High School Students in Virginia take a Stand!


20+ Students Suspended for Confederate Clothing

Apparently the induction of Social & Cultural Marxism, and the whitewashing of our history is not going over well in America's High Schools. Our young adults are finally realizing that the beta males and angry childless feminist Marxist females that stand in front of them as professors and teachers are not people to admire and/or respect. They're weak, they're incapable of leadership, they're purveyors of mind pollution, and they generally lack the skills to do anything else.

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – More than 20 students at a Virginia high school received a one-day suspension for wearing clothing displaying the Confederate flag.

Montgomery County Public Schools spokeswoman Brenda Drake told CBS affiliate WDBJ the clothing violated Christiansburg High School’s dress code.

Drake said that the students refused to comply with the dress code after they arrived at the school Thursday. They were given one-day in-school suspensions.

But she says a majority of the students didn’t follow in-school suspension rules and were given out of-school suspensions.

Confederate symbols have come under increased public scrutiny since the June 17 massacre of nine black worshippers at a Charleston, South Carolina, church. The man charged had been photographed holding the Confederate battle flag. SOURCE

5 Comments on High School Students in Virginia take a Stand!

  1. Sounds like future PTD participants or perhaps one lurking in the community.
    I see with the right guidance and support, a sea of white.
    The Great White Iceberg is emerging the desolate icy tundras, drifting into warmer seas and about to sink and destroy the ship of fools.


  2. Like what you’re doing. Good stuff.


  3. !!!!!!CHRISTAINburg????????call in the splc…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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