Enemy #1 – The Weak White Male on Display Yet Again!

Give a listen to the above… a prime example of what I talk about every week here at PTD… yet another weak white male literally crying over a game, and demonstrating that he cares more about sports than our own children and what they’ve left behind for them to clean up! 

I understand that living in a noisy, congested, dysfunctional, emasculated shithole… can drive anyone insane, but we have to overcome it… and train/prepare our young men out there to violently resist this shit! Weak white “men” have allowed the destruction our of society – pathetic beta-male pussies that’ve “raised” boys, not real men. Fuck all of you selfish weak white males out there!!! You are Enemy #1, and I will not stop smashing you until all of you are permanently replaced by real men, our warriors, and future warriors out there. Forza!

22 Comments on Enemy #1 – The Weak White Male on Display Yet Again!

  1. Wow that was pathetic! I could not stop laughing at how idiotic and pathetic this man sounded. The fact that there are “men” (boys who can shave) out there that cry over stupid crap like that shows how twisted our society is. We need to call out these boys for who they are and demand they man up, otherwise the next generation is going to be beta losers and our people gone.

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  2. Here is a valuable manual I found on the newest Red Ice Radio…

    Social Justice Warriors attack…..No retreat, No surrender, full take down.
    Great read – only 6 pages.
    Spread it wide and have fun.
    Creatively yours

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  3. What a fucking faggot, I’d laugh at that guy so hard if I saw him doing that. These guys need to be publicly shamed for this pathetic shit. Really, it’s time to bring back the good old days where you’d be ridiculed for this sort of stuff.

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  4. Just shows you how sick these people really are

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    • Nah, that caller was just a crisis actor!

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      • Richie didn’t you know? all pro athletes are crisis actors now!!. If not crisis actors then its CGI!!!! In all seriousness I would always get a kick out of listening to the Oiler’s post game shows and hearing all the grown men get so worked up over a last place hockey team and what they would do if they were the coach/General manager. At least we have our priorities in order.


      • They take their hockey seriously up there… I didn’t know crisis actors worked on skates? lol


  5. Holy shit it was always going to come to this.

    But…Francesa can go fuck himself too.

    Sure, this faggot was crying over the goddamn mets…

    But there are countless callers that participate in this shitstorm that ‘debate’ and ‘demand’ all types of stupid shit like this is the goddamn state of the union.

    To quote Rich on a TMR show…

    “I cried when the 49ers lost to the NY Giants in a playoff game…But I was 7 years old” LOL

    The funny thing is at that moment I was too, I was 8, rooting for the niggers in blue” LOL


  6. John in Ohio // October 18, 2015 at 6:15 pm // Reply

    And then there’s this white specimen. http://youtu.be/DgiM_ypFsRQ

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  7. Well at least now I feel better about myself LOL

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  8. And not a bit of interest in the fact his society is going down the toilet. What a loser, some of those guys there should have bitch slapped him. Then again they were probably fighting back the tears themselves.


    • In fact, if you told him why society was turning to shit, he would claim that YOU were crazy.

      …Meanwhile, he’s on YouTube crying like a sissy over a football game… A game in which hordes of blacks run up and down the field with a ball.


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  9. anthonymerlino78 // October 19, 2015 at 1:32 am // Reply

    Crying like a sissy over a football game.

    This video reminds me why I can’t seem to tolerate people lately.

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