PTD Radio: Episode#9


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #9

***Positive Thinking and Demonstrating Power***

On today’s broadcast I covered the importance of your role as an individual, and what you can do personally to help. I discussed the importance of thinking positively and demonstrating power, this is especially important in the way we convey information and how we cover stories that our people are exposed to. Stop identifying the problem only people! We know what it is. What is the solution, other than talking about it? Finally, briefly… I touched on the importance of unplugging from all electronics for a day {I’m suggesting Sunday} and the fact that most of us {including myself} are in this fight alone! Can that change, and will it change? I’m not so sure…

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  1. The Vanquisher // September 12, 2015 at 8:13 pm // Reply

    Getting people to post on a forum is one thing. Getting them to actually do something and take some accountability is a whole different story Rich.


  2. The women have to you say “do something” too. Our ladies are in bad condition as well.

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    • Our women are out of control because we (as men) have allowed them to get that way. Men have to lead, and our women must stand by us and support what we stand for. But “we” have to act and set the example!


  3. The Helenic women for instance must support what there men are doing in the seas to protect from invasion. If women are behind a man, it looks more right to regular people.


    • Good luck, most of them are too consumed with buying things and sporting the newest handbag.


      • It is negative thinking like this that gets us even deeper into a hole… It is a cop out plain and simple. Have you even spoke to a woman or do you just watch the talmudvision and assume all women are like the ones on tee vee? Please stop propogating negativity!


  4. I coach my sons little league team now, we play fall ball here, and I talk to the kids every practice, and at the end of the day I like to think I make an impact on them.

    And there are some parents, who use me as a babysitter cause they never stay, they don’t seem to care, 2 of the other fathers help out, but most are absent or “working.”


  5. I’m listening as all my white neighbors here are watching negroball. I’m beginning to really hate these people. Makes me want to puke.


    • This is what they do Tim, and take a look at the stadium fans… It’s all white people. But I guess the Jew forced them to buy those tickets, chug down the 12 pack, and stuff their faces full of fried shit, screaming and cheering on a bunch of illiterate criminal half-wits!


  6. Rich I stopped listening to internet radio when you and Keith disappeared, it all sucks and its boring. They all talk about the same stuff and inject no life in the shows. Don’t waste your time working with anyone your show is good enough as it as.


  7. Dam these shows end too quick.


  8. Rich, I hardly ever listened to any radios, sometimes to Renegade or Red Ice Radio, but that would still leave me a lot of free time to do some reading some literature I have purchased, but since I came across your site, which I check numerous times a day and listen to your old days podcast’s (I guess I should blame Andrew, when he mentioned you on Daily Stormer) now I have a zero time to do anything, Andrew and you take all my time …..lucky I am divorced…lol
    Just kidding, you Rich and Andrew are doing an excellent work and thanks to you two I have came to my senses and made me to take a new course in my life….


  9. Rich,

    Love your show Man. Just finished working out while listening to the PTD podcast.

    You are a winner, and losers hate winners. Sad but true. But you will most certainly attract winners with your message, I mean I’m here right 😉

    Power Through Discipline has my pledge for continued support. Keep up the great work.


  10. Oh lawd, T-ball…getting them to run to firstbase instead of thirdbase, little league…..getting them to just keep the ball in front of them and stopping it with their foot, glove, etc.pony league…getting them to keep their head in the game so they don’t lose it and out of the stands where the girls are gathered.
    Yup, years later some friigin hulk with a group of friends buys you a brown pop at the neighbohood bar, “Mr. Northpal, remember me, you coached me in little league”.
    AWFUL memories.


    • I’m actually asking Andre to stop posting my stuff over there.

      It’s not his fault, he’s great and I like him a lot, but the amount of losers that flood that site over there is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.


      • But I guess that’s bound to happen when you get his traffic numbers!
        An incredible amount of people go there!


      • SwordOfVengeance // September 15, 2015 at 9:01 am //

        I saw that you requested your shows not be posted on Daily Stormer anymore, and to be honest I thought it was a really bad move on your part. If you really believe in this fight and what you are saying you should want to spread the message as far and as wide as possible so it reaches the right people. You apparently asked that he stop posting your shows because of a few trolls in the comments section. Since when do grown men give a fuck what a few hasbara and morons have to say? And why in the hell would it be these people who make you change your mind? You are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Who knows how many people listened to your show and took the good from it without leaving comments?

        Sorry to say Rich but it shows weakness and a lack of vision on your part. You say you want only the very best people listening to your shows, only the most special snowflake Spartan warriors. Sounds like an ego thing to me to be honest. Every person is in a different stage of development, and I know you can relate to being a young guy who doesn’t know right from wrong and being in need of a strong voice to make clear what is right and wrong. It seemed like you were stepping up to that role on the DS before you decided to pack up and go home. Really hoping you will reconsider that decision because we need unity despite any setbacks or JIDF fucking up the operations.


      • First of all I didn’t pack up and go anywhere, I’m right here.

        Secondly, if someone wants to question my work do it here, email me, call me, meet me, whatever the fuck you want. But what I won’t tolerate is some anonymous keyboard commando faggot (and there’s a lot of them) throw out personal attacks underneath every show that I do.

        Comment sections are HUGE. It’s the first thing people look at, a lot of times they’ll just skip the article and go right to the comment section.

        If it really bothers you that much tell Andre to post them (if you can actually reach him) I really don’t care. All I ask is that you guys pick up the torch and add your own comments over there to combat the lies and the filth!

        That’s all…


      • SwordOfVengeance // September 15, 2015 at 2:41 pm //

        Thanks for the response Rich. I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately a pretty sizable portion of the posters at the DS are maggots, and it doesn’t seem like something that can be avoided. No doubt a large number of them are subtle infiltrators and dissent sowers. I wasn’t trying to insult you personally but it was pretty frustrating to see you seemingly throwing in the towel at the DS over some beta male bitches running their mouths. The situation is something similar to you being at the front of the room dispensing wisdom, there are a bunch of homos and cryptos in the crowd kvetching loudly, while at the back of the room the solid men of substance and power are quietly listening and taking in what you have to say. It just seems a shame to say ‘fuck it’ and leave the DS over the whiny faggots. I really believe we need words like yours spread as far and as wide as possible so they will reach fertile ground with the real men who are still out there, or those capable of becoming men.


      • Then let me ask you something… Where the fuck are real men out there to stand up and violently, rudely escort these homos out of the room? If someone is fucking up my situation I get rid of their ass and come down on them real hard with no apologies given. All I ask is that my work is defended, not just smeared by a bunch of do nothings behind a screen!


      • SwordOfVengeance // September 15, 2015 at 8:25 pm //

        Yeah, Andrew has a free speech policy that is extremely indulgent, probably more than is warranted. I’d be using the ban function more frequently if I were him but I guess he really believes in free speech, even extending to some pretty egregious trolls. I’ve called posters out over stuff before but personally I get really tired of wasting my time writing rebuttals to shills and retards, even when it is appropriate. That being said, I agree that I’d like to see solid posters not let these fuckers get away with their shilling but as we see, the balance of solid posters to shills is not great enough to tackle every slander, lie or misstatement, especially on articles with a lower view count.

        I hope you decide to continue the cross posting on DS anyhow, because I believe time is really short and every ray of truth should shine as far as possible. I think there are a lot of lurkers and new people coming in that get a lot out of your podcast, and they won’t see it if it isn’t on the DS.


    • I saw that Rich and upvoted your comment brother!

      I just got permanently banned on Talkshoe for promoting the DS link to random live shows. Have been on there for years but even the pro-White shows there are filled with trolls in the chat. I could use a Tor but that’s not my thing. At least I can say I called into many different shows and it was good while it lasted. For the most part, radio shows won’t get us anywhere. I’ll always promote sites like this and DS though. Hail Victory!


  11. Hey Rich, great show. Labor day weekend i managed to fly out to my hometown a couple hours away. And it was great listening to my last remaining Grandfather share his wisdom with me and my brother. Teaching us all sorts of tips for our gardens, telling how to make wine and other ‘good stuff.’And showing us pictures of his former farm in Italy, and talking about life as a child and teen in 1940’s and early 50’s post war Italy, and the struggles of starting a new life in Canada. I am always far more entertained and enlightened from my visits with my grandfather then any movie, TV show, or internet podcast. Our families history is what we all need to be fighting for. Preserving our culture, our identity and our name. And if a ‘Kike Jew’ can take that from a man, then what kind of man is he? I will also add, this movement seems to be full of men who want to hear other people give them an excuse for their life’s failings.( Jews, Federal Reserve, Illuminati, Globalists, Reptillians,and so on) And when someone like you says the things you are saying, they get defensive and don’t want to change. So, I would not worry about them. They are a lost cause. Once again keep up the good work Rich. Cheers.


  12. I found this website looking for info on the Ketogenic Diet yesterday and haven’t left since. I can’t say I agree with everything I’ve read here, but I love these little shows, and I like your passion. I think this is the 1st time I’ve had to check my own man hood after listening to an internet podcast. God bless you sir, I’m enjoying it a great deal!


    • There’s an old saying Luca ‘The truth shall set you free’

      If this information is new to you it’s understandable that you might not fully agree. What I urge anyone in your situation to do is do your own research. Don’t take our word for it, take the time to look it up. You may be shocked at what you find 😉


    • Welcome my friend, I hope you stay awhile!


  13. Rich my advice to you is to stay off those other websites period. They are a waste of time, filled with keyboard commandos and unaccomplished people you’d never want anything to do with.

    They all have grand illusions of some great national take over, or massive revolution, all created by people scattered all throughout the country with regional, social, cultural, economic, political, and not just racial but ethnic differences.

    Working locally (as you have said) is our only recourse in this country now. These other people, let them dream and act like all their “information” about race and Jews is making a difference. It’s not!


  14. These people are under the impression that white people are just so fucking great just because they’re white. It doesn’t work like that, most of the whites I deal with are losers and social rejects because of their poor genetic traits, not because of Jew programming and propaganda. The Man behind the curtain could disappear tomorrow we’d still be stuck with the same poor genetic white stock here. And we’d still have the same problems.


  15. I was at a meeting of fellow nationalists this week. We have planned two events within the next four weeks. We are going to confront Muslims and theses invaders eye to eye.


  16. Other people into WN don’t like you because of your wife and son: You have a life besides WN.


  17. Just to let you know Rich you will be attacked by the internet keyboard warriors for this show. They don’t want to do anything but complain. And like you say, complain about the exact things that they themselves cause.


    • Yes Sir, and because of it I’m going to be making a few changes around here.

      I’m considering creating an email list of radio subscribers, this way I’ll keep the future shows private and post them in the archives here maybe a month later.

      And anyone that wants to get on the list can just shoot me their email.

      I want the right people listening to these shows… And I’m starting think that I really don’t see eye to eye with a lot of these folks anymore. People that like what I do will just come here.


  18. You’ll make it harder for people to listen if you do that.


    • At this point Tim, I don’t care if I have 10 or 10,000 listeners… I just want the RIGHT 10 or 10,000 listening!

      So let’s see how many actually care to hear my message every week!


      • Numbers eventually do matter, but not from the start. In the beginning you always want Quality > Quantity. I’d take 100 great men over 10,000 losers and do nothings any day of the week! Look at any great movement in history, it’s never been about the masses, it’s always been about the dedicated disciplined few that have led the way. That’s what I believe Rich is doing here. So right now numbers don’t matter, the right people will eventually show up.


  19. Most of the Alt-Right sites are what I’ve heard called “outrage porn”. I keep to the Stormer for news, TRS for laughs/podcast, and now, this site for real life advice and motivation. Thanks for the great content, Rich. I will be donating after my next paycheck.


  20. No more whingeing // September 13, 2015 at 7:59 pm // Reply

    I think your message is spot on Rich, but it’s clearly not for everyone, as you’ve discovered. As an example of power through discipline take out a look at this video of Navy SEALS selection and training, (the speech by the commander at 12min 50sec is good especially) :

    A Look at Navy SEALs BUDs Training Class #224

    The Navy SEALS understand that excuses, whingeing, and whining won’t save their lives when the going gets tough, and so they train and select recruits accordingly. It’s worth noting that most of the guys in the video are White, so let’s hope they’re on our side!

    Personally, I think the best chance of a regime change within the current establishment will come from the those serving in the military, special forces especially. Those guys would have the capability and know-how to get the job done without screwing it up. Here’s an article to show that isn’t such a far fetched idea,

    “An entirely new wave of Greek nationalists—a large number drawn from the top echelons of Greek society—have now stepped forward to carry the party’s banner at the Euro elections, at which the party is expected to win a number of seats”

    “Retired lieutenant general Synadinos Eleftherios, who once commanded the Greek army’s Special Forces, is another candidate for Golden Dawn.”

    The Daily Mail article you posted Rich about the rogue coastguard pirates may be just the tip of the iceberg. Those of us not in those positions can help by following the advice yourself and Northpal have given, which is to focus locally. Become an outstanding member of your community projecting a positive image of yourself to those around. Be an example and take the lead! And of course, raise a decent family.


  21. Please add me to the email list if you go that route. I guess I can understand, I wouldn’t want people trolling my work either with ridiculous comments, feeling the need to have respond and comment on them has to be annoying. But a lot of people go there for shows.


  22. Another good show bro, ignore the detractors and keep pushing forward. Hope you don’t mind me saying this, I know you won’t, but for those of you that don’t know Rich personally or haven’t met him, he’s a great guy with a lot of wisdom for someone his age. I’ve known him for a long time, and I know that he cares deeply about what he does and why he does it.


  23. BTW did you see this shit:

    More insanity from our universities:

    The Regents of the University of California system are considering a proposal that bans intolerance and hate speech, but promises members of the campus community that their free speech rights will still be respected.

    The University of California is committed to protecting its bedrock values of respect, inclusion, and academic freedom. Free expression and the open exchange of ideas — principles enshrined in our national and state Constitutions — are part of the University’s fiber. So, too, is tolerance, and University of California students, faculty, and staff must respect the dignity of each person within the UC community.

    Intolerance has no place at the University of California. We define intolerance as unwelcome conduct motivated by discrimination against, or hatred toward, other individuals or groups. It may take the form of acts of violence or intimidation, threats, harassment, hate speech, derogatory language reflecting stereotypes or prejudice, or inflammatory or derogatory use of culturally recognized symbols of hate, prejudice, or discrimination.

    Everyone in the University community has the right to study, teach, conduct research, and work free from acts and expressions of intolerance. The University will respond promptly and effectively to reports of intolerant behavior and treat them as opportunities to reinforce the University’s Principles Against Intolerance.

    But what would happen when the university’s state commitment to free speech conflicts with its stated desire to eliminate intolerance? And such a conflict is not unlikely, given how broadly UC defines intolerance:

    * Vandalism and graffiti reflecting culturally recognized symbols of hate or prejudice. These include depictions of swastikas, nooses, and other symbols intended to intimidate, threaten, mock and/or harass individuals or groups.

    * Questioning a student’s fitness for a leadership role or whether the student should be a member of the campus community on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, sex, or sexual orientation.

    * Depicting or articulating a view of ethnic or racial groups as less ambitious, less hardworking or talented, or more threatening than other groups.

    * Depicting or articulating a view of people with disabilities (both visible and invisible) as incapable.



    • Just another reason not to send your kids to these GIANT universities… If traditional college is necessary… 2 years of community college and the other 2 years online, get your degree and stay out of student loan debt slavery!


  24. There is absolutely NO REASON at all to go to these overrated schools. The loan exception would be the Ivy League, if scholarship is offered!


  25. BTW I usually listen to your shows at least twice, this one I’ve played back 4 times. I really like your approach Rich. I get paid next Friday I’ll be sending you some shekels. Cheers!


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