Ann Coulter with another beta-Cucked #WeakWhiteMale

Ann Coulter continues to shine, as she slams these beta-Cucks and #WeakWhiteMen into submission. This faggot (who claims to have a wife, maybe a beard?) goes on and on about how great the GOP field is, how we need to keep things civil, and how entertained he is by the likes of Carly Fiorina… WTF!??!?? These #WeakWhiteMen prove over and over again why they are indeed, enemy#1. Coulter just helps us expose the TRUE CAUSE of our problems that much better!

3 Comments on Ann Coulter with another beta-Cucked #WeakWhiteMale

    Title: the-weak-white-male-problem

    “The ESTABLISHMENT are responding to the DONORS”
    Nah the rich whites are on a “need to know” basis, their paychecks are “signed by the jews”.
    I would love to see the “jew signed paychecks” to the Koch fmily, Mars family, Johnson Family, Walton (Walmart) family,Strohs family, Donnelley family, Cargill /MacMillan family, Milliken family(no not the stock swindler),De Young family, Brown family(Brown-Forman),Coors family, etc, etc.

    How did American Jews get so rich?
    Since the mass immigration some 100 years ago, Jews have become richest religious group in American society. They make up only 2% of US population, but 25% of 400 wealthiest Americans.
    WTF are the other 75% doing with their wealth?
    Where do their sentiments lay?
    Where are THEIR responsibility in all this ?
    How much have THEY benefited from OUR destruction ?

    “They DO NOT care”
    “The ESTABLISHMENT are NOT smart people”
    “They want to be GOOD LOSERS”
    “Force SUICIDAL positions”
    #WeakWhiteMen #BetaMales from Top to Bottom.
    Cultural Revolution = Back to the Alpha!


    • Exactly Joe,

      Yet the idiots among us still don’t get it?

      They just won’t come to grips with it yet!

      It’s not the JEW, it’s YOU Goddamit! And it’s your own weak white people with the boot on your neck!!!


  2. No Rich, it’s the Masons…… by the way, aren’t you 33 yrs old!

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