PTD Radio: Episode#20


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #20

***Constant, Instant Gratification***

On today’s show we focused on how to achieve mental clarity and mental health, and why we all need at least a one day break, once a week from all this shit. Playing internet Nazi and understanding the white upper class elite. And more on the legalization of marijuanna, highlighting a poll that was taken last week here in the states. All of this and more… The MP3 DOWNLOAD is now posted in the Radio Club.

10 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#20

  1. Marijuana turns minds flat, just like ‘flat earth’ thinking.


    • Just wanted to say great show both Rich and Bob. In fact, I think your last show was your best Bob. We must not give equal footing to such insanity as Flat earth, shape shifting reptoids, or any other insanity. Keep up the good work both of you guys!!


  2. My children tells me they are bored on some rare occasions and my only answer to them is;good.
    I remember my own childhood, i could spend a lot of time just looking out of the window, imagine all sorts of things. Who are we to steal these fine moments from our children?


  3. I take more than a day off from this shit, hell, sometimes it’s been a month. You need it to prevent burn out. And Potheads? I fucking hate them with serious passion!


  4. Dynamite show Rich, and your analysis of the pot legalization debate is spot on. I always said they want people drugged up, they want a drugged up population of imbeciles, this way they push whatever they want through with ease. No judgements on personal behavior, because everyone’s way too baked and fried to care.


    • Travis, I always try to point things out in a considerate manner, and I most certainly am not doing this to offend you, but rather to help.

      You misspelled imbecile, and that is a bad word to misspell lol.

      I have said and done many things in life that left me red in the face after people pointed out my errors, so it is not my intention to embarrass you. This is an anonymous post on the internet, but I believe proper spelling and grammar are important skills in life, skills I am always making an effort to improve.

      Once again, I am not doing this to be disrespectful. Hopefully you understand.


      • I fixed it Eric, for whatever reason wordpress has this auto fill feature with spelling that really kills the comment section. I’ve been meaning to switch over.


  5. We definitely need to focus on limiting screen time in general
    and most important limit the kids time. One day off a week is
    a damn good plan. Refocus with the family without distraction.


  6. Marijuana is poison, plain and simple. THC is deemed a chemical weapon in high doses and is used to lower ambition and pacify people. We need to ban it, both medically and regularly, in order to improve as a people.

    The elite (upper class) has no loyalties to anyone at all either. They hate all those in lower classes, often seeing us as garbage. When was the last time anyone of the movie stars, the successful musicians, the career politician families, or any other young CEO served in the military or spent lots of time serving the poor or sick without acknowledgement? We used to have a nobility, both here in America (the southern land owners comes to mind) and back in Europe, that made up the officer corps in the military. Now our nobility care about themselves, and nothing but themselves. Look at our movie stars. Which one of them will sacrifice 3 years to serve in the army or navy? Maybe one or two, and not high profile ones at that.

    We need to stand up at our home towns and start being involved!


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