The “Logic” of social Marxists pumped full of Estrogen!

The Fat Turks, Mad as Hell & Pumped full of Estrogen

Just listen to this fat-fuck, this soft titty boy with his botched nose-job blow a gasket over the NRA and gun control. These leftist clowns and social Marxist creeps will never admit that this is the direct result of the multiracial hell-hole and feminized emasculated shit storm of a society that they’ve created here. No worries on this end though, FAT-Turk, we’re taking our communities back one by one by one, and #WeakWhiteMen will be no more. Trumps eventual victory on a national stage will set a new tone here and fat-faggots like you, will all crawl back into your pseudo intellectual holes of irrelevance!

6 Comments on The “Logic” of social Marxists pumped full of Estrogen!

  1. That’s right you fat fuck, your Cultural Marxism is doing this.
    No, it is not a democracy, who the hell voted let millions of third world trash into America that has resulted into the low wage third world shit hole it is turning into,
    Who the fuck voted for homosexual agenda degeneration of children in the public school system ?
    Who the fuck voted for the private Federal Reserve System and IRS?
    Who the hell voted to eliminate right to associate with forced integration, busing, HUD, section 8 ?
    Who voted to let government welfare destroy the balck family and economic self sufficiency and independence ?
    Where was your cry and whine about democracy then ????

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  2. Thanks man, had a really good laugh.
    Funny, how those mass murders are always committed on an unarmed population.


  3. That guy is fatter every time i see his silly face.
    Someone must have stolen his cheeseburger before that segment.
    What an A-hole


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