PTD Radio: Episode#21


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #21

***Football Fans and Feminists***

On tonight’s show we focused most of our attention on this weeks main story here in the States with this campus circus at the University of Missouri and the #WeakWhiteMen that laid the ground work for it. We did that in conjunction with looking at some related stories, thoughts, and other ideas I had this week… including getting people off their fat asses and a society managed by insane women. The MP3 DOWNLOAD is now posted in the Radio Club.

3 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#21

  1. Mizzou Would Need 400 More Black Faculty And Staff To Meet Students’ Demands

    The Financial Calculations: Why Tim Wolfe Had to Resign

    According to The Columbia Missourian, just 7 percent of the overall student body is black, but nearly half of the football team is (60 of 124 players)

    Missouri had 63 criminal cases involving 46 athletes during a five-year time period. Twelve athletes were involved in more than one incident,

    This represents the economic stranglehold that college football has on the decisions made by these institutions.

    White Man stop sitting in those football bleachers stop lounging in the Lazi-goy-throne in front of that damned TV and stand up on your two fat wobbly legs and feet.


    Board of Curators
    The University of Missouri, which refers to the institution, in all of its parts, persons, property and relationships wherever situated, owned, operated, controlled, managed or otherwise regulated, is under the supervision or direction of The Board of Curators of the University of Missouri

    The Board of Curators, the governing body of the University of Missouri, consists of nine members, who are appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate; provided, that at least one but no more than two shall be appointed from each congressional district, and no person shall be appointed a curator who shall not be a citizen of the United States, and who shall not have been a resident of the state of Missouri two years prior to his appointment. Not more than five curators shall belong to any one political party.

    So white Man, keep sitting on your ass, response “Wah the joos control ALL the votes in America, even your state, county and town”.
    Hmmmm…… there would need to be over 100 million jews of voting age.
    Howd dey do dat?


  3. Because they own all the media and they lead the gullible masses to actively support their own displacement and extermination in the name of Jesus, Tolerance and Diversity…


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