Real Men in Sweden must take the country back now!

I've had enough of this shit already! How can "Men" allow this to happen in their own country? Where are you Swedish men out there? Where are your balls? This video illustrates the problem, yes, but what it doesn't show, is a fight from our side. What are YOU doing about it in Sweden? Why do YOU sit on your hands and do nothing but complain, as your nation falls further and further towards extinction?

Where are the patriotic men in the military and the police force? Why haven’t these White “men” turned on the traitors destroying the country? Where are the thousands of angry White Swedes in the streets? And don’t give me the Joo’s own this, the liberals are doing that… your country is not an unmanageable shit-hole with 330,000,000 people like the USA… Sweden is the size of New Jersey… where the fuck is the resistance Sweden? Get out in the streets with 25,000 or 50,000 nationalists. If I don’t see action soon, you deserve everything you get!

9 Comments on Real Men in Sweden must take the country back now!

  1. There are some white men left Richard. Look at this brilliant piece of activism by them. Watch out for the American Jew hag complaining lol. You can bet she’s there helping in its destruction.


  2. stressedoutidealist // September 1, 2015 at 9:34 am // Reply
  3. Nordfront is all we have here. Mosten here are weak, and this is truth. We don’t have much time left before everything is gone sometimes it makes me want to cry, then makes me want to fight. I know it is the men that must do this. If they don’t stand up as you say we are finished.


    • This is Great News!

      And here’s the question my brothers?

      What are YOU doing about it?

      The White “men” enrolled in the college specifically… what are YOU gonna do about it?

      It’s time for action… No more whining!

      Flood the administration with phone calls, emails, letters, and legal action tell them you’re going to file a lawsuit!

      Put them on the defensive!


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