A Degenerate Army Run by Weak White Men!

image This is what happens folks when a society is led at the top by angry feminist women and weak white men. Last spring, male ROTC cadets were ordered to walk around campus wearing women’s high heels. This was to facilitate sympathy for female rape victims. While the cadets complained about the order, nothing was said or done by any senior Army leaders. For the last three years, US Army soldiers have been ordered to wear and exercise in pregnancy simulators, which are foam pad strap on devices consisting of two boobs and a womb. Apparently, forcing men to wear the devices will make them sympathetic to pregnant female soldiers’ concerns and feelings. WTF???


What kind of US Army is this?

The Army is in serious trouble. Besieged with a myriad of readiness and morale issues, it is under siege by radical feminists and leftists who are determined to reshape the Army, even if they have to destroy it.

You would think that the Army generals, men who are supposed to be tough guys and seasoned combat veterans would stand up and speak out against the feminist fire engulfing the lean green machine. But, they haven’t and they won’t, in order to protect their careers and retirement benefits.

Don’t the Army’s leaders have a moral obligation to disobey orders that are illegal or dangerous to the institution itself?

Moral cowardice has become a common virtue at the Pentagon.

The White House has an agenda. That agenda is simply to destroy the US Army that we all knew and loved and to create a pro-feminist, politically correct force. The social engineers could care less if the new Army will be able to fight and win. What matters is the implementation of the policies. What matters is that the Army obeys the orders.

In the words of Lieutenant-General Claudia Kennedy, “This is not your father’s Army.” It sure isn’t general. What it is; is a circus train that is rapidly careening off a cliff.

Here is a partial list of some of the insanity being thrust upon the nation’s soldiers:

Last spring, male ROTC cadets at several universities in the country were ordered to walk around campus wearing women’s red high heels. This was to facilitate sympathy for female rape victims. While the cadets complained about the order, nothing was said by any senior Army leaders; or for that matter by any junior officers. Good God.

For the last three years, US Army soldiers have been ordered to wear and exercise in pregnancy simulators, which are foam pad strap on devices consisting of two boobs and a womb. Apparently, forcing men to wear the devices will make them sympathetic to pregnant female soldiers’ concerns and feelings.

Aww… isn’t that sweet? Goodbye Sergeant Stryker, hello Doctor Spock and Oprah.

In a recent memo by Secretary of the Army John McHugh, titled “Breastfeeding and lactation support policy,” commanders and soldiers are advised to “balance lactation support and readiness.”

Lactation support and readiness; what readiness? Sort of like maternity Army Combat Uniform (ACU); doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

The memorandum for record, dated September 29, 2015, was distributed to every Army command across the world. I’m trying to figure out how breastfeeding, lactation support and the Special Operations Command can be included in one sentence. But, have no doubt, the Green Berets, Delta, and the Rangers all received the memo.

“Fighting soldiers, from the sky, fearless soldiers who lactate and die…”

“One hundred soldiers, we’ll test today, and 93 will have breast pumps…”

The Army can keep lying all it wants about women graduating from Ranger School. Anyone with half a brain in their head knows that there is no way on earth any woman, except perhaps the Game of Thrones chick, some former androgynous East German swimmers and Dennis Rodman in a wedding dress could make it through Ranger School alive. Considering the fact that my possible female graduates are a TV character, unisex, former servants of a communist state and an ex NBA player with a big Barbie Doll collection, who are we kidding? The amount of Kool Aid being consumed at Fort Benning these days could fill Lake Superior.

To paraphrase Sonny and Cher, “And, the lies go on…”

The Army has become rather adept at dumping endless sensitivity training sessions on its soldiers, whether they’re in garrison, or in the field. In fact, in 2012, soldiers in Afghanistan were ordered to take gay sensitivity training, while of course deployed in a combat zone. There’s nothing more important than being sensitive toward a homosexual member of the Taliban who’s shooting at you.

Then there are those nifty online DoD classes where soldiers can learn how the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are all sexist documents.

Apparently, the Army now exists to make Gloria Steinem, Hillary and Valerie Jarrett happy.

The Pentagon is creating an Army more concerned about satisfying the mad lust of a radical left-wing social experiment than about defending the country.

Countless hours and manpower are being wasted on this lunacy; hours and days and weeks that could be used for stuff the Army used to do, like weapons training, map reading, hand to hand combat, enemy vehicle and aircraft identification, the proper way to use a mortar; you know the stuff armies do, except our Vera Wang fashion Army.

The Army has one sole purpose. When called upon it is to fight and win the nation’s wars, and to kill the enemy violently and efficiently. There is no other purpose for the Army, not ONE.

The Army does not exist to placate naïve civilians whose idea of being a soldier is to spend a weekend with Outward Bound, civilians who have never been within 5,000 miles of any shot and shell, civilians who don’t know if they’re snake bit or powder burnt on a good day.

Unfortunately, the Pentagon perfumed princes have completely lost any sense of duty, honor and country. The Pentagon feather merchants think they’re defending the country. I have some news for them.

Placating wackos isn’t defending the country. Having ROTC Cadets parade around like they’re on a Paris fashion show ramp isn’t defending the country. Ordering male soldiers to strap on fake boobs and a womb isn’t defending the country. Sending out lactation memos isn’t defending the country. Sensitivity training isn’t defending the country. Passing 37 year old mommies at Ranger School isn’t defending the country.

If the Army isn’t defending the country, then just what in the hell is its purpose now?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Mr. Magoo could see where this is all heading. It’s leading to a series of US Army defeats and disasters in battle that will be Biblical. And, when it’s over, when the Great Social Experiment Army is broken into a million pieces and the corpses and wreckage and the red high heels and pregnancy simulators litter the battlefields of the earth; then and only then will the American public wonder what happened to their Army.

The Army is incapable of exhibiting any moral courage to alter this disastrous course. Conservatives in Congress have failed the public on everything, so they can’t be counted on to help. If the Army is to be saved, it is up to the American people to do it. The public says over and over again how much they love to support the troops. Support the troops, by saving them. SOURCE

9 Comments on A Degenerate Army Run by Weak White Men!

  1. The purpose of the military post WWII has been to push cultural Marxist agendas onto the public. It is not to fight wars. This is all done under the guise of “well they served their country but they can’t (insert privilege).”

    -Civil rights movement gains ground following integration of military
    -Expansion of feminism following the Gulf War where women were allowed to take part in limited combat action (mainly air combat operations). This has been heavily pushed again following GWOT.
    -Marriage equality and gay/transgender rights following the end of don’t ask don’t tell.

    Out of the 400,000 plus Active Duty Army soldiers only around 60,000 are combat soldiers such as Infantry or Special Operations of which are composed mostly by white males and to a lesser extent Hispanics. The rest are support and staff positions filled by Blacks, ragheads, and spics. Here problems arise with the operational efficiency of the military as blacks are lazy and fuck everything up.

    The military is also a jobs farm. Many in the military would not make it in the civilian world. In fact they don’t even do well in the military, but there is little effort to remove them particularly if they are brown or a woman. As long as they don’t mess up too bad within time they will get promoted to higher positions of authority.

    The officer corps is not composed of the militaries best and brightest, just the opposite. It is full of Beta-males who’s first piece of ass was some ROTC slut after she had been banged out by half her class. Most of these clowns were picked on in high school, had no friends and could not afford to go to college unless it was on an ROTC scholarship. After graduation they walk into a $40,000 a year job even though their degree most never correlates with their assigned branch and they possess no leadership qualities. West Point is actually an engineering school with a strict code of discipline. This is not a school dedicated to war; it is where you send kids with ADHD. As one must be nominated by a congressman to WP the ranks are swelled with liberals, minorities, and women.

    True leaders of men rise to the position. They are not appointed.

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    • Great piece. Great comment.

      You mention West Point so let me tell a quick story that illustrates what you guys are talking about here.

      I went to an Army football game about a month ago. First off, West Point on the Hudson river in New York is fucking gorgeous. The tree filled mountains and the bridge at the choke point of the river are beautiful to look at.

      I went as a favor to someone, I did not want to go at all, but I figured my suspicions about how terrible it would be would be confirmed so I checked it out.

      The crowd was filled with beautiful White families, along with old baby boomer idiots that have no idea what or how fucked up this country is. A lot of hot White women too.

      The team is complete negro culture. In the tunnel coming out the Army team did some kind of ‘hip hop’ bob and weave ritual all together before running out. On the jumbotron they had 4 or 5 players that told the crowd to ‘get loud’ or some shit. All players selected were black, even though from my eyes the best player on the team were the White DT and MLB.

      So obviously, they are also going to have the ‘history’ type promos on the screen too. War on Terror blah blah blah, Eisenhower blah blah blah, and World War II blah blah blah. Tough to stomach.

      This was bad too and very telling. Maybe I am reading into it too much but I think it speaks volumes. Getting food there. Hot dog vendors in NYC take more time and care into feeding a customer digestible food.

      I got a cheeseburger and fries that cost 10 dollars. The ‘hamburger’ was cold and the cheese was completely unmelted. This burger might as well have been cooked the night before, and I got this in the first quarter! It was disgusting, I literally gave it a shot and tried to eat it but it was that disgusting I thought I might gag.

      They were not even qualified to run a grill. After I paid they didn’t have change and this seemed to be very normal and common. I think often times people just eat the change and let them have the skim.

      The recruits are dumbass kids. Dumb. They strike me as ‘wigger’ types. Of course the stadium security is employed by negroes too. I left the game early and asked the security negroes a simple question about when the busses leave to take you to the far away parking lot. I asked the guy two times and didn’t make out one word he said. All I got from it was that he didn’t know, didn’t care, and motioned to some cadet outside the gate.

      I got the fuck out of there. Don’t go to Army football games, or any football games (unless they are high school). They suck.


    • Our military is being set up for a giant ass kicking, if any one survives they will know where to place the blame.


  2. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but the defence ministers of Germany, Holland, Sweden & Norway are all women. And one wonders why we are being invaded.



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  4. And what about this recently. U.S. soldiers were advised to ‘look the other way’ when Afghan police and troops sexually abused young boys.

    US Army rejects appeal by Green Beret who was kicked out after confronting an alleged Afghan rapist


    Sergeant Charles Martland shoved an Afghan police commander accused of keeping a 12-year-old boy as a sex slave
    Child was ‘tied to a post raped repeatedly for between 10 days to two weeks’ soldier claims he was told
    Martland and team leader Daniel Quinn ‘body slammed’ and ‘threw’ police commander Abdul Rahman during confrontation


    To be a strong white man is frowned upon today. I bet if that afghan police commander had found a white US soldier raping a kid and had killed him he’d have met Obongo and been given some award by now.


  5. The swedish police force has been upgraded to the 21st century by faggots, immigrants and women since the late 90s. White men are not welcome to apply.
    This is the result-https://www.nordfront.se/film-poliser-i-goteborg-far-problem-nar-de-ska-gripa-en-invandrare.smr


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