PTD Radio: Episode#18


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #18

***A New Direction with Purpose***

On today’s show we discussed the Millennial generation, how we change with experience and time, friends who are somewhat awake but not quite there yet, crying white men and the weak parents that raised them, I addressed some changes that I’ve made to the website, and the revolutionary idea of a new independent distribution platform for white media. Will the carnival crowd be removed, and will enough people step up to the plate to fund it? The MP3 DOWNLOAD is now posted in the Radio Club.

23 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#18

  1. I’d love to hear it live but i have great difficulties to understand when its broadcasted..
    You americans with your am and pm, not to mention the way you measure things.
    Who knows, maybe i call in!


  2. Another great one bud. I listened on the drive to work. I’m running the pub tonight and want to play it through the loud speakers to whack these drunk zombies over the head, one day when the time is right, I’ll expose them all to PTD Radio!


    • That’s the one vice I haven’t been able to give up yet, is the booze.

      I never drink hard liquor, or wine, but I like to drink a few beers every now and then.

      I used to drink every night, but I cut that down to the weekend, and now it’s only Friday nights.

      Hopefully I can give the shit up completely soon, but it’s not easy, especially after a tough week in the Kwa.


  3. Great show Rich. I nodded in agreement to the point that it got ridiculous. Keep it up!


  4. Just signed up for the club here, and I must honestly say that this is the best radio I’ve ever come across on the net. These shows have been extremely inspirational. Thank you so much for your time and dedication.



  5. Here I was, all set and ready to listen a live show, brewed the coffee, sat outside watching the birds, turned on the computer and got a show that was done already!

    Great show, I ended up listen on my walk with the pooch this morning. Ended up walking an hour, the length of the show. Worked out perfectly!


  6. That comment about women from NY and NJ was dead spot on, and really made me laugh. Most of the women over here, where I am (Staten Island) can’t keep their big traps shut for :30 seconds, their brains just don’t grasp the concept that no one wants to hear their nail salon talk all day long. Trust me, even for a woman it’s very hard to live around them.


    • Pretty funny to read this. I still have family there, we moved out to PA 13 years ago to escape it. The problem here now though is Dothead Indians are swarming us. They’re not violent, but they’re annoying to look at. Sometimes no matter how far you run they still find us somehow. That’s why we really need to stop fleeing the problem, that isn’t a strategy, it’s escapism.


    • I’m here to inform, educate, inspire and entertain Anna Marie… I’m glad I could make you laugh and that someone gets my humor!

      Pakis and Dots in your guys part of the state now Sam? Fuck, I knew it was bad in the Poconos, but now they’re out there too? That’s not very encouraging…but you’re 100% right, running from the problem isn’t any kind of strategy.

      However, the problem arises when your town and people (“men”) of the community have become way too weak and apathetic to do anything about it. And when the demographic tipping point is reached, you sorta have to flee!


  7. Mike from NWF // October 24, 2015 at 10:17 pm // Reply

    Powerful shit Rich. Very interesting talk on the Millennials. I’m 32 myself, and have noticed the same exact behavior from these folks. It’s disheartening at times but I do see potential out there in our young folks, and I agree with not giving up on those in that reachable age range. And believe me, I do my part in sending guys here. Keep up the great work!


  8. Every time I send someone to a website, pass off a radio show or video either through text or FB I never hear anything back. I stopped doing it awhile ago.

    I’ll try again but most people even friends and family don’t want to hear it. But come to think of it now I was sending them a lot AJ stuff and Joo stuff, nothing like this so maybe I’ll get a better response?


    • I’ve dealt with that the last 10 years or so… It really does get tiresome, but don’t give up on the young ones, keep hammering them Lorenzo, just send their asses here!!!


  9. Hey Rich,

    I’m having a tough time listening to the show as it doesn’t seem to be downloading. It stalls at 23 seconds and that’s all she wrote. I’m not having any other problems with radio and have been listening to Joe Northpal’s show.

    Anyway, just figured I would let you know.


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