PTD Radio: Episode#13


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #13

***The Knockout Blow***

On tonight’s broadcast I briefly addressed the Popes trip to the United States and how our people fall all over themselves to worship these fake icons. However, I spent most of the show discussing our mission here: creating a warrior society and pushing a cultural revolution spearheaded by the 18-40 crowd. Some news stories were covered, I introduced a few new ideas with a bee analogy, and went after the people among us pushing the “nice guy” approach.

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  1. Rich how dare you go jawing about the pope on a rope.
    He did a great job of distraction while President Barack Obama was hosting a state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping.
    Hmmmmmmm….just wondering what ole Xi Jinping was shopping for ?

    Being from Jersey, I never or very rarely saw the Confederate Battle Flag. Military training sent me down south where I saw many Confederate Battle Flags.
    But even that wasn’t near as many as I saw in the Nam. I admit I was scared shitless when I first landed there, but seeing those Confederate Battle Flags boldly raised and flying, my balls grew to serve me well.

    PS…….BEES…..if you have aluminum siding with a gap they will nest there, or overhanging eavestroughs. Other than that, stop dressing like a damn flower.


    • That’s exactly where they were those fuckers and in a bush that I sprayed the fuck out of tonight… These things are aggressive as hell this year. Fuckers got me 4 times… Twice in one day!


      • lol….. yeah one day I was rasseling with the kids (they were teens) and they caught me off guard then charged me all at once knocking me into the back of the house.
        Well about a million of those suckers swarmed out with buzzing sound like in a horror movie.
        My first reaction was to grab the hose and providing cover fire so the wife and kids could head through the sliding screen door..

        The wife in her panic locked the damn thing and wouldn’t open it.
        I pleaded with her to unlock the damn thing, they swarmed again and were coming towards me like a Midwestern duster. Now I am screaming and threatening her to unlock the door, what could I do?

        So I gave her a shot of cold water from the hose to snap her senses back, she flipped the lock open , I dove through the opening with the kids slamming it shut behind me, the little buzzing bastards where bouncing off the screen. We watched as they bombarded the screen stinger first then actually trying to twist a hole through it. We closed the glass doors shut just in case, then everybody made sure all windows in the house were shut.
        Damn! they were pissed.

        I left from the front door, ran to my car and headed to a gardening center. They gave me some great stuff. That sundown I filled that opening with two cans of the shit, and for a good 20 minutes the dreadful hoard was climbing out trying to fly but just dropped to the ground.
        I got the willys sweeping up the huge pile, dumped them in a metal trash can and burned them.

        Yes, I am the Notsee who gassed and burned 6 million bees.

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    • I’ve been flying the battle flag for the last 30 plus years. It gives me a sense of power and pride, and I’ll never take it down!


  2. Love the promotion of the warrior class. I’m a little past my prime warrior days(35 years old), I fought mma locally here in Minnesota, in my twenties. Now I’m training my younger warrior class, I’ve had my son wrestling and jujitsu since he turned 5, he’s almost 13; now and him and his young friends don’t take any shit around here….keep up the good wok rich.


  3. WTF is wrong with the men out there? Rich, are you seriously surprised by this? Most men are only interested in video games, black sports, and pornography. Those three things dominate their lives. So much so that it destroyed my relationship with my ex husband. Don’t get upset about it, that’s why you are here to change “some” of them, and I think you do a fantastic job. Don’t get discouraged by the amount of people, because I think it’s better if you attract the right people. ;))


  4. Another dynamite show brother! And I agree with Samantha, that you shouldn’t get discouraged. As you know and we now realize it’s our own people (mostly the men) that are the #1 problem. They won’t fund anything Rich unless it’s something leading to their own demise. Eventually they’ll get it, and jump on board!


  5. Just to let you know “the Golden One” from Sweden is one of those headset wearing gamers. The guy does videos playing video games. How fucking nerdy is that?


  6. Look forward to the rest of it. Another great pump today thanks to you brother!


  7. I had it with “nice guys” about 5 years ago Rich. I bought all their books listened to all their shows and interviews, sent in donations, and where did it get me? Frustrated with no answers and nothing to show for it. That’s why I like your approach and that’s why I’m here. I also like the fact that you always cover something different, like last show you talked about depression and anxiety, I really wish you would’ve spent more time on that. Issues of health and self improvement in general are so critical.


  8. Love the Killer bee comp there my young friend. And as a reminder to you other young pups out there, always remember that “nice guys” always do finish last. It’s not just a cliche saying, it’s the 100% truth. I’ve seen many a men get fucked over at work, on the job, by their friends, and even their own dam wives by trying to be the nice guy. This has obviously led to our current situation now. And I must say for a 33 year old you have a shit ton of wisdom, and I’m enjoying the powerful message here.


  9. These shows are so fucking good, they really need to be heard by a mass audience. I hope more sign up


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