GOP Continues to Fall Apart


(CNN) – A trio of Republican establishment favorites — Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio — are all losing ground in the party’s 2016 presidential field, a new Fox News poll shows. Donald Trump, meanwhile, continues to dominate the race, earning 25% support nationally, while another outsider, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, is running second at 12%. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, known for locking horns with Republican congressional leaders, is third at 10%.

4 Comments on GOP Continues to Fall Apart

  1. Ventura the other day said 64% of Americans voted in the last selection.

    I bet these numbers are based on solely those dumb idiots that voted last time around.

    I think the drudge poll is more accurate. I think DT has 48% of the vote already.

    Also, check out latest piece on our old friend Rabbi Dov Zakheim.

    He crawled out of his dungeon to shit on trump.


  2. If it is I’ll link to it


  3. No that is John Friend. But link away. He gets the Trump thing.


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