President Trump calling for Muslim Immigration Ban!

Donald Trump, President of the United States

Never did I think we would see this folks, never. But it’s happening! We now have an alpha male candidate in Donald Trump, calling for an immigration ban on Muslims, which is essentially the 1st step in a non-European immigration ban! He’s spoke about it in the past, that we need more talented white European Immigrants here… and now he’s taking the 1st step. Never let a tradgedy go to waste, right? Well it’s about damn time we had one used in our favor. The conspiracy cranks and Joo boogeyman chasers will say so what: he’s still a Joo ass kisser and he’ll take our “rights” away from us once he’s elected? Hopefully, we can keep these lunatics back downstairs in the basement, or at least, relegate them to the kiddie table this time around. Once again, Trump forces our attention nationally. Trump 2016!!!

18 Comments on President Trump calling for Muslim Immigration Ban!

  1. This man is a godsend.


    • Nah…. He’s no good, he hasn’t named the Jew yet or talked about building 7. Hell, he hasn’t even praised Hitler or exposed the Holohoax. Fuck this guy. If he doesn’t chase the Joo boogeyman, we can’t trust him.

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      • I know right! Trump speaks as if he is trying to win an election or something. Not pandering to Internet Nazi’s ,people calling for the day of the rope, keyboard warriors and hobbyists will get him nowhere. Time to support Robert Ransdell for president. I am sure he has a better shot at the WHITE house then Donald Trump!

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      • Great points Eric!


      • Jeff Bartlett // December 8, 2015 at 11:41 pm //

        I’d love to know what plan B is?

        If you don’t like Trump what the hell is the alternative?

        Worse is not always better people.

        So let me hear it, what is plan B?


  2. He’s a Jew plot! Controlled opposition! You’re all suckers!


    • Kidding of course (I know sarcasm is lost on many people lol).


    • That’s right, he’s “controlled” by the Likud-wing. No one is allowed to get this far without Jew backing.🙄

      Funny, all this guy does, is do exactly what the Joo boogeyman doesn’t want us to do!


      • You can google his name daily (I’ve done this since he announced his election) and you will see every single msm outlet viciously attacking him, without exception. Not one exception to be found anywhere, yet people who are ostensibly supposed to be on our side want to join in and also attack him.

        He’s not the new Hitler, but he might be the new Mussolini. Reading his book and watching many of his speeches you get that similar vibe of a tough, masculine, natural, benevolent leader.

        Mussolini wasn’t anti-Jew either, he even had a Jewish mistress and a few Jews in his government. I guess these retards would say Mussolini was a Jew puppet too then, lol.

        They will also screech “the Jew media made him!” Well first of all, no they didn’t. He made a spectacle and they took the bait, now he is the front runner . Is the media going to “ignore” the front running presidential candidate, who also happens to be one of the most famous people in the world? Lol. All they can do is double down on their attacks, which obviously isn’t working because he is not losing any support, he’s gaining it. They have no other recourse.

        It’s depressing that so many people on our side are too dumb to be able to put things in their proper perspective without having emotional fits and coming up with insane conspiracy theories every 2 seconds.

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      • I think Trump is actually exposing shills who are supposedly on our side. We all know Jews for what they are. But these people who excuse Muslims and blame the Jew boogeyman are no different then a Christian Zionist if you think about it.


      • Excellent analysis of the current situation EndofZion


  3. This will end the muslim invasion but instead it will be the same amount of invaders, and actually same persons, that believe in something else instead.
    How is this good? Besides from the fact that its a radical statement to make.
    As a country in the frontlines of progressiveness Sweden has already been in a similar situation.
    Those muslims that dont get asylum claim to have converted from islam to christianity, some occasions at the very meeting when the descision is given, and gets to stay because of fear of getting killeed if they are sent back.


    • More than anything else Markus, it’s the national tone that’s being set here. The end of political correctness is before us, and it’s happening on a national stage with a strong successful man that shoots from the hip and doesn’t care about the “consequences” which have so far, only brought more regular white folks over to his camp.


  4. Well, I am not a Trump fan, I am not a fan of anything Federal, with that in mind I do see the Federal is a fact of life and component to deal with and the opportunity and value he has brought into that arena.
    And this is an important lessons to so-called WN’s, the question is are they intelligent enough to grasp them.

    After so many years of dividing, slicing and dicing the American in particular white vote into smaller groups ie, age, gender, religious, regional, economic classes, etc, cancelling themselves out over artificial issues and differences.

    Then cobbling together a group or groups of artificial minorities creating a ‘swing vote’, cucking to them and their petty self interests while shaming the majority away from their own self interests with the latest greatest cultural marxists terms and labels, “racists”, “privileged”, and a variety of buzzword “phobia’s”.

    This type of political/media beat down assures a steady growth of #weakwhitemen into a whiny belief that up is down, the majority is a minority and minority is a majority.

    Actually up is down when unhealthy #weakwhitemen remains a majority.
    Then only the simple choice of left or right, cheering for your team, eating, drinking, smoking, shooting, popping, snorting for another 4 years.

    Trump has climbed atop the only legitimate platform to power, the political.
    Trump has addressed fears and concerns of the majority, that majority is the white voter.
    Trump has commanded media coverage, defied, challenged, shamed them instead of cowering to them.

    It cost money, Trump has spent his money.
    Trump has not relegated himself to the internet, he has gone out to meet the people.
    Trump has political rallies attracting overflowing multitudes of working whites, instead of unemployed tatooed skinheads carrying swastika banners on a march to nowhere.
    Trump’s mockery of the cuckolding #weakwhitemen whine “all is lost”, look like the winning strategy.

    So, do you see what needs to be done ?
    Do you see the opportunity ?
    Or are you going to be a good little sayarim playing that desperately needed role, regulatng everyone into a joo joo corner, dividing, slicing and dicing the American white vote all the while projecting your true nature upon others for “jewish friends” ?


  5. George Smith // December 8, 2015 at 11:07 pm // Reply

    The Donald is pushing he Overton Window. He is saying things that are heracy to the media culture.

    P.C. is a religion and the Donald is a heretic. The idea is to keep pushing the Overton Window to the right.

    Anyone who doesn’t support Trump at this point in time is a shill and needs to be ignored or blocked.


    • I am with you on that George. Most will never see the bigger picture, it’s unfortunate but true! One step at a time folks, this doesn’t happen over night.


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