Left-wingers and Beta-cucks just don’t get it!

Nixon LBJ 1968

President-elect Richard M. Nixon, right, and President Lyndon B. Johnson stand in front of a battery of microphones after meeting in the White House, Washington, Nov. 11, 1968. (AP Photo/Charles Tasnadi)

Sometimes I wonder if the these people are really as dumb and naive as they appear… or are they just completely mentally diseased? Either way, they clearly don’t understand the Trump phenom, why it’s happening, and why so many whites are enthusiastically gravitating towards Trump! For purposes of maintaining power and influence, the Marxist pretends that this “country” isn’t already completely torn apart and turned on its head. The Beta-Republicuck, on the other hand, believes that civility and being a “nice guy” should be upheld over telling the truth and acting like a real man. The following (2) articles demonstrate it…

*GOP’s hell-bent on tearing us apart: A decades-long strategy to win by divisiveness now leads to President Donald Trump

*Thousands cheer on insult-throwing Donald Trump at Sarasota rally

1 Comment on Left-wingers and Beta-cucks just don’t get it!

  1. Nixon, just as Lincoln before him, had to battle with a radical republican faction with in his own party.
    Nixon’s proposed amendments to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, up for renewal in 1970, were designed to help the South. The president proposed that its provisions be extended to all states so as to allow other regions the enjoyment they shackled and levied upon the south and that voting-rights lawsuits be tried first in state courts, a change that would have given back states rights in self government diminishing federal hegemony via unelected stacked federal courts. A group of Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee scuttled the Nixon draft, and a bipartisan coalition substituted its own extension of the bill, which also included Marxist’s proposals for granting lowering the voting age to eighteen-year-olds.

    A complete departure from the Nixon philosophy of reducing federal domain in states business, was the plan developed by then George Shultz Secretary of Labor from 1969 to 1970 (he was promptly replaced), to provide training and employment openings for minorities on federally funded construction projects. This was the start of government, especially Labor Department and other officials, to begin using racial classifications and numerical goals in implementing their desegregation programs—the first example of “affirmative action.”

    Richard Nixon is ‘credited/blamed’ with these and other destructive policies, but it should serve to show that even while occupying the presidential throne, cuckservatives in the mix can be and are very destructive.
    Republican cuckolding is nothing new.
    This is a direct result of lack of controlling local and state political power, allowing cucks to progress throughout the political landscape.
    The ultimate responsibility for this mess is in fat,lazy, sports addicted, #weakwhitemen.

    The only solution is a cultural revolution, and that can only begin with, our own professional Independent Media Distribution Platform.
    Too bad “the jews won’t let us”, WAAAAH! —> http://picosong.com/bDZe/


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