The Death of ESPN

image ESPN (Emasculated Sportsbra Network) might just be the catalyst (the Godsend) that finally convinces the masses of white male idiots in the general public out there, to turn off the fucking TV and cancel their cable! This Marxist led, weak feminist-gay-transgender promoting network is continuing to dig it's own grave, by shoving women, fags, and transgender creeps in the face of their 90% plus male audience. This week is the MLB  Playoffs, and baseball is IMO a great game, and a high IQ sport that I actually appreciate and enjoy at the youth level. As many Americans also still recognize it as our past time, and still enjoy it in the professional world of sports. However, as they usually do... ESPN, after destroying the NFL (not that it needed much help) is now moving their focus into the male dominated world of Baseball, hiring their 1st female MLB analyst!

And now, even the average sports fanatic retard is starting to finally realize the destruction of their childhood love at the professional level. An Atlanta based sports radio talk show host is now under fire and a 3 day suspension for pointing it out. According to yahoo sports: Mike Bell, a radio jock, launched an ugly Twitter attack on ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza!

YAHOO SPORTS: Jessica Mendoza became the first woman to work as an analyst during an MLB postseason game on Tuesday night, as part of ESPN’s broadcast booth for the Houston Astros and New York Yankees in the AL wild-card game.

She was spot-on too, delivering the type of analysis that has led to a larger role at ESPN this MLB season. She earned a spot calling a Monday Night Baseball game in August, then was promoted to the network’s top baseball event, Sunday Night Baseball, when Curt Schilling was suspended in September.

Mendoza, 34, is an Olympic gold medalist in softball and considered one of the best players ever in the game. Softball and baseball aren’t exactly the same thing, but Mendoza illustrated an ability to speak just as keenly about baseball during her tenure at ESPN.

Some fans were surprised to hear a woman on their TV Tuesday night, particularly if they hadn’t been following the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball telecasts the last month of the season. But she’d been there, calling games, imparting knowledge and earning good reviews from baseball people. Certain fans don’t like her — and won’t like her — but then again some people are never going to say anything nice about a woman doing what is most frequently regarded as a man’s job. It’s 2015, but we haven’t fully broken that barrier yet.

Twitter rants by your average dude who has a problem with women aren’t news, honestly. The Internet is filled with such people and such opinions. But you’d think Mike Bell, a sports radio jock in Atlanta, would know better. After all, he has a radio show on 92.9 The Game. He knows how broadcasting works. And he knows there are some things you say when the mic is on and some things you don’t. RIght?

Bell sent out the following tweet during Tuesday’s game, which he later deleted when the response wasn’t a bunch of hooting and hollering and testosterone like he expected. But it was preserved by Boiled Sports.

Wow. Not only is it insulting, but it’s a super old reference too. That reference, coincidentally, was from “Anchorman,” in a scene where TV anchor Ron Burgundy is uncomfortable with a woman joining his all-male team. That makes it even more of a face-palmer, as the film eventually shows us that Burgundy was wrong for doubting his female coworker.

Like we said, Bell apologized, which is to be commended. But it you look at more of his tweets, you’ll see that he apologized partially because he “had no idea it would blow up.” Bell’s Twitter bio identifies him as a “12 year old with a driver’s license,” so maybe an adolescent response of “ewww, girls” shouldn’t be all that surprising.

While he deleted the tweet that started it all, Bell kept some of his others. Such as:

Really? A women’s softball slugger as guest analyst on MLB Wildcard Game? Once again ESPN too frigging cute for their own good.
— Mike Bell (@mikebell929) October 7, 2015
You guys are telling me there isn’t a more qualified Baseball player ESPN can use than a softball player? Gimme a break!
— Mike Bell (@mikebell929) October 7, 2015
By the time Bell’s comments were making national news Wednesday, his radio station had suspended him, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He did, however, appear on the air with a pre-recorded apology saying: “I didn’t get it. I get it now. There is no place for that kind of stuff on my show. I will be more mindful. I hope I can be a better talk show host and better person. This has been an eye-opening experience.”

The Atlanta Falcons, for whom 92.9 The Game is the flagship station, also condemned Bell.

We certainly don’t expect the male-dominated sports world to open its arms at the first sign of women getting high-profile jobs. We’re not that naive. We know that people don’t like change, particularly when it involves having to include people who were excluded before.

Oh, but there’s no denying that change is happening. The old-boys network, little by little, is recognizing that women have a place in male sports. It’s why the Oakland A’s recently hired the first female coach in MLB, why the San Antonio Spurs have a female coach who’s a rising star and why a woman cracked the NFL gender barrier earlier this year. We have women sportswriters, women sports talk hosts, women public address announcers at stadiums. Each group has fought the “No Girls Allowed” sign at some point and each group has succeeded.

Here’s an important point, though: Jessica Mendoza is good at her job. And that’s more crucial than any other sentence in this post. She’s insightful and interesting and offers a different perspective. If you don’t want to hear different voices and different opinions while watching sports, then why not just watch black-and-white VHS tapes from the good ol’ days?

Yes, the world is changing. Fire off all the angry tweets you want, guys, but people like Jessica Mendoza are here to stay. And they’re not ruining your sports-watching experience. They’re adding to it. You just may not realize it yet.

6 Comments on The Death of ESPN

  1. Baseball was the last unpozzed American sport. I still enjoy baseball, mostly on the radio while I’m doing something else. This kind of shit is why I cancelled my satellite. I still watch sports occasionally, but only the games I get on my antenna. I’m not giving money to people that hate what I stand for. All of these former athletes should be ashamed of themselves. ESPN couldn’t get away with this kind of faggotry if these dickless athletes who should know better took a stand.


    • The absolute shame of it all is our kids in the states absolutely dominate and master this game at an extremely high level.

      Look at the best players in the game from the states with guys like Harper, Bryant, Frazier, Trout, Arrietta and all the other dominate white hurlers and horses out there! These kids are impressive to watch as they come up, and we get a lot of them here in NJ.

      Baseball is definitely great on the radio. I used to love working outside with my dad with the game in the background on a hot sunny day. Brings back great memories.

      However… The good thing about this story is that it demonstrates the obvious frustration of our men out there, and as they push this more and more (as we know they will) it’ll only turn more of them away from the TV.


  2. The only sport i enjoy watching is when my son and his friends trips over each other during ice hockey practice. And MotoGP. It take guts to handle those bikes!


  3. There may be fag marriage here in Canada, but no is taking fighting out of our sports!!


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