Charlatan, Republi-Cuck Bill Oreilly gets Cucked! Watch the above exchange hosted by this swindling creep, this beta-Republi-cuck who calls himself a "traditionalist." Hey Billy, what traditions exactly are you trying to conserve? You've proven yourself in the past to be nothing more than a money grubbing floormat, coffee mug selling charlatan. Now we can add beta-cuck to your long list of titles.

Good thing you’re losing your audience to the retirement and funeral homes, as no one under the age of 60 watches your show or takes you seriously! Check out the full interview with the Donald, a real man, that makes Oreilly look like a pandering little sissy. This is why we need a HUGE INDEPENDENT MEDIA PLATFORM folks! So people of our persuasion can interview Trump. It’s time to start thinking BIGGER people.


2 Comments on Charlatan, Republi-Cuck Bill Oreilly gets Cucked!

  1. “This is why we need a HUGE INDEPENDENT MEDIA PLATFORM folks!”


    One of the things that has been going through my mind is the collective wealth, both intellectual and monetary, at any single Trump Rally location. There are literally thousands of people that would be receptive to our message, especially if it signaled implicit Whiteness without the overt racism. Of course this would mean no Swastikas lol.

    But if there were people passing out flyers that stated the obvious…

    1. The media are a pack of liars
    2. We need our own media
    3. We will not apologize for who we are
    4. We will fight for the truth
    5. We will Make America Great Again

    With a link to a simple and PROFESSIONALLY designed website (model it after this ) that laid out the concept, model, and plan, it might be an effort to pursue.

    There could be a donate tab or a go-fund me tab, as well as a application for future employees of the company. It should be laid out to succeed. Now I guarantee that if this were pursued properly and professionally, that it would gain the attention of Trump himself, and that he would show support either directly or indirectly. But a Man like Trump will only back winners. This is where having that MBA and experience with complex business structuring comes in handy.

    I would most certainly put on my suit and tie and go pass out flyers, but my ability to articulate at the level of Trump business is non-existent. Having said that, I would be willing to brainstorm general concepts and subcontract web-design work to get a platform for the concept made available.

    Just my 2 cents before I go saw wood and hammer nails 😉


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