The Golden One Interviewed on RedIce Radio

Markus or the “Golden One” joined Red Ice Radio for a discussion about self-improvement, health, politics, Nationalism, and the sad state of affairs in Sweden. I like what they’re doing over there, haven’t listened to much, but what I’ve heard so far, I’ve enjoyed! You can subscribe to their network for 5 Euros per-month. The 1st hour of their shows are free. Listen to the interview here.

7 Comments on The Golden One Interviewed on RedIce Radio

  1. Good show!


  2. I, highly, recommend RedIceRadio. Good, solid, smart pro-White people there.
    Listened to the interview with Marcus last night and was very impressed with the Golden One.


  3. Looked at some of this guy’s youtube stuff, it’s very encouraging to seen fellow strong, will minded white men such as him.


  4. “The Golden One” is no National Socialist and does not support our cause. In case you missed the story then here’s an interesting link..

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    • That’s interesting. I have to admit I don’t like ‘The Golden One’, his stupid faggot name makes me lmao. I’ve always found arrogance disgusting. I don’t care whose side you’re on, if you come across as an arrogant prick you can go fuck yourself. We don’t need arrogance to be strong men. And if that information is correct he’s certainly not one of us.


    • That article/website is saying that Eugene Sandow was a Jew (his real name was Friedrich Muller, who came from a Lutheran family from Prussia)… He was not a Jew! Yet this piece calls him a Jew!

      I will address this next show…


      • GDSoldier // October 14, 2015 at 9:44 pm //

        Hi Admin, I posted the link to ensure that real NS don’t get carried away with controlled ops or any other unnecessary distractions. You may be right about Sandow, however it should be noted that kikes have been changing their names forever to avoid detection. As for the”golden one”, I doubt he is in any position to attack Dr Duke imo who has decades of activism under his belt. Dr Duke did a show not long ago about this guy, worth a listen. All the best with the new site.


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