Is “The Golden One” a Power Through Discipline Listener?

I've spent the last few days watching this guys videos, and although we don't agree on 'everything' (which is impossible anyway) his message of "Power and Discipline" Self-Responsibility and Accountability are dead on. The Golden One has a message that is far more attractive, powerful, and forward thinking than anything David Duke advocates.

This is exactly what we need boys and girls… not book writers, childless intellectuals, sign holders on street corners, and genocide banners. We need solid examples of strong, assertive, attractive, successful, energetic young men and women preaching a message of “power and discipline” not whining, bitching, and crying like some beta-male loser!

As I’ve said in the recent past, I’m not tracking anyone down for an interview or collaboration. However, this guy I would make an exception for. My Swedish brothers out there, put this guy in touch with me here or through email if you have his contact information, or have spoken to him on a prior occasion. I would like to possibly put something together with this guy!

9 Comments on Is “The Golden One” a Power Through Discipline Listener?

  1. I have followed this guy for past a two weeks also and have to say, he speaks exactly my mind, I couldn’t say better what he had to say, I was born and raised in Europe and so I know and feel exactly the same way.


    • I’ve seen his videos before too. Some people don’t like the arrogance and narcissism, but I find it refreshing, appealing, and I’m an arrogant-narcissist myself. And I agree completely that these are the types we need right now.


  2. He’s not unaware of this site, a link to it was sent the first time i heard PTD. I love the guy, no homo.


  3. The two of you together might just cause the Gods to shake the Earth from above. I would cherish that Glory if it happens!


  4. If he’s not a listener, he should be! Good a see a swede with the right mind frame and physical presence over there. I’m sick of all the depressing headlines.


  5. Looks like he’s go the good-jews back.


  6. Off topic but check out this recent commercial for niggerball.


  7. If I’m honest Narcissism has always made me sick but he does put out the right message. At this point in time I’m not willing to mock anyone putting out our message. God knows we need the help.


  8. I like the cocky attitude, our young men today, the strong ones at least need that bravado and that superior attitude of “crush the weak” “I’m better than you” “man the fuck up” and if you don’t like it, go fuck yourself! I’ve watched a few and I like this guy.

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