PTD Radio: Episode#11


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #11

***The Return of the Warrior***

Last Public Show: On tonight’s broadcast I explained why this is my last public show, with an important message to some of the others out there that run groups, websites, video channels, and radio shows. I followed that brief message with the headline topic of the show, and what I believe to be our only way out: Returning to a warrior class! I then proposed the idea of creating a new cultural revolution, only one that embraces our values, and the power it could potentially have. I cut this show off after discussing my problem with people that make excuses for white men and treat them like children.

23 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#11

  1. Good, hard hitting, stuff — on the mark!


    • Wolf Wall Street? Love your work man.

      Listen up my young friend, I say young because I’m 61. Yes, we are here too. Not everyone in your parents generation is asleep at the wheel. I might be old, but I’m in better fighting shape than most men in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Don’t count us out as we will need everyone worth a damn in the end. Also, a lot if these “hobbyist types” turn into productive people.

      What I will say is that you’ve definitely struck a cord, and that your kind of talk will definitely attract a much different breed of people.

      Irregardless I like what you’re doing, keep up the great work here!


      • Uncle Pauly – Other than your first line, your spot on comments are directed toward Rich, right?

        What he is doing here is profound. I look to him almost as a big brother myself, and being three times his age.

        In ancient times, when warfare was much simpler, the front shield wall would be manned by the older men, including the leaders. As tactics and weaponry became more complex, the expertise of the older men became too valuable to risk, as a general rule, so the leaders usually placed themselves farther back. How far back depended upon their rank, knowledge, and increasingly, their political standing (or pull…lol).

        It is now the case that those driving us into foolish wars are nowhere near the action – most being chicken hawks, especially here in America. Our ‘geezer brigade’ must fearlessly take the lead again in whatever way we can, depending upon our situations, which we must each determine individually.

        Welcome aboard, Brother!


      • Yes they were indeed directed at him, and I’m very impressed with this guy. Some might not like the rough language but I’m a NY guy and I don’t shy away from it myself.

        I came across his work a few weeks back on a stormfront link and have to say (although I don’t agree on everything) I think what he’s laid and suggested here and else where is exactly what we need right now.

        My one issue being the older folks. I’ve been involved in martial arts and military training my entire life. Not many people would have the ability to disarm or disable me, even at this ripe age. We need everyone, and as I’ve heard you say before which I like: “we March separately, but we strike together.”


      • Hey Paul, appreciate the kind words Sir. But just to clarify, I never said to completely ignore the older folks, in fact I want you guys here as long as we’re “generally” on the same page!


  2. Powerful message Rich, I really like what you’re doing over here. I believe this message should have been pushed and advocated years ago. This whole damn country is filled with excuse makers and weak men. Anyway great show, I’ll look forward to the 2nd part.


  3. Great show!

    When will you send out part.2 ?

    Thanks Rich


  4. Dynamite website and show brother


  5. Your style and attitude is exactly what we need right now. I love listening to these before the gym. I’ll be sending in a donation later today to join your radio club. BTW is that you behind your son in that picture on the beach I saw a few posts back? From what I could see you look like a guy in tip top form. Any suggestions or easy ways to get rid of some unwanted belly fat? I work out 5 times a day, and follow an Atkins program, and I don’t eat any shit but just can’t lose the little bit of gut that I have left from my bigger days.



  6. I think you just about chased everyone off with this one. Whether that’s good or bad in the longrun I guess we will find out. I’m only 27 but I’ve come to realize, much like you, that 90% or more of the people visiting these sites are a joke. They are the ones you continue to call out on your shows. I hope you realize that. And now that you’re starting a radio club which I don’t blame you for at all, and I’ll join it, but watch your traffic drop like a rock. As you said, most of them are not serious.


    • Well, we will find out won’t we?

      So far I’ve have over 27,000 unique visitors in less than 2 months… How many of those are drive byes? Probably a lot but a lot aren’t, and so far only 22 people have joined the club…

      Give it time!


  7. “Don’t trust anyone over 30” unless it’s 75yr old Jack Weinberg


  8. Just started listening and two episodes in I’m already hooked. Great work you’re doing here. Is there a certain amount you need to donate to get into the Radio Club?


    • You donate what you think is appropriate, or whatever you can afford, the amount is not what concerns me, that’s why I didn’t set a price. What concerns me is: are you a person of high quality that doesn’t believe in making excuses? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Send what you can and I’ll add you to the list. I guess I should post some directions about this somewhere?

      Thanks Bro,



  9. You’re the Ef’ing man Rich!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to the rest. Btw I like the Pumping Iron Playlist you added there, I used it at the gym this morning and had a great pump.


  10. In my personal opinion I think this was the most powerful show so far Rich, waiting for what you have to say in the second part….but as someone else has pointed out you certainly attracting the right crowd of people and your message is definitely awakening the warrior spirit in all of us….

    Bob and Uncle Paul, it is really important to have a older folks as yourself joining us, we younger guys (at least some of us) could certainly learn from your life hardship and use your military training expertise to our benefit….


  11. This was a great show, and I think the idea of a right wing “cultural revolution” would be powerful. Only need the right meme or name for it to spread it! Got to get it on Twitter!


  12. Bar-none the BEST SHOW you’ve ever done hands down Rich. Just finished listening to the entire show, and I’m charged up brother!

    Many Thanks again!


  13. I second that Jeff, these shows are incredibly motivational. I’ve never listened to radio like this before. You are doing an awesome Job Rich. Excellent work here, cheers!!


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