Live on the Air Now!

TUNE IN AT 10:00 AM @ the Link above!

GUEST CALL IN NUMBER: (619) 924-0832 If you’re available give us a call if you have something to contribute or add to the discussion. You can also listen in live by just using the guest call in number above!

5 Comments on Live on the Air Now!

  1. I’ll set the alarm on the coffee pot for 6:00AM mountain time!


  2. Some white men still have balls. Though spitting’s a filthy habit he’d have ended up in a cell if he’d thrown a punch so we’ll let him away with this one.


  3. That was a great show Rich. Im not shure i heard it all, i listened from the letter from the swede.
    My wife looked at me and asked me if i agreed with you on the porn part. Of course i do honey, it IS degenerate behaviour to watch porn and ive done it in the past as all men have done, we all are childs of our age.
    She loves the show to btw.
    Take care!


  4. Rich, I was getting a coffee and missed your take on a independent media distribution platform before you brought me in. Yes you have the right understanding and expressed it perfectly.


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