The 18-40 Crowd Rejecting “Traditional” Media!


According to the Washington Post: Trust in the mainstream "traditional" media, (with younger folks leading the way) is at an all-time low. Stating that: "that's a terrible thing for all of us." Lol.

These detestable, despicable, weak people in the dinosaur media are truly pathetic, and they're getting desperate folks! They know that their message of anti-male, anti-heterosexual, social and cultural Marxist filth has about run it's course! Their time is up people!!! And who is it, leading the way yet again? Our young folks! They are rejecting the lies and the filth and they've had about enough as we have. Onward we go folks. Forza!!!

Just four in 10 Americans say they have a “great deal” or a “fair amount” of trust in the media to report the news fairly and accurately, according to new data from Gallup. That matches historic lows the media also “achieved” in 2012 and 2014. And while Republicans trust the media less than Democrats do, the numbers across all party affiliations are in rapid decline from even a decade ago.

There’s little evidence that the whole trusting-the-media thing is going to get more popular; people under 50 years old are far more skeptical of the idea of media as fair arbiters than those over 50.

GOOD!, some of you will, undoubtedly shout — particularly if you are either a conservative Republican or liberal Democrat. You deserve what you get! Your years of lies and agenda-pushing have finally caught up to you. WE ARE ON TO YOU.

To which I say: Wrong.

I don’t say that to be a jerk. I understand that many people who feel passionately about the rightness of one party or the other (and plenty of people who don’t) are simply convinced that the media is pursuing some sort of narrative that somehow furthers our collective “goals.” (If you were in the media, you would know we aren’t even close to organized enough to orchestrate such a grand plan. But I digress.) And I will grant that, like in any industry, there are some bad apples and some high-profile mistakes that people seize on as evidence that their pet theory of the media (too liberal/ too conservative) is correct.

But, I believe really strongly that the decline in trust in the media is primarily attributable to partisans — whether in politics or in the media — who have a vested interest in casting the press as hopelessly biased. What better way for liberal or conservative talk radio to (a) lure listeners and (b) stoke outrage than to insist that the mainstream media is lying to you? What better way for politicians to raise money from partisans already skeptical about the media than to say the media isn’t telling the truth?

The rise of outside partisan groups — on the left and the right — has coincided with a bumper crop of partisan-first media outlets designed to foment rage and exasperation with the mainstream media’s alleged missteps. It’s good business for them — and just plain terrible for the American public.

The belief — pushed by these groups and outlets — that there are no referees (or even rules) in all of this makes disagreeing without being disagreeable is virtually impossible. The idea of reasonable people disagreeing has also been laid to rest or damn near it. The realities of our modern political dialogue — if you can use that word to describe it — is that people who disagree with your point of view are at best dumb and at worst purposely misunderstanding things. From those conclusions about motive, nothing positive can come.

You can think the media thinks too highly of itself. (We do.) You can ask who appointed us the refs. (Fair.) And, you can be skeptical — in fact, you should be skeptical — of something being reported that smells fishy to you. (We, as humans, can and do get stuff wrong.) But what you should not wish for is that the mainstream media disappear or be rendered irrelevant.

Whether you like or agree with an independent media all the time — breaking news: you won’t! — you should value an entity that does its best to hold those in power accountable. Without such a force, you would like society a whole lot less. And our society would be a whole lot less. SOURCE

6 Comments on The 18-40 Crowd Rejecting “Traditional” Media!

  1. Great points as usual, Rich. I think one of the best things the independent media like this site and other right wing sites can do is teach people how to pick out the propaganda in the mainstream media and disregard it. I read the Washington post and listen to NPR every day because they usually have very high quality reporting of events. But I’ve been weeding out the leftist bullshit in their reporting for so long that I don’t even realize I’m doing it any more because it’s become instinct. With the internet, it’s easy to ghettoize yourself into a closed world where all you read are right wing sites and all the news you get is through a right wing filter. It’s a good thing to read at least one mainstream news source to see how the vast majority of the country is getting their news. Makes it easier to understand why normies believe some of the things they do.


  2. I am not sure what they mean by “Traditional” Media.
    I have seen many of the tricks fall from beneath their sleeves.
    Increased Pre-marital Sex, Fewer women having children.
    Increase in Couples living together,Higher Divorce rates.
    Decline in church attendance, Growth of fundamentalist, evangelical churches–
    Baptist and Methodist–and television ministries
    among Southern whites.
    Some one, some how, is tuning in to the programming.


  3. Increased Pre-marital Sex? I don’t see a problem with that, healthy young men should be releasing stress, and having plenty of Sex!

    Fewer women having children? This one we need to work on… I’m doing my part! And the men have to step up themselves in that department!

    Increase in Couples living together. What’s wrong with this???

    Higher Divorce rates. No argument here.

    Decline in church attendance. This could work in our favor!

    Growth of fundamentalist, evangelical churches. This is a regional movement, and the whack jobs have always been here!

    Baptist and Methodist–and television ministries
    among Southern whites. Do they really have that much influence?

    Some one, some how, is tuning in to the programming. Yes, but with alternative options everywhere, it’s easier to avoid!

    It’s not all doom and gloom!


    • Not saying all is doom and gloom, I have better things to do with my time if I thought that was the case..
      Just pointing out the trends where we have been led away from traditionally vs the new arrangements and norms we have been led into.
      Where is that coming from?
      What are the mechanisms used to do this?
      I can identify these; breakdown of the family, media, and education.
      ( Couples living together then splitting up is a divorce according to the courts under common law).
      Pre-marital Sex is a norm among young and getting younger, resulting in a dangerously high rate of children out of wedlock and single mother headed households.
      These trends are not good for any healthy society.
      Isn’t responsibility part of discipline ?

      Traditional news blew their cookies with watergate.
      I do not remember any youth generation relying on mainstream news media except for entertainment, youth don’t vote and have never been any kind of voting block, it’s more aimed at the people who buy the big ticket items and do vote, parents and grandparents.
      News was totally reformatted in the 80’s to “info entertainment”, a trend from (peer pressure oriented) radio’s man on the street to 60 minutes hitting the national jackpot with 20/20 , A Current Affair formats to the current low intelligent, subliminal sound byte phenomenon.
      This renders Washington Post’s analysis idiotic and a non-factor, which is what my comments are addressing.

      Alternative options, or a consistent better option for my family and our youth, is what I always strive for.
      Getting them the exposure on par with the competition is what I see as the missing link.

      But, then again,maybe I am wrong.


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