PTD Radio: Episode#17


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #17

***Enemy #1 – The Weak White Male***

This show is now posted in the Radio Club section. (Join the Radio Club Here) On today’s broadcast we discussed (once again) the weak white males in the western world that have allowed (celebrating and participating in) the destruction of our society. We examined a brief story about bodybuilding and some hate mail directed at PTD from an insane “paranoid” lunatic! I touched on the FACT that most modern day “studies” are generally worthless, and why White Liberals and Leftist idiots love relying on them? I read an excellent listener email from Sweden and related it to our number #1 problem – “The Weak White Male.” I explained and elaborated on the wisdom I often pick up from our seasoned vets out there. And towards the end of the show I discussed prostitution vs. porn, and why (if I had the chance to ban one) I’d target the latter! All of this and more… including a call from none other than Joe Northpal himself. Enjoy!

26 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#17

  1. I made this meme earlier today & put it out on the Twittersphere.

    By the way Rich I’m not forgetting about you. My car has cost me 700 euro in the last few weeks so I’ve no spare cash. I hope to be back on track in a week or two. I’ll then get that gift card from the bank 😉


  2. -This show will air Saturday morning…”

    C’mon man, a three day long cliffhanger? Thats..searching for words.. ABUSIVE towards the listeners to say the least!


  3. Sorry guys, but right now I’m the only one working in this house. My schedule was jammed packed this week, and I had to take a lot of work home with me. And I’ll be working Saturday as well to get caught up but I’m making time for this.

    Life always gets in the way… And I spent all of yesterday after work with my son as my wife wanted to get her hair done and go to the gym… So I gave her a break! Took my son to the park, Fed the little guy dinner, gave him a bath, read him 3 of his stories, put him to bed, and passed out. My wife didn’t get home until after 8 and I crash early!

    My work has increased here, and my bills haven’t gotten any smaller… I’ll try for today or tomorrow, but I don’t want to half ass any show. I want to dedicate 110% on each one of these!


  4. As you know I’m not an unemployed hobbyist, I have a full time job and a business to run, and I’m a family man 1st and foremost.. But I’ll do what I can!!!


    • Richie! How on earth can you work full time, have a family, and have a business when there are so many Psi-Ops, false flags, and staged events to debunk?!?! Just messing around. Sounds like this next show is going to be packed full of good info. Looking Forward to it!


      • Exactly bro! Everyone’s a fucking fed and a crisis actor!!! Hell, for all we know I could be blowing guys in the back of parking lots, recording everyone’s info here, waiting for my check from the ADL. They’ll say that next!


  5. Hey!
    We are big boys, I’ll be out playing tag in traffic till you get caught up.
    Yeah reading puts me to sleep too.


  6. Rich, this is by far and away THE BEST SHOW I’ve ever heard. And I mean EVER, from ANYONE! I can’t say enough hear, incredible, incredible stuff here.


    • Thank you Tim, I felt good about it myself, but haven’t had the chance to listen to the download, which ill do tomorrow and assess it then… Appreciate it!


  7. Hey Rich,
    Awesome show, powerful message. Really love the email from that kid in Sweden, looks like most of us had very similar life growing up.
    To the lone wolf issue, I think it really would be a great to elaborate on it much more deeply, possibly get Bob – wall street wolf together with you and go more into details of strategy.
    For someone like myself and maybe it is only me, I have a kind of hard time to understand, how does anyone with honor and some kind of sense of knowledge of true history, who for example tries to get elected into a local office, gets to vin over the public, by lying, hiding his true personal identity? How you suppose to deal with all these brainless fucktards, who continue to defense their sold out and false ideology? I guess I misunderstanding the whole thing.
    Keep up the great work, Rich


    • Well, Bob is always welcomed here. But as far as I’m concerned, anything and everything to get our people in there. Put on the suit, play the part, put the fake fucking smile on… And get in there!!!

      And once we are in, we’re in to get what we want done!


  8. Rich, I was getting a coffee and missed your take on a independent media distribution platform before you brought me in. Yes you have the right understanding and expressed it perfectly.


  9. Listening to your show right now Rich, and powerful message once again! I agree the whole “jew” meme is worthless now for our movement. I used to frequent /pol/ on 4chan during college (which led me to dailystormer) and they always used the jew meme there to make fun of the conspiracy that jews controlled everything. stupid statements such as “why are you drinking the caffeinated jew” (Coffee) were frequent and poked fun of the paranoid hobbyists. Ill send you a picture that pokes fun of this soon via email.

    I finished a book called Men on Strike, where the author’s main point was to address why men are no longer men. The author, Dr. Helen Smith, states that men are weak willed because of not having rights in paternity courts or being severely punished for being a man in our culture (the masculine man we strive to be by calling them potential rapists at the colleges). Her solution is either to opt-out of being a man in our culture (stop marrying and being a solider/fireman/police officer/ any job traditionally held by men) and let women run it (and collapse society), or start petitioning for our rights and mock the uncle Tims (the weak willed men in our society who caters to feminists/minorities/anyone who hates white men in government positions) and the weak men we see daily. Its one of the few books that appeals to us here.

    I greatly appreciate your comments on fatherhood, and the stories you read from readers and your personal stories strike at the core for me. My father watched tv all the time when he came home from work prior to him divorcing my mom, and while he coached the wide receivers for my football team once, he was very passive in raising me. I am in my early 20s and currently training in the military reserves, but I want to marry and be a father, and your tips help me prepare for that. Thank you for this show, Rich! And thank you for responding to my question last show.

    Deus Vult et Seig Heil!


    • Thanks for the response and kind words Frank. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors young warrior!



      • Put up a piece Rich, I’m with you 100% on it being a problem with our own people. We have to start naming & shaming our own people. I don’t usually write much as it’s not really my forte but I felt I had to say these things.

        I left similar comments on The Dailystormer a while ago and got some real crap from so called white nationalists. These people can’t see past the Jew for some reason.

        Oh just one thing, where’s the TruthMilitia & William Pierce podcasts gone from your site? I listened to them regularly.


      • The lengthy radio broadcasts were slowing the site down in the music players.

        I’m going to create a separate page for WP on the site soon!

        The TM shows on the other hand, I don’t want on the site anymore. I’ve changed and evolved for the better in a major way from those days. And some personal things are going on here that I can’t get into on the website. Email me, and I’ll let you know what’s going on!

        BTW… Excellent piece, I will link to it here!


  10. Old Sarge patiently waiting… Life happens, things get delayed… Give that little tyke of yours a strong pickup, lock eyes with him and say “I love You”. Kiss his neck and then ‘Beard’ or Tickle him. That is what Life is for !!! Damn how I envy you… Thanks to you I just might decide to stick around long enough to do the same for a great grand child. Ex Gladio Libertas. [Out of the Sword, Freedom].


    • Being a Grandfather, I’m sure, is just as rewarding as being a father. Grandparents have no idea how influential and important they are in a child’s life. I never would’ve became the man I am today without them!


  11. Another fantastic show Rich.

    But one thing I’ve been wanting to mention. With all due respect, why do you keep mentioning Andrew Anglin, and why do you consider him a friend?

    As far as I can tell I’ve never heard him mention you by name, and as far as I know I haven’t even seen him post one comment on your website,. If he has correct me, but I’m on here just about everyday. So why consider him a friend?

    Also, does he not strike you as one of these unemployed hobbyist guys with no girlfriend or wife that still lives at home that you always bash for focussing everything on the Jew. Not to offend here, just trying to be honest. And if this is the case why do you care about him?

    To me, it’s obvious why he doesn’t reach out to you or ever mention you much. So again, why consider him a friend, or even mention him at all?


    • Hey Jeff, I appreciate the feedback brother.

      I mention Anglin because I like the guy, I think we agree on “enough” and I think he has a great website… with a HUGE following of people that I want here as well.

      As far as him mentioning me by name or posting comments on my website, I could really care less about that. It’s irrelevant and the guys got a BIG website of his own to run. I’m sure he’s not hanging out on any other site out there either.

      And no, he doesn’t strike me as a hobbyist, the guy has been overseas in Britain, he’s spent time over there in Greece with the Golden Dawn… He’s most definitely not a hobbyist!

      Whether he reaches out to me or not is of no circumstance… I’ll continue to support him here and what he does over there… and only hope it continues to grow,

      I hope that answers your question?


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