PTD Store Update!


Checkout the bad-ass t-shirt I designed for the website. I plan on designing a hat as well, to raise some funds for the site and what I plan to do with it in the future with upgrades, which will cost money. I would love to see people walking around with these, as other sites like the Stormer should do the same. Why should we adorn and embellish the symbols & brands of our enemies? Click the store LINK

12 Comments on PTD Store Update!

  1. Hey Rich, what kind of fabric are these shirts made out of?


  2. Sick t-shirt Rich, Love the design. Put me down for an XL. Is white the only color? I sent you an email about an hour ago. Let me know


  3. No, just in white, they came out the best. Check your spam folder, I did reply, but I’ll send it again.


  4. I got it, thanks.


  5. Put me down for one as well. I don’t know why Anglin hasn’t done this, he’d make some good money.


  6. anthonymerlino78 // August 31, 2015 at 9:13 pm // Reply

    Hey Rich, please make sure to announce when the hats are for sale… Thanks,


  7. Nice looking shirt. Can I just send cash in the mail?


  8. Can I get it in a girly-t?


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