PTD Radio: Episode#10

episode 10

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #10

***The Right People & A Serious Reality Check***

On today’s broadcast I covered the importance of attracting the right people, disseminating the right messages and giving some folks a rude reality check… a metaphorical kick in the ass. We looked at dead end careers and the worst majors for our people to pursue at university. And finally… I addressed the epidemic of waiting to have children and starting a family. This was a very intense show!

25 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#10

  1. Or send me the evidence that you have donated to one of our friends or related sites recently and I’ll add you to the list!!!


  2. Rich,

    Good to see you step up and set a new precedent for our people. Your message and podcasts provide great value to me personally, so I feel obliged to contribute. I will be your first subscriber if you decide to go the membership route. Whatever you decide, I will contribute.

    Too many white men have zero sense of priority, and fail to understand that working an extra hour a week to support a positive message means 100x more than their random opinions on world affairs.

    Anyway, I will listen to your show when I get back from town later and do my workout. That’s my routine actually, I utilize your show like fuel. It gives me Power Through Discipline.

    And a BIG THANKS to the ladies who support your pioneering media operation. This is just the beginning.

    Keep up the great work!!


    • Thank you Eric, no I’m not doing the subscription route…

      Here’s what I’m doing:

      Anyone that has donated to the website will receive all of my shows through email immediately the hour it’s broadcasted for the rest of the year.

      I don’t care if it’s only 5 bucks if that’s all you can send, it doesn’t matter, I appreciate it.

      What I care about is having serious, committed people here on my website. Not the losers, dregs, and do-nothing professional complainers out there.

      And yes, my aim is to build a network of powerful warriors here that don’t make excuses… I’m building them up with all of my efforts and knowledge, preparing them for what’s coming, and setting them on right path now!

      Personal and collective improvement…

      “Power Through Discipline.”


  3. Wow! This was “Power Through Discipline” on Alex Jones’s superman penis juice, but in all reality this show was dam good bro and it needs to get out there. I know this was a private one but at some point you should really consider posting it. It was really that good.

    Kind regards from the swamp land.


  4. anthonymerlino78 // September 16, 2015 at 1:37 am // Reply

    AWESOME show Rich.

    As always, your work is really appreciated.


  5. Fantastic stuff my young friend!


  6. Thank You guys… Much appreciated!


  7. Just donated so let me hear it Rich!


  8. Rich, another great show with a powerful message. As I already told you, until recently when I came across your site I was one of those man, although awaken from today’s brutal reality of ongoing our racial genocide and oppression, systemeticly blaming the jews and the whole system, not realizing fully, that the biggest problem is us – ourselves. You have made me to realize that, to a full extent. I have read a lot of literature, books, online and as you have mentioned on a different shows, most of it, if not all of it is concerned with jews, jews, jews, but none talks about us, us as Whites, our fault of allowing all this to come to this point, our degenerate, bastardized and selfish morale in our daily life. We truly have to stop for a moment and look in the mirror, look into the eyes of our women, wifes, children and WAKE THE FUCK UP while we still may have some time.
    Keep up the great work and Thanks again for the putting yourself out there.


    • There’s no money in promoting internal, self and collective improvement Slipa. There is money however in writing about the oppressive system and believe it or not, the Jews.


    • Excellent news Slipa… I’m still trying to find a day for us to meet up and have some lunch brother… I’ve been crammed with Jobs and my personal life. I’ll be calling or texting soon!


  9. Interesting you’re offering to add people to the list that have donated to another friendly website. I’d like to know how many people will actually send you proof that they did that? They want to visit, read, listen, and watch but don’t want to fund anything.


  10. Thanks for ruining my sleep last night Rich. I was just about to go to bed and saw your email, and couldn’t resist, got to sleep an hour later after listening. Funny you mention fashion design, a lot of my high school friends went to school for that, and either dropped out and became a waitress, or graduated and became a waitress. Anyway hope your wife and boy (one day) realize how lucky they are to have a man like you! ;))


  11. Another powerful show, keep it up brother.


  12. Happily donated a few bucks. Your work is truly inspiring, and a much welcomed boost for me here in Sweden. Hope to learn and build from it. Looking forward to hear this show if you’d send it.
    / Eric


  13. Good one. I agree with what you say about whining about Jews, but I think there is room for that. Someone has to make this information available to people. But you’re right, we’ll never get anyone until we step up to the plate ourselves. That’s the scary part. Our race has gotten so degraded that the Jews actually deserve the power they have, in a Darwinian sense. Could White nationalists run a government? I don’t know about that, most can’t even run their own lives properly, as you say. 1930s NSDAP we are not.


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