Trump Body Slams Ultra-Cuck, Beta-Male Glenn Beck!

image Trump demonstrates how you handle a faggot Cuck beta-male like Glenn Beck. You don't play nice with these people, these are the same weak white males (that we talk about every week here on PTD) that have set horrible examples as adults, corrupting our young men and destroying our societies! Thank you Mr. Trump for putting these weak, emasculated, beta-male, white faggots in their place. This (IMHO) is enemy #1.


Donald Trump lashes out at ‘nut job’ Glenn Beck after being called a ‘bully’

(Business InsiderReal-estate mogul Donald Trump is now going after conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck. In recent weeks, Beck has repeatedly been critical of Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner. Most recently, Beck was quoted in a New York Times article on Wednesday dismissing Trump as a “schoolyard bully” who is not in touch with tea-party conservatives.

The Times article was titled: “Donald Trump’s Act Seems to Be Wearing Out Its Welcome.” Trump, no stranger to Twitter insults, lashed out at Beck on Thursday saying that: “Wacky Glenn Beck who always seems to be crying (worse than Boehner) speaks badly of me only because I refuse to do his show–a real nut job.” Adding that “I hear Glenn Beck is in big trouble. Unlike me, his viewers & ratings are way down & he has become irrelevant—glad I didn’t do his show.” In other words… FUCK this loser beta-male faggot!!!

1 Comment on Trump Body Slams Ultra-Cuck, Beta-Male Glenn Beck!

  1. I think we all know what needs to be done with these traitors. While I’m not 100% sold on Trump he’s certainly saying the right things. Whether he actually does the things he promises if he becomes president is another thing.

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