Why Did I Leave the Scene? The Full Story…

image For those of you who are here for the 1st time welcome! I hope you enjoy and grow from what I do. And I hope you're here to stay! For those of you that know me, and have followed my work in the past, I think I owe you a long overdue explanation as to why I left the scene and took some needed time off... 

First of all, anyone that runs a website, puts up a YouTube channel, or broadcasts a radio show knows full well about the amount of time and energy it takes from you. Now, someone who is single with no responsibilities, or retired looking for a hobby or a cause to further, or the few people among us that are lucky enough to do this for a living, they are best suited in my opinion to do this type of work. This isn’t easy, and it’s not for everyone. Especially people like me, people that put out mostly original content. I’m not making this a career. I have two of those already, I don’t need another, trust me.

So why did I take such a long break?

Well, the years 2013 and 2014 took an extremely heavy toll on my life. Since that time I got married to a lovely woman I was courting for 5 years, we had our 1st child – a beautiful (blue-eyed) strong baby boy, we bought a home that needed some serious, serious work, I changed my job profession in the process, and suffered two devastating deaths in the Family… The death of two people that were very close to me and had a HUGE impact on my life.

Add all that together… you can assume, my time was needed and consumed else where. There was absolutely no way for me to do anything else at the time. My devotion was owed entirely to my beautiful wife (who has done nothing but support me) during her pregnancy, and the 1st year of my Son’s life. I dedicated my time and my life to them. I’m a REAL MAN. Everything else took a back seat!

Also, a lot people have questioned me about the old site, I think I’ve received over 20 different emails with questions about it, with a few dozen comments on the website as well. I’m sick of having to write the same shit, over and over again. The site I used to operate from has taken a different approach now. I’m not involved over there, and at the time of my hiatus… I didn’t have a website of my own to use. I never actually owned that domain. Furthermore, even though we had a large following, I am now convinced that what we did over there (for the most part) was very unproductive!

I also have to be honest about the toll that this takes on ones life. When you’re running a website and a radio show every week, you feel like you have another added responsibility, only one that you’re not compensated for. And when you’re sharing a website with someone you have to worry about whether or not they’ll approve/accept what you post or promote on the site. This is partly why I’m doing my own thing now, and why I’m not setting an official day or time for a radio show. This way I do everything I can, when I can. And this time, I’m here to stay!

11 Comments on Why Did I Leave the Scene? The Full Story…

  1. JackDaniels // August 27, 2015 at 6:31 pm // Reply

    I figured you had to take care of family things. I’m just glad you’re back. The website is awesome and the shows are getting promoted on the Daily Stormer! Best of luck to you and your family. Your son is adorable and is extremely fortunate to have such an awesome father! Hail Victory!

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  2. Rich –
    Although I certainly would never say you “owe” any of us an explanation of your personal reasons for going offline,  I think we all appreciate the clarification of what caused such a seemingly driven person such as yourself to disappear for awhile.
    My condolenses for the loss of your loved ones, and my congratulations for the birth of your son and a caring wife that loves you and has your back in good and bad times (as a guy who is divorced, I can tell you that such white women are in short supply these days!)
    It sounds like you endured a lot of stress which would have broken lesser men, so I believe it’s all the more commendable that you still take the time and trouble to put up this website.
    Although it looks to have been up only a couple months, you’ve already shared a great deal of information. Thanks brother!
    I’m glad that Keith has kept the TM site going. He is around my age from what I recall, so he is obviously going through new awakenings of his own.
    I listened to his latest podcast appearence regarding CI, and although I’m not quite ready to go down that road myself, I can see it has some merit and that show gave me many things to think about.
    However, I would be remiss if I didn’t state that those TRUTH MILITIA shows you guys did together were some of the *best* radio I’ve ever heard in my life! I’ve listened to many podcasts over the years but few were as informative and entertaining. And I don’t just mean for the subject of White Nationalism, but also political talk radio, social commentary, health & self improvement, and even comedy (I’d put you guys up against Opie and Anthony, Howard Stern, or whatever other Jew hacks are out there in terms of laughs on the show)


  3. Thanks for the clarification Rich & I’m sorry for your loss. It’s great to have you back as I thought you guys were the best out there. Let’s hope through our hard work & dedication we can start seeing results for our people. I saw the comment on Dailystormer that might have made you write this. There really are some morons out there supposedly on our side.


  4. You didn’t owe us anything. Family > everything else always. And Oh my God what a beautiful little boy you have there, God bless you and your wife. Those are some eyes he has, the girls are gonna go wild for him Rich ;))


  5. Dark Side of the Moon // October 5, 2015 at 2:22 am // Reply

    Congrats on your baby boy. I bet he’s a real sweetie.


  6. Just wanted to say you are on point with your message, and have a new fan. Found your site through a daily stormer link in the comment section. I could not agree with you more on your message of what is important and where the focus should be. I have a two hour commute with my son twice a week to take him to boxing practice, and tonight we listened to your podcast. He’s 17 and he loved it. So make that two new fans who will be listening every week, and we will be signing up. Keep up the good work and stay strong.


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