PTD Radio: Episode#15


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #15

***Choose Your Own Path***

On today’s broadcast I covered a story titled: “Statistics Show White Supremacy is a Bigger Threat to the U.S. Than Radical Muslims.” I touched on the “shootings” once again and my take on the conspiracy crowd, with a lot of other stuff including some listener comments and emails. The overall theme or message of tonight’s show is that YOU decide where you want to be in this life, and what you seek to accomplish.

15 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#15

  1. Yet Another Dynamite Show My Brother!

    Vi rendiamo onore!

    Militärischer Gruß!


  2. Interesting you mention porn, I have to admit that I had a bad addiction to it some years back, and it took me done time to get over it. I think a lot of young men go through this issue, it’d be interesting to hear a longer discussion on it. Otherwise another great show Rich!


    • Yeah it’s a HUGE problem that impacts a shit ton of people, relationships, and even fucks up marriages. I’m planing on hitting that one in conjunction with prostetution at some point.


  3. Do not forget water intake- I broke through a recent plateau by focusing strictly on appropriate daily water intake. I carry three steel klean kanteens 2-64oz and 1-27oz you can use the glass 1/2 gallon mason jars to start cheap, but lids wear fast and will flood your gym bag.


  4. Just listened to your show and you spoke well Rich!

    It is very accurate what you said about porn, and continuously more and more studies are showing that it decreases libido, the frontal lobe (which aids us in regulating pleasure, making smart choices, and inhibiting desires), and harming our souls mortally. In fact, it is making men see women less attractive! Also it forces fetishes to be viewed normal and the whole evil industry is run and owned by our favorite chosen people, the Jews.

    In your show there was a bit that I was confused on, regarding the batton memorial death march. Can you clarify the comment you made about that?

    Keep up the good work! I would appreciate it, for us younger guys, if you can focus more on different ways we can help our communities, and what to do with our lives too (work, volunteerism). I greatly appreciate you mentioning basic stuff like go coach the sports team at the high school or be an example to them, it provides a solution to the issue pointed out.


    • I plan on doing this on the next show, and I meant to address your question about majors and careers and what to do with psychology at an earlier time. Just forgot!


  5. Great show my Man.

    I love the East Coast sense of humor. My friend from Boston kills me with his disgustingly confused scowl as he asks “what are ya, fucking re-taaaded?”. You had me with “wha wha what are ya, a faggot?” Christ that had me lollz.

    Anyway, I’m one of those idiots that works out at night and sleeps about 6 hours. I have found that sleeping more than that actually makes me more sluggish in the daytime. But boy do I sleep well, and in a very comfortable bed. I listen to this at night, and drift into a deep sleep within a few minutes.

    Keep up the positive message, and I enjoyed Rudy’s email, he is making us proud.


  6. Another great one, from the GREAT ONE!

    Love it, and keep em coming.


  7. Great show as usual, Rich. Looking forward to the next episode. Porn is an absolute killer for my generation that grew up in the 90s with satellite TV and Cable. We knew all the tricks to find the dirty channels when our parents weren’t around. As I said in my email, I work long periods of time away from home (and therefore, sex) and porn is a big temptation while I’m away. I know guys out here that buy their smartphones based on the screen size for porn viewing. I hope you have some advice for us poor bastards that are away from our wives for weeks on how to avoid porn. It’s a bitch sometimes. I had never heard of Mark’s Daily Apple until I saw your link to him. Great site. I still have a long way to go, but I’m working on becoming an EX soft-tittie boy.


  8. I try to use the memory “highlight real” when needed.

    I will address this more next show…


  9. Great show!


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