Corrupting Our Youth… Not Anymore You Sick Fucks!

image Above: Low-life scumbag "rapper" Flo-Rida's attempt to poison some more young minds... Ends in utter failure as Fox's TV ratings sink to a pathetic 0.8 rating... barely a 3 share... 2.58 which is horrible for a Sunday night in tv land. HEY SCUMBAGS: YOU'RE NOT FUCKING UP OUR CHILDREN ANYMORE!!! WE'RE NOT WATCHING IT... PEDDLE YOUR FILTH SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

From – Fox held the 17th annual Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, but parts of the show seemed a little too grown up for the teen audience. “I’m glad to meet you. Turn up, girl, blow the speaker yeah, think about it now blow the speaker,” Flo Rida rapped at the Teen Choice Awards.

OK, maybe that sexual innuendo is too much for a show that’s aimed at kids as young as 13. And it didn’t stop there. Several of the nominees were considered too graphic for most teens to even watch. Fox censored the name of this Rihanna song, which was nominated for choice R&B / hip hop song alongside ‘Earned It’, The Weeknd’s sexually charged anthem from the BDSM flick “50 Shades of Gray.”

The videos from those two songs are age-restricted on YouTube, and for good reason. Both feature nudity and Rihanna’s was basically a seven minute snuff film. Both songs failed to take home a surfboard, but not every age-inappropriate nominee was shut out. “Thank you so much for choosing me. I appreciate it more than I can possibly say. It’s a true honor,” Channing Tatum said during his acceptance speech for Choice Summer Movie Star for “Magic Mike XXL.”

That was Channing Tatum accepting an award for his role in “Magic Mike XXL,” which, as you’re probably aware, is a movie about strippers. It was rated-R for sexual content, pervasive language, nudity and drug use. Not exactly teen friendly. (Video via Warner Bros. / “Magic Mike XXL”)

5 Comments on Corrupting Our Youth… Not Anymore You Sick Fucks!

  1. Listen up cuckservatives!

    This garbage is being broadcast on fox.

    You know? That supposed conservative outlet on cable news.

    Murdoch’s channels.

    Now make sure you go grab the nypost for endless references to porn and feminist slut culture.

    Be a good cuck today!


  2. fuhrerious654321 // August 20, 2015 at 12:57 pm // Reply

    The part in this that worries me is are our young still watching this shit but online instead. They may be turning away from the TV but they’re never off their phones & iPads where they can still watch this shit. In fact they’ll see far worse online than they can presently see on TV.


    • But at least on the net we have our message as a counter balance as well. Besides, I highly doubt kids are watching this shit on their tablets. They’re playing games, chatting with friends and posting pictures and videos on social media. I’m telling you, I have younger siblings including an 18 year old sister, they don’t watch Bro!


    • Lex Mercatoria // August 23, 2015 at 6:45 pm // Reply

      I think the only real remedy to protect children from such assaults is a strong parental influence.

      A strong parental influence in this regards requires that the parents be aware of all this. There are many parents out there who, though strong in other ways, remain unfortunately oblivious to the power of the media’s influence and who’s behind it.


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