State Department v. States!


Now normally I don’t post stories about “national” politics as most of it is irrelevant but this “white” house and state department might be the most bold we’ve seen in the  short history of a land that was once a “nation” or at least a “country” called America. I’m not sure what it is now? A sewer pipeline, a garbage dump, a whore house filled with circus chimps, out of control women, fat-fuck football fans, tv watchers, and #WeakWhiteMen? Whatever it is, I’m interested in the battles between the states and DC. 

Obama recently berated those who oppose allowing Syrian refugees entry to the US. “That’s shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are.” The State Department said that it believes state governors have little say over whether they will house refugees from Syria or anywhere else in the world, and that once they arrive, refugees can choose to live in any state they want. “They can ultimately choose wherever they want to go,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters.

The question of refugee rights has come up as many governors have said they would refuse people from Syria. The Obama administration has said it would make no changes to its plan to take up to 10,000 Syrian refugees this year. Toner said under current law, any refugees who land in the U.S. are “protected by the Constitution and federal law.” Legal experts have said they agree that there’s little states can do to stop the federal government from placing refugees in their states, even if they disagree. Source

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  1. Here’s The List Of Governors Who Will NOT Take Refugees Into Their States

    tweet (twitter) your support for those Governors (Commander-in-chief of their state)
    Be respectful, polite, but LET THEM KNOW!

    I believe all are lead by Republican governors

    Alabama – Robert Julian Bentley


    Arizona – Doug Ducey


    Arkansas – Asa Hutchinson


    Florida – Rick Scott


    Georgia – Nathan Deal


    Idaho – Butch Otter


    Illinois – Bruce Rauner


    Indiana Mike Pence


    Iowa – Terry Branstad


    Kansas – Sam Brownback


    Louisiana – Bobby Jindal


    Maine – Paul LePage


    Maryland – Larry Hogan


    Oy Vey Massachusetts – what a fucking shock!
    Massachusetts – Charlie Baker


    Michigan – Rick Snyder


    Mississippi – Phil Bryant


    Nebraska – Pete Ricketts


    Nevada – Brian Sandoval


    New Jersey – Chris Christie


    North Carolina – Pat McCrory


    Ohio – John Kasich


    South Carolina – Nikki Haley


    Texas – Greg Abbott


    Virginia – Terry McAuliffe


    Wisconsin – Scott Walker



  2. Matt from the UK // November 19, 2015 at 9:03 am // Reply

    You will get the same treatment the UK has been getting for decades. The common premise is of course that it’s a compliment that they want to come here. ‘They have a right to safety’ and ‘we are so wealthy it’s evil for us not to share it with our starving/warring neighbours’. But this is just a pie-in-the-sky value rather than anything you can actually build an immigration policy on. And this is where the B.S. begins…

    they tell us ‘dont worry’, ‘we will only accept a TINY number’, ‘only the most genuine cases’, ‘only the truly needy’, ‘they will be given safety but are not entitled to your tax dollars/pounds’. They insist this will be sustainable managable immigration. And all the while we are encouraged in the media to feel sympathy for these poor desperate parasites. We see images of dead children and distressed women.

    Then in a year, someone points out on some news show ‘hey, you guys said it was only gonna be ten thousand amount of immigrants, actually its been 50x that and numbers are still growing’, and then we are back to the beginning ‘its a compliment, they are coming here because we are so great, but vote for us again and we’ll control the flow down to a hundred thousand. These people will be killed workers and will assimilate. You will be culturally enriched by them.’ And next year its 500,000, same excuses, no accountability, just ‘OOPS, oh well, better keep letting them invade your communities, because we are still going to label as racist anyone who doesn’t like us lying to them.’

    And before you know it, you have cultivated a tumour (because that’s what these people are on the body of white societies) that doesn’t want to strengthen you or contribute to your life (not that it could if it did), but ONLY knows how to make everything shit and kill you.


  3. EU ready to make linking to websites illegal. We knew this was coming, they can’t shut down the net but need to stop the truth.
    If true this is very bad for fellow bloggers.


    • Exactly why we need a MAJOR overhaul and transformation of the alternative right media on the net!

      One GIANT platform!!!

      Remove the hobbyist retards!

      Create a legitimate media platform that’s Professionalized and Monetized.

      And if “we” can’t do that we’ll Continue Losing!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Could we have our own server in a country not bound by these laws. All alt right media running through that.

        But couldn’t the EU still block sites from it? I’m not sure how it all works to be honest so I’m not sure.


      • Working on it Rich, I am working on it.
        I know how and what form it should be, working getting it into a crystal clear proposal to bring forth it’s fruition. The key is creating a structure assuring no one group can ever hope in hell to dominate and abscond. For some reason, that is a worrisome prospect to some, which proves to me the insincerity and infiltration that abounds our so-called ‘alt-right’ comrades..


  4. Lex Mercatoria // November 20, 2015 at 5:07 am // Reply

    1. The 2nd Organic Law, the Articles of Confederation, states in the first sentence America is a confederacy. It’s not a nation.

    2. Your map is incorrect. It depicts not KS, OH, etc., but Kansas, Ohio, etc. We live on the land of the latter, while the former, we do not. State of Kansas (different than Kansas), State of Ohio (different than Ohio), etc., are really United States under other names. Therefore, the State of XYZ governors rightfully can’t defy the feds and they do not work for the people.

    3. We need to stop expecting the territorial government to do for us what we have the power and authority to do ourselves. We, the People, can and should stop foreigners from coming to our soil. All law *must* apply somewhere, and state where it applies. The gov’t doesn’t even claim to have jurisdiction over the land we live on; they only claim authority over the territory they were given a proprietary interest in, e.g., the public schools, gov’t buildings, parks, military bases, etc. We could prevent them from going past the airports and borders onto our soil, if we really wanted to.


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