Weak White Male Problem


The following 50 minute compilation is a collection of segments from shows I’ve done on the Weak White Male problem we have here in the US and the rest of the western world. If you can, convert this into smaller files, turn it into video (youtube) friendly formats, post it on social media along with other websites… get this shit out there!  MP3 DOWNLOAD

8 Comments on Weak White Male Problem

  1. download version as a smaller file (11.5 MB vs original 115 MB)
    [audio src="http://thewatchmen.us/bin/the-weak-white-male-problem.mp3" /]
    I hope this helps you guys out.

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  2. Here is another link hosted at picosong that allows you to twitter, post on facebook and other social media, email list, and posting on forums.


  3. Thank You Joe!

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  4. #weakwhitemen believe in a flat earth an MGTOW.


  5. Let’s go guys:
    Lets swamp the swamp for salvageable young kinsmen.
    The mantra is :
    Title: the-weak-white-male-problem
    Artist: http://powerthroughdiscipline.com/


  6. That picture illustrates our #1 problem better than any I’ve seen yet.

    White people don’t want to do anything but play games and complain about shit!


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