PTD Radio: Episode#19


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #19

***The Excuse Making Business***

On today’s show we discussed the excuse making business, and the people that push it. I addressed some more criticism and negative feedback I received this week. I gave a short talk about the power of regionalism in the United States. How we can attract talented people? I concluded the show with a segment on fitness and the idiocy of long distance running and chronic cardio. 

32 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#19

  1. Mark in Jew York // October 29, 2015 at 10:41 pm // Reply

    You continue to impress young man. You have the wisdom of a 70 year old man, and the energy of a teenager. I love this show and can’t wait for each one to come out.

    As I told you on the phone a few weeks back, I’m done here in 7 months and I’ll be ready to spill my guts on the air and tell it all, at that time as I’ll be a free man.

    God bless you and all that you do!



  2. Jeff Bartlett // October 29, 2015 at 11:03 pm // Reply

    You did a great job responding to the young kids email. Laying it on him softly, but as honestly as possible, with sound advice. All the young kids need to be here listening to these shows.


    • I want them here bro, but right now they’re too busy playing internet nazi on other websites, but sites nonetheless that update their content every 10 minutes, and post a lot of news stories. Again, I’m really the worst person to “run” a website. I barely have time to respond to these comments!


  3. Um, excuse me but as you well know I’m originally from Cajun country and I love your shows, your voice, your attitude, your intelligence and yes, even you’re dirty words.

    The Southerners will get over here at some point. Give it some time if they’re not here yet. And I find that once whites live in a certain area for a long enough time they start to adopt to northern/southern lifestyles like I have.

    But you’re 100% right there are extremely stark differences in the regional cultures. But hey that’s true diversity right? The kind we like ;))


    • My only point in saying that Sam is that I see major cultural regional differences that can’t be ignored here in the states. Far too many people make light of them, when in reality… A guy from the East coast has very little in common with the guy living down in the bayou.


      • Explain to a scandinavian why it can be such a big difference culturally between southerners and yankees. Has it to do with genetics?
        Great show btw.


      • A lot of these may seem like trivial surface issues… but differences nonetheless.

        In my own personal experience Southerners have a very relaxed attitude, they seem to have much more trust in strangers and the individual.

        Southerners are much more hospitable, northerners are more cautious and have less trust in strangers

        The pace of life is slower, as is the speed and use of the English language.

        Our ideas of “food” are entirely different

        We address people by their 1st names while they often address people with Sir Mr. Mrs.

        Northerns in my experience are much more direct and forward. Southerns are more subtle and laid back.

        People up here tend to wear their emotions on their sleeve, less so down there.

        People in the south seem to still be very patriotic, about what? I don’t know? But I don’t see that up here.

        Church life is vital in the Deep South, while the churches are emptying out up here!

        Limited government tends to be favored in the south, with more “active” Gov up here.

        and believe or not… IMO the South seems to be more accepting and open to the idea of living with black folks, the north is far more segregated today!

        You got to remember in the very beginning here this land was made up of entirely different groups that settled these regions with Putitans and other whacky Christians up here motivated by establishing a theocracy… While the South was populated by people looking to make a quick buck, cavaliers, and common “criminals.”

        Both areas developed well established aristocracies but different in nature with the planter class down there, and the Northeastern merchant/intellectual class up here.


      • -this land was made up of entirely different groups that settled these regions with Putitans and other whacky Christians up here motivated by establishing a theocracy… While the South was populated by people looking to make a quick buck, cavaliers, and common “criminals.”

        Blood is blood so that makes sense.


  4. Baby boomer faggots like Don, Black, and Duke do more Jewing to white people than the actual Jews themselves. They foster an environment of inaction, self-pity, and depression. In their delusional revolution who do they think will be doing the fighting? A bunch of skinny-fat “intellectuals” with GED’s? Get the fuck out of here.

    These losers actually think they will be rewarded with Aryan beauties and positions of leadership when it is all said and done. Well, the reality is Don, you and your soft titied friends will be standing against the wall during the celebration party, just like in high school, with one hand holding your warm beer and the other in your pocket fondling your little dick as Conan the Barbarian and his hoard of pipe hitters are on the dance floor bumping and grinding with all the blonde blue eyed women. Within in a week these beta-male faggots will be back on the internet posting the same shit, eating a bag of family size Cheetos a day, and jerking off to black porn instead of getting out there and bettering themselves.

    These dudes need to tap out already because they are not helping.

    Making fun of these losers is cool and all, but on your next show can you dive into how your boys are going about running for office. What hurdles are they facing and how do they plan on overcoming them? Keep it up bro.


    • Ed what hurdels would there be for running for town council? Get on the fucking ballot, go door to door and meet people, promise the world like every other politician, and get in there. People are making this out to be rocket science. It’s really not that hard. Especially if you live in a town with 5k people or so, even 10k is manageable.


    • Well, for one Ed I’ve only been a resident of this town I’m in now for about 2 years!

      My friend/neighbor is nearly 20 years older than me, and he’s been living here for 51 years of his life. That helps as does his family name recognition. Most of the yard signs over here have his name on them.

      This guy is active and committed, and has done the grass roots approach of knocking on doors and introducing himself. That’s how I met him and developed a relationship with him. We’ve been to each other’s barbecues, and I’ve attended town hall meetings with him, and the people here respect him a great deal.

      And as Steve mentioned, running for local office positions is a lot easier than you think, we just need people to get off their fat ass and do it!


  5. Johnny in Ohio // October 30, 2015 at 3:57 am // Reply

    Harden the fuck up people! Forza!


  6. Johnny in Ohio // October 30, 2015 at 4:18 am // Reply

    Do You Even Lift?


  7. I took your advice on HIIT training and stopped running. My workouts now are almost entirely anabolic and in just a month I can notice some serious changes and my muscle definition is already becoming much more defined and I can actually now feel the mass building. I’ll never go back to running I do sprints as you suggested once a week and walk and hike 5 days a week and feel fantastic.


  8. Great show and content Rich. The part about your mother freaking out in shock when you dropped cable was priceless, and it’s exactly what I went through with my boomer parents. They actually said they wouldn’t come over anymore because we didn’t have cable! Two years later they’re here every other weekend playing with their grand kids and they don’t even notice it. They’re reactionary and fail to realize how much you miss out on living your life when you spend your time watching Jew tv.


    • Same thing, as brainwashed and as turned off as they are from a lot my views, they’re still here nearly EVERY week. Haha, and exactly what you said, they don’t even notice that fucking tv isn’t on, because we’re too busy talking and interacting with my son.


  9. My parents are now nearing 70 and the television is basically their babysitter, they sit there all day watching fox Jews, A&E, and lifetime movies. I gave up on trying to convince them of anything a long, long time ago. I can’t tell you how much I agree with everything you’ve said about the parents, and the shitty job they did raising us. Not that they didn’t provide materially, because they did, but that’s all they did. And that’s why we have so many losers among our men, and brain dead consumers among the women. Anyway I find these shows to be fascinating and rather funny, and no one really talks about any of the issues in depth that you cover. I think you do a great job!


  10. Charles Martel // October 30, 2015 at 11:14 pm // Reply

    Hey Rich, how much to donate to join the Radio Club?



  11. Hey Richie great show as always! When some in this ‘movement’ or whatever it is called talk about flat earth theories, debate endlessly about Putin causing a brother on brother war, or calling for our women to dress like 3 world muslim scum who we are trying to fight. It is nice to see you (along with the golden one) are actually giving simple and practical advice to the young men who will inherit this baby boomer mess of a world. Keep up the fight!!!


  12. Another view of the police, then and now, written by a former “warrior cop”.

    James Lancia: Downtown White Police

    These audio interviews are good (about an hour each):

    Lancia and Henrik Palmgren

    Lancia and Justin Garcia

    These fit in well here at PTD.


    • Thank You for the Links brother Bob, much appreciated… I’m sifting through now. Even though I said I wouldn’t look at this shit on Sundays. Guess I’ll have to extend it into Monday!


  13. That book looks like a very interesting read Bob, it’s on my next list!

    Sometime next year we will be having a vet of the NYPD on the show to give us the straight talk here.

    This guy is fascinating, we’ve emailed and spoke on the phone several times, I won’t say much more, other than the FACT that people will find his story and his idea of where we’re headed, and what we need to do now to be rather thought provoking!


  14. Hey Rich, here is my opinion on watching Porn summed up quite nicely by The Golden One


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