Police Departments move to eliminate “fitness” tests!


1st it's the Army, now it's the Police. Holy shit is this getting frightening to watch. There are no limits, no judgements, no expectations, no standards, and no shame in a society and a people that "choose" to embrace social and cultural Marxism. The "adults" and the large majority of middle-aged boomers in America and the West, have decided to embrace it with open arms, and they expect the rest of us to just shut up like them, fall in line, turn the idiot box back on, and go along with their sick shit. Fuck you, you sick fucks! In due time, your sick reality that you've pushed on us for the last 50 years, will all come to a head soon.

Colorado Springs police officers will not be required to take a physical fitness test this year, and those who failed it last year will no longer face penalties, pending the outcome of a discrimination lawsuit 12 female officers have filed. The city of Colorado Springs and its police department agreed on Friday to all conditions the plaintiffs sought in a preliminary injunction, and on Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch ordered the demands be met. That means the 12 policewomen also can wear their uniforms again and return to full patrol duty instead of the light-duty, plainclothes desk work they had been relegated to for not passing the annual Physical Abilities Test. Continue reading…

5 Comments on Police Departments move to eliminate “fitness” tests!

  1. Now Rich, you’ve gone too far, my retirement stock in AFC Enterprises, Inc(Popeyes) finally got a boost.


  2. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    What the hell is that lardass sheboon eating? An animals leg? And these are supposed to catch criminals? No wonder they just shoot first, they sure can’t run after anyone.


  3. There is absolutely no problem with sports.
    The problem is with fans.
    Vegetate or Participate


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