit stayed home... Lol... Hahaha... Fuck You Hollywood!!!


2nd Movie Story: And it gets even better folks… Apparently the New and Improved “James Bond” is now black as well. The actor David Oyelowo, some African migrant is next up to play James Bond… I shit you not! How bad will this one flop? This one might be the worst flop in recent years.

Get this through your heads you sick fucks in Hollywood: We’re not watching, buying, or indulging in any of your shit anymore! Take your anti-white, anti-family, pro-gay shit and stick it up your ass!!!

17 Comments on The Death of Hollywood

  1. Nigger superheros and Jiggaboo Bond. This is what kikes and white traitors consider “progress”!


  2. (Rich. I can’t resist. I have to show you how bad it really is concerning that “black bond”.)

    “David” Oyetokunbo Oyelowo.

    (LOL. Sure. “Dave”.)

    Oyelowo is an ENGLISH (LOL) actor, producer, director, and writer. He has played supporting roles in the films Rise of the PLANET OF THE APES (2011), Middle of Nowhere (2012), LINCOLN (2012), and garnered praise for portraying Louis Gaines in THE BUTLER (2013).

    On television, he played MI5 officer Danny Hunter in the British series SPOOKS (2002–04), and as of 2014, provides the voice of Imperial Security Bureau agent Kallus on the animated series Star Wars Rebels.

    In 2014, Oyelowo played MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. in the biographical drama film SELMA, for which he received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor (Drama).

    Oyelowo was born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, to NIGERIAN parents (yeah but didn’t they become english when they stepped foot in england? hmm…confusing) of YORUBA ethnicity. His mother worked for British Rail, and his father, Stephen, worked for then state-owned British Airways.

    He then studied theatre studies at City and Islington College, where his teacher suggested that he become an actor. Oyelowo enrolled for a year in an art foundation course, at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). He finished his three-year training in 1998. He also spent time with the National Youth Theatre.

    (Boy this guys has had it rough. No wonder he can identify so well with those oppressed in the ‘civil war’, butlers at the white house and MLK, he seems to have done gotten that black privelege, no?)

    A DEVOIT CHRISTIAN, Oyelowo has stated that he believes GOD CALLED HIM to play Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Reflecting on his portrayal of King in the film Selma, Oyelowo has asserted that “I always knew that in order to play Dr. King, I had to have God FLOW THROUGH ME because when you see Dr. King giving those speeches, you see that he is moving in his anointing.”

    (Universalist egalitarian brother in Christ Jebus that talks to God. Geez. Anyway, here is the grand finale, the “icing” on the chocolate cake, so to speak, ready?)

    He is married to actress Jessica Oyelowo, with whom he has FOUR children.

    (Drum role…)

    (Cute couple. So much for the LOVE of his people eh?)


  3. On a more ‘serious’ note.

    Glad to see nobody went out to see this horseshit of a movie.

    Fantastic Four and Spiderman have undergone reboots telling the same damn story. These franchises were just made not too long ago. In the case of Spiderman, Tobey Maguire’s trilogy was only five years between the time they made the new ones.

    Take the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Batman had not been made for fifteen years or so. He gave it a completely look and take on the character. That is one thing, Its acceptable.

    But this shit movie you mentioned here is the type of blatant, in your face, watch this you dumb fucks, eat this bullshit and like it, kind of crap that is so prevalent in Hollyjood.


  4. And no. I did not see any of the spiderman or fantastic four movies.


  5. Rich, the money is huge, it’s in all the spin off junk/product(from character image on bread to candy), trademarks, licensing ect., and growing overseas markets.
    Like all media, until we get off our asses and create a media distribution via internet, they will continue to dominate the message. Even now, that opportunity may have passed us by, in last 2 years the jews have been busy beavers developing new platforms for distribution and net predictability, while the white man has been gazing at his new internet belly button.
    For every hundred you reach, they get hundreds of millions, and that is not counting the institutions (school).
    I know, that sounds bleak and it truly is, but every parent gets a chance to properly raise and build their kids immunity to the jew bullshit.


    • I agree Joe.

      This is not a solution to your premise, but a suggestion for others.

      A simple thing people can do.

      Business cards.

      If you have a blog or like a site? Print up business cards with just the site name on them.

      Hand them out to people you touch on political topics with in the real world.

      Can we do that? Yup. Do we? Not yet.


    • -every parent gets a chance to properly raise and build their kids immunity to the jew..”

      You are absolutely correct! Who else is going to do it? The education system?
      Fuck that! Every parent must educate and INDOCTRINATE their children to be jew-wise and learn them what is normal and correct in this life.
      I believe that every person my children interacts with in life are a bad influence to them, even other children.
      No TV, no videogames, no movies, no nothing that is created by others than me, their mother, themselves or stuff that I approved. They seem to be fine with it, thats because the dont know anything else.
      A parent gets one opportunity, one better take it or the children WILL become Sheeple as well.


      • -I believe that every person my children interacts with in life are a bad influence to them, even other children.”

        Until proven otherwise of course.


      • if you do it ” i mean No TV, no videogames, no movies, no nothing that is created by others than me” your child get a anti-nazi and anti-racist, instead anti-jewish. because you Did not respect the freedom of speech which caused and help the jews control media. and your child goes to jewish aspect for a different viewpoint from you. overall i mean, we should show correct and incorrect things to our children and people Instead of limiting them. eventually people must see the bad and good and decide what they think is right and best. i am very sure they decide neo-nazism – racist because the jewish restrict every thing on Diversity and none-white
        at least I I myself find nazism at this way


  6. If you’re over 20 (25 if I’m being generous) and you watch comic book/superhero movies — then you are the problem. There must be like 40 marvel films by now.

    Ok here’s a summary. Something happens to some douche(s), they get some stupid superpower that makes no sense… they jump around/shoot fireballs wearing a gay looking costume. Film over.


    • Totally agree. I can not stand comic books or super hero movies.

      I liked the new Batman movies by Nolan. I guess I liked Batman because he did not have ANY super powers.

      But there is tons of bullshit propaganda there too, of courshe (Bain voice).

      Check this out. Fascinating take on the Batman trilogy from a WN perspective.

      You have to click on the English button though. The joker DK is a must read.


      • tiberius9 // August 15, 2015 at 4:03 am //

        Yeah I really liked those articles. Batman is the odd man out (superpower wise) and TKD was great because it was more like a psychological crime thriller.

        It’s no surprise that so many films now are complete childish fantasy divorced from any sense of reality… which explains why people increasingly act in the same juvenile way.


      • Dark Knight was actually a pretty good film!


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