NFL Fans… Among the Dumbest in the Country!

Look at these semi-literate retards on display packed like sardines in a stadium filled with 93,000 drunk fat assholes! Who’s worse, the fat mestizo taco bender starting the fight? Or is it the drunk white assholes in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s sporting jerseys with another mans name on their back? Cheering on a bunch of mental midgets that contribute nothing to society! I still can’t figure it out? Then again, I guess it was the Joo that forced these white idiots into that stadium… poured the 6-pack down their fat gullet… and put that ridiculous immature jersey on their back!

16 Comments on NFL Fans… Among the Dumbest in the Country!

  1. I’m really starting to HATE these fucking people. And of course, the answer is the immature white assholes! It almost makes me wish for a stadium collapse.


  2. The Negro Felons League was never entertaining. The last time I watched a game was in the early 1990’s. And stopped taking my kids to see the Eagles before that, what a negative place for young kids. Keep them away.


    • I took my younger siblings to a Jets game about 10 years ago or so, thought I was being a good brother. At the time I was about 22 (when I didn’t know any better)… my brother was 12, my sister was 10. What a mistake that was! I almost got into at least 2 fights from assholes spilling beer all over the place and screaming at the top of their lungs. That was the last, and final straw! Even though Yankee Stadium blows most baseball stadiums are tolerable and hockey fans tend to be among the higher earners and overall, both sports are much more respectable, not ideal or great, but better!


  3. I haven’t worn a “jersey” with some else’s name on it since the 5th grade. I haven’t worn a jersey since high school. It does look childish. Unless you play for the team or attend/attended the college, it just looks dumb. On a side note, most gangbangers without exception wear jersey’s as well. So much so, I associate jersey’s, team caps etc. with gangbangers.


  4. Not harsh at all. These bread and circus twats should be rounded up and…. Well, you fill in the blank.


  5. NFL = Nigger Faggot Losers. I’m all for sports and physical activity but this shit is a complete joke. Waste of time, money, and Aryan soul. Retarded sheep!


  6. I stay far, far away from these people. They’re way too gone, unless it’s a kid or a guy in his early 20’s most can’t be saved or changed. I drive a truck for a living and have made deliveries to MetLife stadium last year, this place is filled with druken idiots 6 hours before the game even starts in the parking lot.


  7. Wow look at that crowd of assholes. My neighbors are big time Cowboy fans, every Sunday these jerks have their flags out, shirts, hats, jersey you name it. It’s really sickening. I can’t understand how a grown ADR could have such an attachment to a team. It really boggles the mind, then you get people that follow them around on road trips like they’re roadies following a fucking band.


  8. Well ,my only solution to that crap would be to infiltrate a anti-white/black lives matter group and challenge them to go wreck the coliseums of white supremacy, luring the poor black man with drugs, money, and fleeting fame to try and hurt one another as they sit eating, cheering and laughing just like a modern Pickaninny lynching.

    I would push for demanding a ownership ratio on a racial ratio of players.
    A majority black ownership and managed league would surely collapse in a few short years.


  9. One of my fondest memory as a kid was my Dad taking me to my first Met game. That day I learned a bit more about sportsmanship, hustling/working hard and team play. Recently, I took one of my grand kids to a baseball game. Despite the tickets being slated for a day game, it was moved to a night game to accommodate ESPN. I was told I could not bring a bottle of water into the park but could purchase one for $3.50. A 5 cent hot dog cost $4.50. Parking was 20 dollars. My grandson fell asleep by the 6th inning since we had already been there for 3 hours and it was close to 10:30PM. It’s a shame, he missed out on players posing at the plate, not running hard, showing up the opposing player, “look at me!, gotta make those ESPN highlights” etc. Never again will I pay a dime to a major league team. I stopped watching football when the Jets signed Michael Vick among other sociopaths.


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