PTD Radio: Episode#27

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Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #27

***No More Weak White Men***

On today’s show, I covered an excellent email from a great father and listener to the show: John in Arkansas. I expanded on John’s topic of planned obsolescence. Why my message resonates with the youth, and “normal” successful people… and why we need to simplify our core positions. The FACT that YOU were once that pathetic white consumer, YOU were the zombie asshole standing in line waiting to buy that shit, and YOU were plugged into the NFL and your idiot box everyday of your life. Yes, we’re stronger now, but we all came into this weak. And now, all of us need to collectively pool our individual talents together, and help those we can influence around us. No More Weak White Men! The MP3 Download is now posted in the Radio Club.

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12 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#27

  1. Another great radio show. I have to agree with the fact that there is no excuse in this day for men not being able to do simple mechanical tasks. There is a YouTube instructive video for just about anything you can think, so even if you weren’t taught how to do something, you can easily figure it out.


  2. Great show Rich.


  3. Rich,

    Fine show and I enjoyed Johns email, that’s great that he takes his son to boxing class.

    I’m sure you are referring to the “hollywood nazi” and “net-nazi” losers when you say drop the Hitler worship. Of course you know I am a proud supporter of PTD, so I say this in all seriousness… I think we need MORE Hitler worship, but the kind of worship that starts with an introspective look at ourselves. I mean that in all reality, most of the people pushing the “nazi” narrative online are untermensch, and the complete opposite of what you promote. I live my life by the principles of National Socialism and follow the words of the Prophet, Adolf Hitler.

    Mein Kampf is second only to the Bible as the most widely read book in History, and it contains all of the answers for our people. Honestly, it is filled with advice for the entire construction of a community based on the foundations of power and discipline.

    Just a few that are pertinent to your show…

    “There is one kind of sport which should be specially encouraged, although many people who call themselves völkisch consider it brutal and vulgar, and that is boxing. There is no other sport which equals this in developing the militant spirit, none that demands such a power of rapid decision or which gives the body the flexibility of good steel”

    “Accordingly the State which is grounded on the racial idea must start with the principle that a person whose formal education in the sciences is relatively small but who is physically sound and robust, of a steadfast and honest character, ready and able to make decisions and endowed with strength of will, is a more useful member of the national community than a weakling who is scholarly and refined. A nation composed of learned men who are physical weaklings, hesitant about decisions of the will, and timid pacifists, is not capable of assuring even its own existence on this earth.”

    “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”

    Anyway, I hope people take some time to read or listen to Mein Kampf on audiobook.


    • I hear you Eric, it’s really the use of WWII imagery that puts me off. And the position that some take that the man himself, is beyond criticism. I never understood why we can’t recognize him as both a great man, but yet a man that made some critical mistakes… All be it, at a time when it was the National Socialists against the world. Nevertheless, a constant revisiting of that particular era doesn’t do us much good. Right now we need POWER, and we desperately need a GIANT INDEPENDENT MEDIA DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM. Once that is achieved, we then begin our push to revisit and revise the past. For now, we do it inside the home and reinforce these concepts and our version of events with our children.


      • “For now, we do it inside the home and reinforce these concepts and our version of events with our children.” — True POWER !


      • This should be the position on WWII and Hitler, and it should’ve been followed from day one. Far to many on our side want to argue about the merits of Hitler. Not saying that’s what Eric did, but that has been a BIG distraction among our people.


  4. dear rich another great show.there is another websight you might be interested in, with Justin show he has is how to build a can,t discuss how to be a manwhen your son is fourteen years old it has to be done when he is have to be your kids hero from the getgo.justine likes to use illistrations of what is a man and what is not through everyday and I and other people out there didn,t always have these demonstrations.more power to you,and people like you for pulling yourself out of your own rut whitch was put on most of us at a very young have a lot of forsight and courage and are a good always good show.


    • Thanks Joe,

      Yeah I’m familiar with those guys, you’re more than welcomed to send them over some of my latest shows. Let them know that I’m good to do a show together if they want!


  5. Intolerance88 // December 10, 2015 at 7:46 pm // Reply

    White nationalists aren’t asking for it.
    We are going to build an all white homeland in the pacific northwest.


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