PTD Website Statistics

imageThe following websites stats for PTD are current as of today. What's wrong with this picture? If you can figure that out, you'll answer the question of why we don't have our own independent media distribution platform. After returning to the Internet, with 4 months of action from July 25th to November 25th here's where we stand as of today:

Website Statistics:
Visitors: 32,306
Views: 194,330

Shoutcast Listener Stats:
(Last 30 Days)
Unique listeners: 15410 listener(s)
Unique countries: 97 countries
Total listener minutes: 104103 minute(s)
Total listening hours: 1735.05

Top Listener Countries by Minutes:
United States – 52,602
The U.K. – 2,224
Canada – 1,011
France – 889
Romania – 831

Radio Club Members:

4 Comments on PTD Website Statistics

  1. So the point is that over 32,000 people have visited PTD at some point, over 15,000 have tuned into the radio stream, but 69 have joined the radio club?

    Sounds about right Rich.


  2. I told you to make the 24/7 Stream a paid feature Rich.

    Keep the free loaders off the site!

    I’ll fix it for you if you want?


  3. Marketing………maybe 31,931 were drug induced S&M freaks thinking Power through Discipline meant something entirely different.


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