Enemy #1: The Weak White Male on Display yet Again!


***White Beta-Male Teacher Gets Dropped***


Yet again, another weak white male on display that won’t even defend himself from a retarded 16 year old throwing weak, sloppy, uncoordinated “punches” driving this beta-male faggot into the ground! You white “men” out there are so Goddam pathetic, you make me fucking sick!!!

4 Comments on Enemy #1: The Weak White Male on Display yet Again!

  1. Fucking pathetic,mouth closed, chin down, hands up. Are people need to wake up soon. blacks are the easiest people to beat in the hand to hand combat. the scariest thing to a black man is a white man that means business. because they’ve been taught their whole life, if they put on their best black intimidation show Whites he will back down

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  2. Most male teachers today are literally faggots so this isn’t surprising. Put an aggressive monkey up against one of those and there’s only going to be one winner. My kids school has 100% female teachers, men aren’t encouraged to be teachers anymore.


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