#WeakWhiteMen at Mizzou

Tim Wolfe Resigns As Racial Tensions Rise

More cowering #WeakWhiteMen on display at our universities of lower learning. Case in point: University Of Missouri President Tim Wolfe Resigns As Racial Tensions Rise. The university president apparently wasn’t sensitive enough to the “needs” of the black “student” body. This is such a fucking joke, and I can only hope and pray that more of these leftist creeps and #WeakWhiteMen are “forced” to resign as a result of their own shit storm!

Your Tax Dollars at Work Missouri 

Black football players at Missouri: We’ll sit out until system president resigns

Missouri Faculty Members Walk Out in Solidarity With Students

Above: The idiocy of the campus liberal on display once again. My disdain for these SJW has gone beyond (far past) boiling point level. But again… this is clearly the product of 50 plus years of horrible parenting, implanting the idea in their heads that they’re entitled to shit and immune from judgement and criticism… babying the fuck out of these creeps, and making excuses for them their whole dam lives!!! More to follow on these fuckers on my next show…

21 Comments on #WeakWhiteMen at Mizzou

  1. “Wolfe’s resignation came after football players, both black and white, threatened — with their coach’s support — not to practice or play again until Butler ended his strike.” – WHAT? no football!
    Alumni must of pouted, stamped, then threatened to hold their breath till blue.


  2. Dumb fucks, the football team SHOULD be striking for PAY!
    Black college players are just field hands on another one of whitey’s plantations.
    Broutha stand up and break dem chains!


  3. Tim Wolfe was weak he needs to be replaced with a real man to handle Maoist
    scum and put them in their place.


    • GoodNightLeftSide // November 11, 2015 at 2:26 am // Reply

      I can’t stand these Marxist lowlife scumbags that would have nothing if it wasn’t for straight white hardworking males that built this place. Thank God I’m self employed and I don’t have to deal with this scum. They’re lucky I’m not the Prez of that school, they’d all be banned from the campus, walking home in pain wiping the tear gas out of their eyes!


  4. Oh Rich you’re just overreacting again. All da dindu’s want is some ejumacation with free dorms, free meals, white womenz, and a cozy gobament job wen dey graduate!


  5. Reblogged this on Belinus.


  6. It’s amazing how among the line of racist blacks there are some doing the black power salute.
    If a line of Whites were doing the Roman salute the media would go wild calling them White racists…


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