PTD Radio: Episode#22


Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #22

***A Conversation with Ayla, Wife with a Purpose***

On today’s show we conducted a terrific interview with Ayla, or Wife with a Purpose that went extremely well. Information and topics of vital importance were covered including but not limited to: The importance of finding “purpose” in life and the difficulty of dealing with people of no depth, and no drive in life. Ayla’s experience with race and the education system in Nevada. Why are white men so weak? And why this epidemic of #WeakWhiteMen is our number #1 problem? Why are white women so insane? The Importance of tradition and history in a child’s growth and upbringing. The importance of childhood independent thought, along with the effects of sending our precious children to these Marxist indoctrination centers they call public schools. All of this and more… The MP3 DOWNLOAD is now posted in the Radio Club.

You can find Ayla’s work at YouTube and on Twitter. Please give her your support!!!

25 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#22

  1. She’s Mormon, which I personally appreciate. Mormon’s take a lot of heat in the media but I interact with PLENTY of them and it is quite refreshing.

    If anyone ever gets a chance to vacation in Utah, you’re in for a real treat. I’m not Mormon or even Christian for that matter, but there is something about seeing large White families having fun and having a positive mental attitude.

    This is a great video cartoon 🙂 It’s worth it to watch at least a few seconds from the 2:05 mark.

    Great show Rich, I really like this Lady and I have subscribed to her YT channel.

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  2. What a sweetheart, and what great chemistry the two of you had. This was a great show that needs to get out there. You should make at least part of it available for download for non-regulars to hear. Great job to the both of you!

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  3. I think this was one of the best shows from PTD. Me and my wife give the both of you our thumbs up.
    My boy has hockey practice at 07:50 tomorrow morning, its the first ice time of the day so we are hitting the ice an hour before the other kids has got up from the bed.
    Ill be shure to tell him that discipline and hard training will make him the best in whatever he wants to do in life.
    Even if it means that his grumpy dad wakes him up at 05:30 on a sunday..

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  4. Just listening to your show. Funny you mention photos of our ancestors. I was flipping through photos and I found one of my great grandfather in a Italian Military Police Uniform in Eritrea back in the 1930’s. We are in the process of getting it blown up and framed and it will be placed on the wall at the head of my formal dining room for everyone to see.

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  5. What a terrific show, so well done, the both of you complimented each other perfectly like you were cohosts doing this for the 100th time.

    The story about her life growing up in Nevada and what some of our other young women have to go through brought a tear to my eye, as it reminded me of my own childhood growing up in Montgomery, and by that time it was integrated. Same situation with busing and being subjected to “diverse” schools, which were loud, dirty, threatening, and dangerous.

    And yes, it was the same with my father and the other men, they did nothing but tell us (me) to just deal with it and “tough” it out. Took me a long time to forgive my parents for that experience.

    God bless this woman,

    – Sam ;))

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  6. Good stuff even though it’s a couple of old fogeys in their 30’s…

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  7. skrewdriver—boots and braces:

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    • There it is Northpal. If I could’ve only had that on playing when I was lacing them red straps up, it would’ve been 10x fold better. It’s crazy because I used to listen to a lot of WP music until it started giving me bad headaches, either I was growing out of it, or maybe I just got old real quick? Prob the latter of the two.

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  8. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    Fantastic interview from a wonderful lady. A real role model for my young daughter. I’ll be showing her Ayla’s videos that’s for sure.


  9. She is great Rich, she also did a show with Lana and radio3fourteen, on Red Ice.

    Ayla – Trad Women vs. the Feminist Lifestyle
    October 21, 2015

    Ayla is a former leftist turned fierce conservative, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of 5 children. She is passionate about European culture, history and sovereignty, and strives to be a traditional lady. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in German with a minor in Anthropology and a Master’s in Women’s Spirituality. Ayla is behind the YouTube channel, Wife With a Purpose.

    Ayla talks about her beginnings of being raised, educated and immersed in a very liberal, leftist world with a destructive and fake value system. She talks about the transition she made to conservatism through conducting independent research and seeing what happens to a community when liberalism is the pervasive value structure. Ayla highlights her path of discovering paganism and then the LDS way of life, and how she was attracted to the traditions honoring the masculine and the feminine that set both of these philosophies apart from mainstream Christianity. Then, we get into how the degradation of White culture, identity and pride has been amped up since the SJW movement reared its ugly head, creating a vacuum for the new religion of atheistic, materialistic, PC, mind-controlled, consumerism. Ayla relates what she sees in people who have abandoned faith and tradition and are clinging to a drive to acquire identity, only to find feminist ideals that go against the very grain of what most women are instinctually driven to accomplish through marriage and motherhood. We look at where the cultural shift away from the family unit and against traditional patriarchal values has resulted in many generations of women who don’t know the meaning of healthy male/female relationships. Further, Ayla underscores the consequences of feminized men playing in politics, and what the refugee crisis in Europe means for preserving European heritage. At the end, we consider the importance of sisterhood and celebrating ethnicity. Ayla shares her motivations for raising a large family and gives tips for homeschoolers.
    Websites: Wife With a Purpose Youtube channel
    Wife With a Pumpkin Twitter account
    Music: Audiomachine – An Unfinished Life


  10. Thank you for all the supportive comments! I was so happy to talk with PTD, thank you for having me on!


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