PTD Radio: Episode#16

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Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #16

***Why I Fight***

On today’s broadcast I discussed an article titled “A Rational Look at Demographics and Mating Problems.” I also covered a bit of my family history and talked about the death of my personal hero: My Grandfather (or Pa as we called him) what he meant to us, and how his example should pave a path for us all. I discussed an article highlighting how the enemy fears our message here. I briefly touched on meditation, and hit a quick listener response from Frank. A Very Powerful Show!!!

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  1. Great show as always.
    The story about your grandpa was moving. It reminded of my own grandpa. He was evacuated from northern Finland as a boy when the Red Army crossed the border. He never saw his home again, the new border was drawn west of it.
    Fought against the same army in the Continuation War for three long years at the front lines in Karelia. He was then moved to northern Finland to chase out the germans by force, sorry about that, politics nothing else.
    Brushed that shit of, met my grandmother and raised seven children. Worked hard his whole life to support his family. I never ever heard him whine over anything. I still miss him.
    The thing about work.. Why does everyone want to be doctors and shit? The greatest job in the world is to be a scaffolder. You get to lift heavy shit all day long and get paid for it, not to mention the constant near death situations (huge adrenalinrushes) where your life litterately depend on the strenght in your hands and the safety harnest (wich is to be honest not always used).
    Plus that all children believes you are Spiderman.


  2. Hey guys,
    I wish I could have a story like that myself, my grandpa was surely a tough man, born in 1912, went through the wars, managed to survive, raised a family but as kid I hardly remember him, my mother for years tells me all the great stories about him, what she has learned from him, passing it on me as much as she remembers, but I truly wish spending all my free times with him, to listen to all he would have to say, to teach me the real shit how to survive in tough times, how to be a man.
    Rich, that was a great point about our parents, something I have been thinking of myself for a long time, but my take on it is, that they had easy life, hardly struggle to manage to go by, yes, they did work hard, but when the communist ran the country for over 40 years, there was a solid security, tons of solid jobs, free medicare, free schools, the more children they had, the less money they had to pay on mortgages, people were encouraged to build homes, they had no reason to panic, to raise us tough, as a real man, there was no massive immigration crisis, therefore we were brought up as we are right now. On top of that, my dad was a fucking drunk, abusive attitude, he could care less about us, I had none to look up to.
    Today we live under different demographics, our warrior spirit is being awaken inside of us, under todays circumstances, it is our natures duty to grow up and once we have our own family, to raise our kids to be tough, ready for what might come to them. We ourselves, now are living in times not before imaginable to our parents, therefore it will all be on us, to secure the existence and future for our children.

    “The true warrior fights not because he hates whats in front of him, but because he loves whats behind him”.


    • I love that quote, and great points Slipa! And that’s why anyone with Grandparents still alive, make sure you video tape an interview with them about their lives and experience and wisdom. This way you have it forever!


  3. great common sense,insights, and real world concepts, applicable even for this ole dog.


  4. Great, great powerful show indeed. I’m still waiting for you to team up with the Golden One, and make the Gods shake this Earth into order! Surely the two of you can do it. Is this going down or what Rich?


  5. BTW your son is glorious, excellent work! Lucky genetics.


    • Thanks Jeff, schedules bro. I have no idea how to work out an interview with someone that lives in Sweden. I barely have the time to do these shows now. If I did, I’d do them more frequently and I’d run them for 2 hours, but life gets in the way!


  6. You boys better get your “Man Card” out before you listen to this one, hide the children and the wife because this one is pure fire! Excellent kick ass show once again, a friend of mine listened in a bit today as I had it on in the car on our way to the gun range today and he loved your show. I think you gained another young convert. Well done once again.


  7. Great show, it had a powerful effect on me. What you’re saying about the Jew really is essential. We have to break free from the Jew-mongering, because it ultimately manifests that submissive state. I’ve been thinking along these lines myself for a long time, and often got irritated at nationalists being overly attached to the Jew. What the hell does it matter as long as we get our people in the right state of mind? We have to appeal positively to our people, not by constantly verifying the “nazi” stereotype of attacking the Jew. Be aware of the problem and that’s enough. I’m not gonna compliment any Jew by saying they rule us, because it’s not true. The society is the way it is, regardless of the Jew or not. I want to emphasize though that the likes of David Duke and our beloved keyboard warriors do fill a purpose. You know, ultimately it’s about Meta politics and creating a new cultural consensus. If people feel more inclined to take part in the idealistic debates on the net they may do so, the important thing is not to get stuck in a defaitistic world view. It only takes a few clean souls and clear minds to spark a revolution.

    You had a great grandfather btw. RIP. I believe intelligence is a rare trait, but wisdom and character even more so.. Death is a natural part of life and ultimately comes down to what we leave behind us. That’s why we shouldn’t fear death as the way society has taught us.

    Good you bring up meditation too. In most cases, our people have to do the work “out” there, but we also have to be able to be alone. People immediately become anxious being alone, start playing with their phones to distract themselves. Emotional self-understanding is crucial.


    • -Death is a natural part of life and ultimately comes down to what we leave behind us.”

      Its not what you leave behind but who.


  8. Rich,

    Another great show my Man. I have wanted to comment about career choices, and the increasing knock against higher education for our people, so here goes. Obviously a great many of liberal arts studies are a joke, but I think we should be encouraging our best and brightest to go to the best Universities that are available to them.

    There was a young Man that posted a while back about going to medical school, and if I remember correctly, another poster or two recommended trades as opposed to a lengthy and costly University Degree. Now if I’m not mistaken, medical school is essentially a very high end vocational trade. Honestly, I would like to see far more young White kids getting involved in preventative medicine and health related fields.

    I see a Doctor in Las Vegas that monitors my blood work and recommends supplements and nutritional plans. It’s funny, but I take all the supplements you recommend like Vit D, Omega 3, Zinc, and Magnesium, as well as a few others that are tailored for my needs, and I feel like a million bucks. Doc says I have some of the best blood work he has ever seen, and that is a testament to the resiliency of the human body because I punished myself when I was younger.

    My Doctor (D.O.) lives what he preaches and is f****** jacked and in great health. He makes GREAT money and helps people stay healthy, it doesn’t get much better than that.

    This Man is in Florida for all of you East Coasties, and he is involved in anti-aging medicine as well. He looks a lot like my Doctor, and sets a great example for our youngsters.

    Anyway, I agree with almost everything you are saying here at PTD, but I think we should be encouraging the youth to achieve greatness at the University level as well. Me, I like to pound on shit with a hammer and dig holes in the dirt, but if I were younger and had direction, that Medical field looks mighty inviting and in high demand.


    • I would recommend adding shellfish to your diet if you haven’t already. All those things: zinc, magnesium, omega 3, protein are all included at significant levels


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