PTD Supports Red Ice Radio

imageSign Up Here: Red Ice Radio Membership

After about a month of listening to their shows, I have decided today to financially support Red Ice Radio, and ask the rest of you (if possible) to do the same. As far as I know, they haven't plugged my work or website, nor mentioned my name, or contacted me. I don't care, I like what they do, and they have the right idea with a funded subscription based media platform. However, I will say that this needs to be done on a MUCH GRANDER scale!

Something HUGE folks. Where the best talent we have can be found. You pay one monthly fee and get access to everyone – with professionals that are paid as such! And hopefully, at some point the hobbyists, the internet nazis, and the excuse makers out there will WAKE the fuck up and realize that this is needed RIGHT NOW, ASAP!!! And the people involved in this full time (not guys like me) but people putting in serious hours out there with BIG followings, they need to organize one main MEDIA platform. Egos must be set aside. I’ll promise to drop mine, if the rest of you do the same? Let’s get this done!

2 Comments on PTD Supports Red Ice Radio

  1. Good work Rich! I started my paid membership to red ice about 2 months ago.


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