Ann Coulter Bitch Slaps a group of Beta-Male Faggots!

I’m starting to develop a mini crush on this old broad…. As she continues to hammer these weak selfish little assholes (Libertarian faggots) and the beta-male rejects and losers running around in our society. I’ll be covering part of this (and Coulter) in a segment on my next show.

24 Comments on Ann Coulter Bitch Slaps a group of Beta-Male Faggots!

  1. Wow, she did just bitch slap them fags. What a room full of pussies

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  2. Yeah definitely a poo pusher. Did he just say that Nigerians are better than American? Unbelievable. We have thousands of them here and they’re the most obnoxious lazy apes you’d ever meet + every one of them is on welfare. I’d find it hard not to knock that fucker out talking so much shit like that. And that’s Fox yes? So the audience you would expect to be on the conservative side. How many agreed with Ann? Yeah about 3, there’s little between the right and left thee days.

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  3. John Mazzaltoff-stein got a little bent out of bagel shape me thinks….good catch,


  4. “But what about all the STUFF we gain; google, Ikea, youtube, bicycles,blow dryers, basketball, football, shopping malls”.
    Oy Vey you rayCist honkies, LET EVERYONE IN.
    I would like to add the following disclaimer, “As long as they work cheap but not at my job, rape your wife and kids but not mine, live far away from my gated community, fight foreign wars for foreign governments with the working poor white kids, and MY taxes stay low .”

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  5. Coulter is an absolute fraud!

    See “Coulter’s ‘Useless Idiots’ and Other Foolishness” at


  6. Trump/Coulter for presidency. Great combo to end White Genocide.

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    • Yes but many among our crowd will just say oh they are Jew lovers f them, we can’t support anyone that doesn’t obsess over an overblown Jewish problem that wouldn’t exist if our own white men weren’t such sell outs and wussies.


  7. I personally like Ann, I don’t agree with her on everything, and as a mother of 4, I question her childless lifestyle, but she’s great at putting these douchy lefties and patriotards in their place!

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  8. The mass influx of “immigrants” into Europe and America has created a permanent voter block that will insure support for continued mass immigration into Europe and America. In science this is called a “runaway system.” The production of the product increases the production of the product. “Runaway system.”

    Mass immigration into Europe and America can not be stopped at the voter booth.

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    • 100% in agreement Northpal. And I feel as Rich does that it will take a violent determined class of well trained disciplined, devoted warriors to repel the threat. If that does not happen, there will eventually be a day when everything and everyone we loved is gone.

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  9. Coulter’s new book about illegal immigration is great. Pretty sad when a woman has the biggest balls of them all. And the only reason Trump even ever started talking about Mexican immigration is because he read her book, so we can thank her for that.

    Things are worse with the border jumping beaners than I ever could’ve imagined. I didn’t think I could be any more racist than I already was, but Ann’s book made me more so, these people are utter scum.

    One thing that can be said about Ann is she is definitely pro-White, first and foremost. She might not be anti-Semitic, but she is racist, and she puts White interests first, which is more than you can about than just about……..well, anyone else in the mainstream.

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  10. anthonymerlino78 // October 2, 2015 at 11:17 pm // Reply

    Mrs. Coulter dealt with that faggot (Stossel) pretty good… But I like the way David Shultz dealt with him better.

    Here take a look.



  11. Just had to say, take a good look at that audience, that my brothers are AmeriCucks.


  12. Dark Side of the Moon // October 5, 2015 at 1:54 am // Reply

    I’ve always liked Ann, she certainly takes a lot of flak. Everything she said was right on the money. I’m actually more sickened by the white sellouts in the audience who think all this immigration is a good idea. Yeah, their jobs aren’t being threatened yet. Only a few were on her side and they sheepishly raised their hand in support of her. Cowards.

    The biggest proponents of these refugee fuckers are WHITE. WHITE men and women who are helping, aiding and abetting these cretins into our white nation. I’ve purged all anti-whites from my family and friends and have no problem weeding out the garden in the future.


  13. Euro unity !


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