Millennial Campus Whiners

image The quiet "reserved" respectable, hardworking white college student (that doesn't spend their time at keg parties every night) but falls into the Millennial Generation is now being characterized as an entitled, needy, overly pampered (constantly whining) little faggot with no self-direction or discipline! They're mocked by society, rejected by potential employers, and denied their chance of attaining the American "Dream." Whatever that is? But who created these helpless, pathetic little worms screaming for attention? Who laid the groundwork for this shit storm? Why aren't "normal" white college students organizing and fighting for their rights on campus? In the following article from townhall, by Stephen Moore, the answer is explained in full detail: It's a direct result of horrible parenting, with #WeakWhiteMen (posing as fathers) leading the way!

(Townhall) Can you imagine the tyranny you would bring upon yourself by actually hiring one of these self-righteous complainers?

Employers tell me despondently that millennials are by far the highest-maintenance generation they’ve ever seen. One recruiter recently told me: “They need their hands held; they demand affirmation; they are forever whining about their feelings. We really don’t have time to deal with their petty grievances.”

Who’s to blame for all of this? Alas, we are: the parents who caved in to every instant-gratification demand they ever had, arranged “play dates” for them, showered them with positive affirmation daily and gave them timeouts rather than spankings. Our schools are to blame for labeling them “gifted and talented” and awarding them towering trophies for finishing in sixth place so as not to damage self-esteem. College professors are to blame for corrupting their minds with hate-America ideology. And now the administrators are to blame, too, as they bend to students’ every petty demand.

Worst of all are the successful, well-meaning Americans who think they are being charitable by giving their money to the very universities that are indoctrinating these kids with nonsensical ideas. Why? Just stop. Society would be better off if you just burned your money. Continue reading here…


2 Comments on Millennial Campus Whiners

  1. Yeah I remember,
    They had chants such as “Hell no, we won’t go.”
    “Send Joe”
    Those were the good old days.


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